So I Organized My Refrigerator

It all started when a blogger friend of mine, Erin, mailed me something,

cause she offered to, cause we don’t use chemicals in our house to clean things anymore.

This post is not a Shaklee promo, by the way, I just NEED to tell you,

that I mixed the concentrate with water, put in in a spray bottle just like the instructions said,

and I opened up my fridge.

Not too bad, right?

How about the door?

(Ignore the Corona beers on the bottom shelf- they’ve been there for a year, I think.)

I took everything out of the fridge.

Every last morsel.

Then, I stood back and took a gander at the nekked inside of our fridge.

Like, ew!

Because it was a lovely, rainy, and cold day,

I took all the drawers and shelves out, toted ’em up to our Master Bath garden tub

 I sprayed them all with the Basic H-2.

I waited 10 minutes or so and Y’ALL aren’t going to believe this,

since I thought I was gonna have to use the sander on the bottom shelf,

but all I did was rinse everything off in hot water and it was CLEAN!!

I dried all the pieces and put them back into place.


I really like this Basic-H2 stuff!

Earlier this week, I found these lovelies at Wal-Mart.

The 3 large handled baskets were $2.50 each.

The 3 small handled baskets were $2.00 each.

And the 4 packs of storage trays were $1.17 each.

I also went grocery shopping.

I end up throwing a lot of food away because it gets stuck at the back.

And I forget about it.

Do you?

I started Weight Watchers a month and a 1/2 ago (need to lose 17 pounds, I have 11.5 to go!)

and I need the power foods right up front,

so I am not tempted to go to the pantry and get chocolate.

The handled bins are great- I just take them out and set them on the counter,

get what I need, and slide it back on the shelf.

We do not eat a lot of meat, so we usually do have this much produce on hand.

About twice a week we eat fish or chicken with our veggies.

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