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Picture overload!

In May, I was contacted by Pietown Productions to stage a tiny home in Anderson, SC 
for an upcoming episode!

Well, the episode is airing (LINK BELOW) and now I'm allowed to talk about it!

I've been home staging here in Upstate, SC for 17 years and although staging for HGTV
wasn't even on my radar, I was honored to be chosen to work with them.

After I was contacted, I had a week to go visit the house, 
meet the darling homeowner, take measurements, and gather the decor.

The timing was hurried, but thankfully, since the house was only 214 sq. ft.
we didn't need to gather too much, only just enough.

In the 24 minute episode, the design of the home is only features about 30 seconds.
So, here are the still shots that you are privvy to. (Grin.)

I arrived with my assistants (dear friend and decorator, Patti Krank of Old Things New Blog HERE, Staging Assistant daughter, Alyssa, and Staging Assistant Maggie McDowell)
 on a Saturday night and had until 9 AM the next morning
to make the house look like it was lived-in.

So here are the BEFORES and AFTERS:

(The morning the house was delivered to its lot.)
The folks in the picture are: Joe Everson of Tennessee Tiny Homes HERE,
Anna Gathers, homeowner (nurse and super-sweet lady!),
my daughter, Alyssa (my Staging side-kick), and me in the back.



(Since the whole house could be seen upon entering the front door,
to create unity, and because of the blue exterior,
we carried the blue decor throughout the 8' wide by 24' long house.)


(Behind the sliding door is the master bedroom, whose square footage is that of a king-sized bed.
There is a full-sized "bed" made of boxes under the Pottery Barn duvet.)


(In the loft above the master bedroom the teenaged boy will sleep and play his music.)

(Second loft for the teenaged girl, opposite the teen boy's and above the kitchen/bath.)





To answer a few questions I've already had:
This home is in Anderson, SC. I am in Greenville, SC, about 40 minutes north.
Nope, there are no closets.
The homeowner is planning on putting a washer/dryer combo in the 
bathroom to the left of the sink, under the open wall cabinetry.
She is also getting a propane stove/oven which will reside
to the left of the dorm-sized refrigerator.
The home's price, delivered, was $43,000.
Her kitchen and bathroom sinks are custom-made.
Her sofa is also a pull-out bed.
The bathroom is actually full-sized and very spacious!
We loved working with Pietown and HGTV --what an experience-of-a-lifetime!

If you've got any other questions, please ask in the comments!

Other external pictures.

I made sure to share a lot of pictures, especially for those of you that
may be pondering designing and living in a tiny house.

So, Tiny House Hunters :: TINY WITH TEENS 
will have three airings, beginning TONIGHT!

Click this LINK or the picture below to go see the airing times of the episode.

If you look quickly, in the credits, you'll maybe see my name! LOL!

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