A Vintage Baby Shower

Recently, I had the honor of hosting a baby shower at my house,
with several other sisters (in the Lord) for a sweet friend of ours, Chelsea, who was due very soon!
We chose a vintage theme because the momma-to-be and her hubby
also live in a darling old cottage that they love.

We celebrated out on the front porch because it was such a beautiful day!

All the hostesses pitched in.
Some ladies brought flowers, some brought banners, some a cake, others brought lots of food.

Sarah fluffed pom-poms and provided comic relief.

Graphic designer, Janine, designed the porch sign on a pre-made Hobby Lobby cardboard banner.

Colleen made the yummy vanilla cake with raspberry filling and buttercream icing.

Hannah did all the stunning floral arrangements in mason jars.
She used stock, carnations, snap dragons, daisies, and of course, baby's breath.

Candice and Julia, made the tablescapes welcoming and intimate.

We rented chairs from the local party rental place.
I think they were $1.50 each for 24 hours of use.

This is Shena (below), she is hanging and designing the banner welcoming baby Evangeline.
She also coordinated all the awesome, hilarious vintage shower games and prizes.

I believe that we should use our beautiful things all the time,
but especially during celebrations: birthdays, showers, weddings, holidays.
The dishes are heirlooms, Federal Depression glass in the Columbia pattern.
and the silverware was also my grandmother's.
She would be pleased to know we still used her things now-a-days.

Around the side, on the screed-in sleeping porch, the buffet was set-up.

The food theme is: Biscuit Bar.


(Buttermilk and Flaky -- we bought them frozen and baked them)
Ham Slices
Turkey Slices
Havarti Cheese
Swiss Cheese
Chicken Fingers
Cucumber Salad
Pasta Salad
Fresh Fruit
(Lettuce, onions, tomato)
(Mayo, BBQ Sauce, Lemon Curd, Honey Mustard, Mango Chutney)
Whipped Cream
(with simple syrup on the side for sweetening)

Beautiful ladies, all related, can you see the resemblances?

After a game of Baby Bingo...

... it's time for cake!

While the games were being played, Colleen and I set up the cake table.
The teeny fork and spoon were my great-grandmother's.
They are hot-glued where they cross, and Colleen added real lace to the sides of the cake.

Simple. Vintage. Sweet.

Then the gifts came.
And Chelsea makes the cutest faces!

Darlingest lady you'd ever want to meet.
She keeps us all laughing and her joy is contagious, I tell ya!

God even welcomed baby Evangeline with a perfectly pink tint to the heavens.

Dear friends,
you are loving, helpful, hopeful, and easy to get along with (*wink)
and I so enjoyed sharing this special day with you.
It's days like this that make life worthwhile and I thank you for letting
me be a part of your lives.

Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him.
Psalm 127:3


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