These are a Few of My Favorite (Organizing) Things

Today, I am teaming up with some of my best organizing blogging buddies
to share with you all of our favorite household organizing helpers.

We've all gathered quite a few simple and creative ideas for you!

Let's get started with the items that I find most helpful in my own home.


They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and make the top of my list for
their versatility and penchant for containing and hiding ANYTHING.

We keep our reading material contained in the living room 
in large wire mesh baskets under our coffee table.
See the full post HERE.

This is in our All-in-One office/theater/library/guest room.
Inside the  baskets are all manner of electronics and their cords,
extra CD cases, and DVDs.

In my pantry, the large baskets up top hold extra Kleenex,
to-go food storage containers, and paper towels.
The smaller ones hold pasta, sweets (cavities), tea, dried fruits and nuts, etc...
easy to grab and take into the kitchen.

This is a medium magazine basket that I got from Thirty One HERE.
It's handy most anywhere, it holds rolls of ribbon on its bar and gift wrapping supplies, 
or toilet paper on the bar and magazines below,
Or paper towels and hand towels, as shown in my kitchen.


Because these are all over the house, I am showing you just a few daily used holders.
In the kitchen on the doors on either side of my range are these.
I have no drawers on either side of the stove, so I improvised with these,
to keep my measuring spoons, scoops, and mixer paddles handy.

This is a classic over-the-bathroom door hook,
and in our small home, it is a must.


I'm in the kitchen a lot, and I need all the help I can get in here,
so this vintage silver tray corrals sunflower and olive oils, salad dressings,
bamboo and wooden spoons, and garlic in the silver box.
More kitchen ideas HERE.


These seriously free up garage or shed floor space!
HERE is the whole post on how we use this to organize our Christmas and seasonal decor.


These can be use anywhere!
Kitchen drawers, dresser drawers, as gadget sorters, in the garage, etc.
Our office HERE.


This was the best thing that ever happened to our refrigerator.
Containers (trays) for the food in the fridge.
I wrote all about it HERE.


I keep leftover bags that linens come in when I purchase them.
I add a label (printed on paper) by sliding it into the window on the inside.
It keeps our sheets, slipcovers, blankets, and tablecloths neat and dust-free.
See our linen closet HERE


Add some labels and you can find anything you need quickly.
Contained here are our photographs through the years,
and my favorite magazine: Life:Beautiful.


The are perfect because they can hold wet or dry goods, 
are see-through so you tell at a glance what's inside,
and look pretty when all lined up.

Large Mason jars hold my cupcake/muffin making supplies.

Back into our pantry again, 
I use one or more of these items everyday and they are kept fresh and handy
in these lidded jars I found at Walmart.

And the BEFORE of our paint collection turned into the AFTER,
organized paint storage. 
More info HERE.

I hope I've given you some new thoughts on how to utilize simple helpers throughout your home
that can keep your sanity and stuff off the floor. *wink

Go check out what my friend girls have done in their homes with their Favorite Things:

This will be you after you're all simplified and organized!

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Why Simplifying Is More Powerful than Organizing

Unfortunately, this post is not going to give you instructions on how to organize anything.
Rather, I hope to encourage and empower you to think differently about your space.
Your largest storage box.
Your home.

But this post will be simply put, and get you on the way to being organized.

Through the years,
I have observed that as 
I (and others I have taught), 
have learned to let go of clutter,
 we have all found ourselves becoming organized.

After 15 years of professionally "organizing" families, offices, churches, storage units, etc., 
I have learned this phenomenal truth:
Organization is (simply) a by-product of simplifying.

Stuff that is unused, yet kept, requires space and management.
And time.
Lots of time.
Time moving it around. 
Time cleaning it. 
Time working around it. 
More time moving it around.

Do I even need to mention the money wasted on buying "organizers" to store this unneeded stuff?
If you think you're disorganized, you'll likely go out and start buying baskets, containers and hooks. 
You'll come home and try to use them, and they’re not the right type or size, 
because you didn't sort through your stuff first
Isn't that silly?
All of those new containers just end up adding to your clutter.

What's funny is that you can think you're organized if it's labeled or containerized or colorized.
But don't we ever get tired of "putting it all away somewhere,"
into containers, baskets, bags, closets, bins, and  cupboards,
until the next time we open these organizational gadgets to discover
we still don't use these things?

Organization is often synonymous with simplifying. 
It's not.
Organization is the by-product of simplifying.

Organizing is making space for the things that we love and use the most.

Simplifying is letting go of those things that we don't love and will rarely or never use.

By simply labeling or containerizing our things (that we may or may not be using),
we are delaying decisions to rid ourselves of stuff we neither need nor use.

Storage is not a solution—it’s just a way to hide your stuff until you must deal with it later.
Instead, declutter, declutter, and declutter some more!

Clutter isn't always about mess and disorder (some "clutter" is considered "cozy").
My definition of clutter is too much stuff that is carefully and cleverly arranged.
Sometimes order camouflages excess.

My challenge to you is to work towards simplifying, 
not organizing.
It's very simple, and consists of two parts:

If you don't use or need something, get it out of your life.

Stop bringing things into your house that will get stored instead of used.

Here's what happens.
As you let go of stuff, the less you have to organize.
As you let go of stuff, the more confidence you gain 
to consistently, without regret, emancipate your time and the spaces in your home.
As you let go of stuff, the more power and control 
you have over the choices of what you acquire.
As you let go of stuff, the less distractions you have.
As you let go of stuff, the less overwhelmed and anxious you feel.
As you let go of stuff, you experience freedom.

To hear more about simplicity and HOW TO declutter,
hear my spot on Blog Talk Radio where I talk about 10 Causes and Cures for Clutter HERE.


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