Home Staging -- A Boy's Bedroom

I often get asked if a child's bedroom ought to be kept staged as a child's bedroom.

In a smallish house, a child's room ought to be more versatile 
and perhaps be staged as a guest room or office. 
In a larger home, the room can be kept as a child's room.

 What needs to be considered is the buyer market for the home:
  • Is it a family friendly neighborhood?
  • Are the buyers looking for plenty of indoor play space?
  • Are there good elementary schools in this home's district, that would attract buyers with children?
  • Does this home have 4 or more bedrooms, so that other bedrooms may be the versatile ones?
If the answers to these questions are yes, then stage one or two of the bedrooms as children's rooms.

Here are some BEFORES/AFTERS of a young man's room I recently had the fun of staging.

This home had been on the market for FOUR months before I staged it.
It sold in 11 days after it was staged and relisted.

This room was dark, but the chalkboard was way cool, so we lightened the room and kept the fun.



This room had a cool vintage Road Trip/ Travel theme which I kept.



The closets were simplified, too.
All the extra "shelving" was removed: concrete blocks/planks, blue plastic bins,
and shoe hanging rack.


During the staging of this home, this room went from "occupied" to vacant, 
when the family moved to their new home two states away. (This is why the closets are so empty.)
It's okay to simply stage the closets for fun!


Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Make sure the room is clutter-free, so the resident young 'un can keep it neat for showings. Limit them to their favorites, and work with them.
  • Pretend you're a child again: create ECPs (Emotional Connection Points), not only for the adults, but especially for the child. Make a few "play stations" or vignettes that a buyer's child would take interest in. The real estate agent wants to hear the children say, "Mommy, this can be my room!"
  • Remove anything monogrammed or personally linked to the resident child for safety reasons.
  • Widen the age gap: (You can't do much about a crib)-but as much as possible (with what you have to work with- and this is not always possible) try to make it hard for a buyer to guess the age of the boy living in the room. The room should be as appropriate for a 3 year old, as it is for a 10 year old.
  • Suggest to the seller parents that to ease the transition and stress of selling, they reward their child(ren) for helping keep their rooms nice.

Have a beautiful, blessed day making your home!

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