Home Staging -- Craft Room to Home Office

I think this is going to be one before and after makeover that will inspire you!

The owner of this office/home is a very wonderful, hard-working lady.
She is extremely creative and likes all her supplies at-hand to work with on the flat surfaces
and also used pegboard on the wall to help her with her inventory 
and to store her tools. Brilliant!

But when it comes to putting your house on the market,
each room should tell the buyer that they've come home and they can move right in.

So, the walls got emptied, patched, and painted.
The floor got carpeted, the closet emptied, and the closet door put back on.

While living in your home, it's okay to work hard and have your home work for you.

But, when selling, all of your belongings must be pared down so it almost looks almost sparse.
Every little knick-knack and doodad translates as clutter in online MLS photos.
Your house will appear larger simply because there's less stuff in it.
Imagine that?

And when buyers come through for a showing, your space will feel large and useable!

More office staging tips:
  • Keep only the desk, a lamp, a chair, a bookcase, and artwork or mirror if the room is small. If the room is large, another sitting area with a couple chairs and a table/lamp is perfect.
  •  Remove any and everything that will tell a buyer who you are, what you do, what bills you pay, what your hobbies and sports teams are, and anything else related to personal information.
  • Though this room doesn't have one, I suggest to my home sellers to add a plant to every room in the house when selling.

P.S. This home sold in 8 days!


If you are selling your house soon, you'll need to get it ready.
My book, 31 Days to a Staged Home, has every single detail that I would give you
if I were actually there with you giving my staging advice.
What to keep, what to get rid of, how to arrange furniture, which paint to use, it's all in my book!
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