From Overwhelmed to Organized :: Why Simplifying Is More Powerful than Organizing

I have a sweet friend, Hilda, who also happens to blog
over at From Overwhelmed to Organized
and she asked me to write about one of my favorite subjects:

Which starts with being able to manage and enjoy our God-given belongings.

We can only enjoy and use them if we aren't overwhelmed by their presence in our homes.

Go see what I'm talking about?

Why Simplifying Is More Powerful than Organizing

Our last home. Simplified.


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  1. Simplicity is our way of slowing down and taking stock of how many blessings we've been provided.
    What a gorgeous home.

  2. Wish I were more organized, Leslie. Honestly I do. It's sooooo hard though. Susan

  3. I listened to the broadcast, Leslie, and have committed to listen again daily over the next five days. I'm "there" this week. Yesterday I filled a trash bag; today, too. After hearing your ten tips, I walked over to my desk and threw at least three things away. Into the trash can. Goodbye.

    This old flesh. Such a battle.

    Thank you for bringing your key to unlock the chains. Again. I'm 53. I've heard that stuff before. I'm a firstborn. I was B.O.: Born Organized. HA! I WILL get my act together. I wanna be FREE!

    Hugs and happy highways,


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