Our Master Bedroom Closet :: It Needs Some Help

This is not a pretty post. It is a real life post.
Be forewarned *wink.
Today, I am attacking this disaster area that is called our master bedroom closet. 
It's the last closet left to organize and I've been dreading it.
It is not only a storage closet for decor and linens that I've yet to use, 
it is storage for our clothes/shoes/off-season wear,
AND the storage area for my selling-on-eBay/etsy/Amazon/Craigslist stuff.
We've been here almost 10 months and I can't take it anymore!
Neither can my poor hubby.

This closet was designed for the family before us, or the family before that,
but there's honestly a lot of wasted space in here that can be used more wisely.
We knew we'd eventually have to redesign this space when we bought the house and
I was hoping to draw on y'all's insight, thoughts, and wisdom to transform it, cheaply.

And here it is.
It's a nice size for an old Craftsman home: 7' by 7'.
It was added on the back of the house in the 1950's, along with the master bath to the left of it, 
and the laundry room to the right of it. 

We love the window and wood wainscoting, but the space could be better utilized.
Take the window seat wall, for instance 
(yes! There's a country blue carpeted window seat under the window! Yay.),
the space under the window is wasted and I'm dying to see what's under the carpeted seat!!

Maybe a low dresser would work better under the window? 

My hubby would love to sit in here and put on his shoes, and I don't blame him.
I'd like room for a hamper and a new light.
Any light other than the icecream cone one we have now.

I'd actually love to rip out this shelving and put in some with doors so the stuff is concealed
but it's not in the budget yet (besides we just installed a French drain and we're pooped from that project).

Notice the shelves above the shoes in the picture above?
They are drooping.
They are drooping because they are no longer attached to the ceiling.

I have another closet in which to store the linens.
(You'll see it in a few moments.)

Maybe a different rug that actually fit in here would be nice, too!

Here's the closet I'd like to turn into a linen closet.
It's the original 3' wide by 2' deep closet near our bed.
The rod holds long hanging clothes: dresses, pants, suits, and our winter jackets
(which I'd eventually love to get out of here and into an armoire or wardrobe by our back door entrance).

(It was hard to get a good picture of this side of the room, sorry!)

I'm gonna empty the walk-in and re-assess.
And measure and think. And simplify. Again.

I cherish any and all ideas!
You guys come up with the most creative and pretty solutions!
Help a girl (and an old closet) out?!?!


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  1. pure potential. that's a good size space. we had a builders closet i think 7x7. we used home depot easy closet (or martha's closet kit). we put long shelves on top and it floats so the floor is easy to keep neat. good luck.

    1. Jasi!
      Thank you! I've seen those! Love them.
      Now that I have measurements, I can go to Home Depot!
      I appreciate you!

  2. I see lots of pillows and bulky things that could be minimized with storage bags that you suction the air out. I love them.

  3. I think I can help you out by taking that pretty painting off your hands and give you more space. LOL!

  4. I see all that great space! Maybe white cabinets from Home Depot and even metal silver shelves. How about an armoire in your closet for your linens. Maybe you could spy one at the thrift store. Replace the window bench with a storage bench. Just a few ideas. Love to see your progress­čśŐ

  5. If you end up removing the window seat and want to replace it with something that you can sit on and store items .. Target has an item that you may be interested in -- go to: http://www.target.com/p/closetmaid-organizers-dark-cherry/-/A-14536319#prodSlot=medium_1_34

  6. I forgot to add one more thing.. if you want to use the other closet for linens .. you could use a sweater organizer and put your towels in there .. once again at Target .. and here is a link to 3 kinds: Go to: http://www.target.com/s?searchTerm=sweater+organizer&category=0|All|matchallpartial|all+categories&lnk=snav_sbox_sweater+organizer

  7. That Window lets in a lot of light. I hope your clothes don't get sun damage from the window.

  8. Hi Leslie, I'm super late replying to your question / post that you left on my blog a few weeks ago. The colour in our master bedroom is Old Prairie by Benjamin Moore. It's a really light greenish grey. :)

  9. Oh my goodness.... I am blown away by that great find on Craigs List....That mirrored wardrobe is beyond beautiful!! They are both amazing pieces!!!! Congrats..... Closet is going to be gorgeous!!!!!!


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