Nesting is Finding Bits and Pieces that Say "HOME"

We're starting to get settled in here, bit by bit, and piece by piece.
As I donate things that no longer work in this home, I am finding other things that do.
Oddly enough, none of the things in these pictures were in our last house,
though many other rooms have furnishings that are being used in this home.

I found these pillows at Marshall's. The round ones remind me of some green velvet ones 
that used to be on my Gram's couch. My sister and I may or may not have rolled them back and forth to each other on the floor when she wasn't paying attention.

I spied these lamps at a Thrift store for $5 a piece last month.
I have been waiting for a pair like this for 6 months, and had to go to North Carolina
on a weekend getaway with my hubby to find them!

The painting techniques specialist in our home, Miss S, 
transformed them from their '80s oak ugliness to an aged wood vintage finish.

The balls in the three-tired holder are from Pier 1.
The clock was a Christmas present from my hubby.
The iron cross, a $1 yard sale find.

Our view out the window behind the sofa.

Here's how it looks from the outside.

(Some changes to the front of the house are coming including the removal of the vinyl siding and new landscaping.)

In our "foyer" now hangs some hooks I also found at Pier 1.
There's no room for even a small armoire to hang coats or purses of those visiting,
so this was the solution for now.

So, this was just a short little post to show you what I've been up to: 
flying here and there finding bits and pieces that say "home".

What have you been finding lately as you nest, that says "home" to you?


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  1. Looks like things are really starting to settle down Leslie and they are looking great! :-)

  2. Those lamps are gorgeous! So nice seeing your home evolve.

  3. I love the lamps, do you have a tutorial on the technique? Love the couch too

  4. You are amazing. Looking good.

  5. Delightful. Thanks for the tour!

    Hugs and happy highways,

  6. Every picture is so pretty and inspiring!!

  7. Just beautiful! Leslie you have a gift and know how to use it! Love the lamps! The views are priceless! My you bless us with more of your decorating and god bless you😊

  8. It all looks wonderful, and believe it or not, I have been looking for lamps exactly like that to transform here. Good to know that they DO exist. Motivates me to keep on looking!

  9. Leslie,
    Everything looks just beautiful. Love your mantel, your sofa table vignette, and that porch is wonderful! Lookin' good there!!

  10. that's really such an amazing home and architecture, Nice interior and decoration. really lovely home. it so much beautiful. thanks for publishing.

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  11. Leslie . . . I love how as we morph and change, our living spaces do the same. Lovely, lovely! And thanks for keeping me on your Inspiration list on the right side of your site, and sending readers over to Creekside.

    How cool is that!

    Blessings ...


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