Last Year's Questions

I've been going through a bit of a blogging dry spell, drought, dehydration,
whatever you wish to label it...
which is a shame because I have plenty to tell you.
But frankly, I've been too tired.

When we moved into this new antique house I was so excited to be able to have
new spaces, old floors, new colors, old fireplaces, new design ideas, old doorknobs
to talk about.

But then as life happened, I couldn't find the time or energy to sit and write about it
(much less take pictures and come up with post ideas).

We've been in this house 9 months and during that time and the brief time before that,
here's what's happened (and I'm not trying to make excuses for not writing, I am simply reminding myself
that it's okay to UNblog a.k.a. "Do Life" once in a while that doesn't need to be blogged about. 
More about that later):

 - my husband I were separated 8 months and got remarried
- I got Shingles from the stress of the separation (I'm recovered now!)
- our youngest daughter graduated from high school
- our youngest daughter started driving 
- my paternal grandmother passed away
- we prepared and staged and sold our last house
- I had a gall bladder attack that landed me in the emergency room, CAT scan showed stones
(which I cleansed out myself!)
- we took a trip to NYC
- my father (whom I was estranged from at the time) died 4 months after his mother did
- sorted through his estate with my mom's help (got a cute Vespa scooter out of it that was his!)
- 2 days before closing on our now house, our lender went bankrupt
- I had a mini-mental/spiritual crisis and decided that we needed to keep looking for another home
- thankfully, my hubby's reasoning and prayers reassured me that this was the home for us
- we rented this house for a month 
- got another lender and finally closed on this home
- settled in and started selling excess stuff that doesn't fit or we don't use
- a water pipe burst underneath our bathroom sink which spewed water 10 feet into our bedroom
- we took a cruise to the Bahamas
- purse stolen out of my car in our own driveway
- we had a house warming party
- we're getting to know our historic district and our new neighbors
- the contractors for our home owner's warranty have replaced our microwave
- the contractors for our home owner's warranty have replaced our dishwasher
- our old refrigerator died and we got a replacement French-door one off Craigslist
- our two daughters took a trip to South Korea
- I started editing my home staging book
- we had a wedding for some dear friends on our porch
- mother-in-love visit
- mother visit
- our older daughter drove my CR-V in a ditch (she's okay, the car wasn't)
- we found a Lexus that we loved and added cash to the insurance money (from the CR-V) and bought it
- we hunted for and found our daughters their own car-- a cute little Acura coupe
- hubby started taking some classes at technical college
- started having Wednesday night small group meetings in our home
- small restoration projects throughout the house
- learning to love and trust God to protect and guide my marriage
- had a wedding reception for our "adopted" daughter on our porch and lawn
-  my e-book is finished and published
- more settling in and finding a routine and a spot for everything

I don't know why some of the events above happened to me,
and I wish some of them had never happened.
I suppose it's all a part of the story of my life, though it was heart-breakingly sad on a few of the pages.
However, some pages are filled with beautiful, eternally significant events!

I think I thought I needed to write about every little thing that happened above in detail,
which actually caused me panic and the desire to write about nothing much at all.

So now that I see it typed out, I can move forward.
Now that I see it typed out, I realize that some of the things that happened to me last year
were used so I could learn forgiveness and hope and where my strength comes from.
I've learned that in this life, there is no such thing as a normal life.

Now that some changes are behind us, I can talk about what's happening now.
I, for one, cannot wait to get back to doing what I really love: writing, encouraging, sharing.

P.S. I'm sorry for saying "I" so much.


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  1. Thank you Leslie for sharing your life, the good, the bad and the ugly. That takes courage. Know that we, in blogland, are holding you and your family in our prayers.

    1. Thank you. SO much. I am just now getting energy back to move forward instead of just hanging on...

  2. So grateful for your honesty and sharing life as it happens, not polishing it to make it pretty for the blog. Love your heart!

    1. Hi Ange!
      You're real, too!
      You're certainly an inspiration for me...

  3. Sometimes you just need to take a step back. You've been through so much lately.

    Someone once said "life is what happens when you were busy making other plans"

    Looking forward to reading more of what you love blogging about.

    Best Wishes

    1. I like that, Ann... "life is what happens when you were busy making other plans"
      Thank you for leaving me a note of hope! I appreciate it more than you know.

  4. Blessings to you.
    Life happens. Amen.

  5. Bless you, sweet friend.

    Sometimes life is hard. At other times, it's really hard. Sounds as if you've been in one of the really hard seasons.

    I have a friend who landed flat on her back in bed after a series of crises when she heard God speak to her. He said, " 'Without me you can do nothing.' What part of 'nothing' did you not understand?"

    Love you!

    1. Richella,
      Yeah, it's been REALLY hard and exhausting.
      But I now see the sun!
      I believe that without my God, I would have been in a cuckoo house.
      Not kidding.
      Thank you Lord for that sound mind when I cried to you for one.
      I can do nothing without Him...especially living, LOL!

  6. Whoa. You have had some major things happen. I hope life will find a balance for you. Hugs

    1. Debby,
      It's balancing out and I am seeing the fruit of staying the course!!
      Peace, joy, contentedness... it is good.

  7. You are an overcomer.... I have never met you but I just know you are!!! Your post clearly is from the heart!!! Blessings , Terri

    1. Oh Terri! Thank you!
      I have always maintained that my reaction to the good or bad in this life is my choice.
      I choose that it is's all to make me more like my Savior, that's for sure.

  8. Don't give a thought to saying "I" so much. It is through you that we learn and we all go through something. Sending you strength to see the blessings even in those things disguised as hardships. It all makes you better. One of my favorite tag lines (that I created) is, "I had to be there, to get here."

    1. You are an encourager, thank you!
      I love that: I had to be there to get here!!!!!!!!!
      May I use it as one of my favorite taglines too?

  9. We all need to see in print that we are not the only ones that go through this stuff and that we will continue to put one foot in front of another until the Light breaks through. Thank you for sharing truth.

    1. Beautiful truth, friend.
      One foot in front of the other till the Light breaks through.
      I get so many blessings and joy from you and other ladies that share with me here in the comments.
      We're all in this together.
      We need each other!
      Love you, Sugar.

  10. Hello Dear Leslie...Oh gosh. You sure have been through a LOT. No wonder you took a break from blogging. So glad things are evening out and that you know, intrinsically, that GOD IS IN CONTROL. Sending hugs and happy thoughts to you. Susan

    1. Susan,
      You are a bright light to my heart!
      Thank you, Yes, God is in control and as painful as it is to say sometimes, I trust Him with my life.

  11. Well, I am so glad you are on the other side of the upheaval! We've all been through times that make no sense at all, and makes us wonder what on earth we are going to do. I learned through some awful times back in the 80's that the ONLY way to get through is to hold on tight to your faith, keep prayed up, and know that God has it all in His control. A hard lesson to learn, but once learned it is so worth it! I'm glad you can write about it now and inspire those who may be going through trials. God bless you!

  12. Thank you for being so open and sharing your year Leslie! I'm glad it was a release of sorts for you, so you can move forward. We don't need all the details... or any explanations... or apologies!

  13. You have been through a hard place. But I remind you that the roses look sweeter after the storm - battered and broken though the the bush may be! Isn't it good to know that we are never truly alone - "Footprints in the sand" and all ...

  14. You say "I" beautifully and humbly. There's an "I" in glor"I"fy the Lord.


    Hugs and Happy Mother's Day,

  15. I have missed your blog and your posts! I'm sorry that you had such a stressful and busy year, but I'm glad you made it through and that the Lord sustained you. Looking forward to your next posts!

  16. Take care of yourself, dear one


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