Open Kitchen Cabinets :: Breakfast Nook and Coffee Station

One of the things we love about this old home is the cabinetry in the kitchen.
It is original and was designed and cut and installed by a carpenter, not pre-fabbed.

Consequently, the left side of the cabinets is narrower than the right side,
and none of the drawers have the same measurements.
And what could be an annoyance (especially when shopping for drawer organizers) 
we've simply termed "charm".

When we toured the home for the first time, this side of the kitchen looked like this.
The cabinets were cream-colored and the walls were pale mint.

I removed the doors, mainly because they were constantly in the way 
and also because I use every single one of these dishes (really!) and like easy access to them.
The cabinets got painted Alabaster and the walls are Sea Salt, both by Sherwin Williams.

Every morning, the Mr. pads out here in his pjs and slippers and makes coffee.
Every morning, we grab empty mugs and pour ourselves cups of ambition.
I have two favorite mugs, an "I love you, mom" one, and my newest one from my friend, Becky.
Can you spot it in the middle of the picture above and to the right in the picture below?

Here it is changing color/waking up.
And here's the link on Amazon so you can get one!

On the pressed glass cake plate next to the coffee maker, 
the agave, honey, sugar, and multi-vitamins are kept 
(I put the vitamins in a glass spice jar/dispenser-I'm OCD weird like that).

The monogrammed mugs come from Anthropologie HERE.

I make our own granola (recipe HERE) and we keep the coffee next to it.

We had dishes and more dishes. And then more dishes.
I edited and donated about half of them and kept these.

Everything (except the mugs I've mentioned) is either thrifted or from a garage sale.

In one afternoon, I found all these quilted jelly jar glasses at two different Goodwills.
They are heavy and vintage quality.

A few of my favorite other things are these side-of-the-cup cookie cutters
from World Market HERE (thanks, mom!). 

I am grateful for daily reminders of God's grace, aren't you?

Thank you for stopping by our kitchen!
Want some coffee?
(And a scone?)

What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. 
We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, 
not on account of the position and work, 
but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow.
~ Martin Luther


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  1. I love this post and the open cabinets. Beautiful. Thank you!

    1. Hi Annabel!
      I pray you have a beautiful blessed day!
      Thank you!

  2. Love the openness and the colors! Also LOVE the glass containers for coffee and granola! I like to be able to SEE everything too!

  3. Love the open cabinets, they look fabulous.

    1. Best idea ever to remove the doors-- plus we are no longer conking our heads on them! Much more peaceful, LOL! <3

  4. Monika Nicole BerlingerApril 3, 2014 at 11:43 PM

    It's a beautiful & charming kitchen, very clean lines & easy access to everything. I think it's just DELIGHTFUL & FABULOUS to have such a terrific imagination.. thank you for sharing your home.
    God bless..

    1. Hi Monika!
      I love old kitchens...they speak of simplicity and peace to me, too!

  5. You ministered to my eye gate and heart gate today. My. This is beautiful. In our rental, I'm soooo weary of the ill-fitting doors. When I open the cabinets, it's beautiful. Hmm. Why close them? Even in a rental you could do something like this. You could even "line" the cabinets with fabric, paper, etc. without permanently securing them.

    Really pleased. Good job, Leslie!

    Hugs and happy weekend,

    1. Hi Kelley!
      You could cover fitted cardboard with paper and push then into place at the back of the cabinets, yes! Take the doors off! Use baskets, use crocks, whatever! :)
      Happy weekend friend!

  6. I LOVE it Leslie! It's so YOU :) I so wish I lived closer so I could take you up on the tea and scones. That morning mug is adorable and the cookie cutters are so cute. Love all the dishes too. Beautiful job!

    1. We would be good good friends and I would love your help and advice and company!

  7. Leslie, your downsized world is such an inspiration to me! I love what you've done in your kitchen -- and the last picture gives a beautiful glimpse of more. LOVE the Martin Luther quote, too...

    1. This home has changed my life. Less things mean more time with people.. my true heart's longing is to love them...

  8. I LOVE the open cabinets!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also like the idea of the vitamins in the glass jar but I take several different ones so keep them in a daily thingy and fill it each week. LOVE your kitchen!

    1. Pinky, I used to use a daily dispenser but couldn't remember to fill it each week. LOL!

  9. The open shelves look soooo much prettier. Love it! I think I am going tp take off my doors too! Did you have to fill in the holes from the cabinet hardware?

    1. Carol Jane,
      Do it!
      Yes, I did have to fill the holes in with spackling which, when you want to put the doors back on, will be easily drilled through to hang the doors back up. :)
      Have fun!

  10. I love the idea of open cabinets better than the actuality of them. We have both -- glass fronts for our glassware and closed doors for our pantry items. Best of both worlds!

  11. I love the open cabinets! It looks beautiful with all your pieces being displayed. I love, love, love the coffee mug too!!

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  13. The open cabinets are just perfectl!!! and.............. I spy silver trays... lovely silver trays!!!! Everything is soooo "Bungalow Beautiful !!! thanks for sharing !!

  14. Oh How I love this look. Really nice Leslie. Congrats on your book. I had no idea! Sounds awesome.


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