A Southern Wedding Reception {on the veranda and front lawn}

A few weeks ago, we were blessed to be able to host a wedding reception
for a young bride, Amber (whom we've known for 16 years), and her groom, Joshua.

They had a two o'clock wedding at Pretty Place--here--and a five o'clock reception.
This is when the dear couple first arrived at our home after the ceremony.

The couple, who lived in Tennessee (we are in South Carolina),
made a Pinterest page (God bless you, Pinterest!) so I could plan before the date.
They gave me five weeks' notice! Yikes!
What made it easier, was that this took place here at home,
and I didn't have to worry about transporting the decor someplace else.

One of the Pinterest pins that they saved was this one.

I tried to recreate it with 75 white pearl balloons (with two marbles each in them)
hung from our dogwood, oak, and magnolia trees.

One of the groomsmen surveying the dinner table.
He's probably hungry.

My husband, who performed the ceremony for the couple, stands center, in his cute bowtie, 
with the groomsmen, all waiting on the veranda for the newlyweds to arrive.
This was the only picture taken of the front of the house 
that will give you a reference for where the cake/food/dinner table are located. 
(I thought this picture was very interesting because of the rainbow-like sunspot caught by accident.)

To the right at the top of the stairs were the cakes.
Yes, cake(s)--six of them, all which I made.
I started baking two weeks before the wedding and froze the layers.
The icing was freshly made the night before the wedding,
and the cakes were frosted by a dear friend.

The cake buffet was a surprise by Amber for Joshua, since he is a cake aficionado.

The three-tiered cake (from the top down) is
red velvet with cream cheese filling,
devil's food with mocha filling,
and vanilla bean pound cake with raspberry filling.

The hydrangea design cake top left in the picture below 
is a three-layered lemon with blueberry compote and lemon curd fillings. 
The simply iced one is an oft-requested carrot cake 
with caramel filling and frosted with cream cheese.

The rosette cake below is strawberry cake with vanilla buttercream filling.
All the cakes are frosted with the same vanilla buttercream, except the carrot cake.
I wanted the cakes to have some unity by using the same icing on each.
They also have an old-fashioned look, 
which goes with the simple elegant style that the couple wanted.

 The picture is from their engagement, 
and the mat was signed by all the guests.
It's a sweet momento of their day!

My daughter, Sarah, and I also made the bouquets and boutonnieres.
This is the bride's cream and blush rose bouquet with tiny bottles of bubbles to the right of it.

 This sign was placed outside the sleeping porch where the food was.
A strand of tiny bells hangs over the top.

Southern BBQ was catered and served.

Sparkling white grape juice, tea, strawberry lemonade, and tangerine cucumber water below.

In the center below are the bride's parents.

This day was a warm 74 degrees.
Two days before, it was 30 degrees, and the day later, it rained all day.
Miraculous weather, I'd say!

I used all the dishes and silverware in our house, added some from our neighbor,
and, because they are all white or glass, they coordinated nicely.
There were thirty-two people seated at this table.
We ran the dishwasher five times when the party was over!

Thank goodness for our huge magnolia tree that gave us greenery for the table centerpiece!

 Oval wood pieces got painted black and written on in white for each guest's place setting.

Under the magnolia tree, a popular spot.

The plates waiting to serve cake.

Amber, you were the sweetest, most grateful, and most graceful bride ever.
I know you rejoice because you know the One who brought you and your groom together.

Bubbles to say goodbye.

May the Lord bless your new adventure together!

And now some words from me to you two:

  What God has joined must remain joined.  
Cherish your spouse.  
Do not deny one another. 
Hold fast to one another.  
Submit and love one another. 
Leave the parents out of your marriage.
Dwell with each other in understanding. 
Amber, relish his love.  
Josh, cherish her dearly.  
Do not take each other for granted.  
See each other as co-heirs with Christ by putting the other first.
Do these things and you will rejoice in each other just as you did today, 
in your youth and even into old age.

 This is my prayer for you.

Love, Momma #2

(Thank you to Sarah, my oldest daughter who took these pictures of this spectacular day!)

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  1. So beautiful Leslie!! What a special thing to do for this couple. LOVE those cakes :)

    1. Hi Hilda!
      We were honored to be the hosts for this day...probably would have been sad if we'd not been asked to do it, LOL!

  2. Love, love, and love it all!!! What a beautiful wedding reception you put together! The cakes look soooo good and yummy. What a wonderful thing to do for a beautiful couple. Congrats to all😊

  3. Bravo! Glory! And beautiful x 18!

    Your wise advice is the icing on the cake. And gorgeous photography. Wow!!!

    Hugs and happy Resurrection Day weekend,

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I adore elegant wedding such as this one! So intimate and sweet!

  5. Absolutely beautiful! I adore elegant wedding such as this one! So intimate and sweet!

  6. Thank you for sharing not only the picture but details of your planning especially about the cakes. A beautiful day for the celebration!

  7. Such a beautiful wedding! I love the idea for the hanging curtain on the porch.

  8. Lovely. Absolutely lovely ...

    Warmest wishes to the couple, their families, their friends.

  9. The cakes look so pretty and I love the unified look. Each one looks delicious and the entire reception looks beautiful! Congrats to the newlyweds!

  10. Such a beautiful outdoor wedding. It reminds me of my own. We got married in my parent's backyard. It was such a beautiful day. The rain held off and we had lots of fun. I love all of the decor and that everyone pitched in to help make the day more special for Amber and Joshua. The cakes look amazing. You did a beautiful job with everything, Leslie!!

  11. only 5 weeks? that is completely amazing!! fantastic job and what a lucky couple.

  12. What a lovely reception you created! Simple and perfectly elegant- just right for an intimate celebration. You did an amazing job pulling it all together in just a few weeks. Simply gorgeous!

  13. I'm so amazed you were able to plan this in only 5 weeks! Such a sweet wedding reception, and I love how you used items you already had...like the magnolia leaves for greenery.


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