Free {from my stash} Vintage Valentine Postcard Printables

I have a fondness for vintage postcards.
I wondered if you do, too?

My sweet daughter, Miss S, scanned all these so you could also enjoy
some vintage Valentine's Day greetings.
The dates on these cards range from 1909 to 1921.
Some of them belonged to my grandmother!

To print them, right click on them and save them to your computer.

Give them away or use them in decorating!

You are loved~


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  1. Thank you, they are precious!

  2. Thank you Leslie and Miss S for sharing these delightful vintage Valentines! I hope you'll consider using them to join the Valentine Project for our girls in Brazil. I'll be doing this year's posts soon, but last year's stories are on my sidebar. :-)

    1. Oh! I have never heard of this Valentine's Project... lemme stop by and see!

  3. Thank you, they are adorable :)


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