The Halls are Decked :: Our Bungalow Entry

Please, come in out of the cold!
Welcome into our small, yet cozy front entry.
Our "foyer" is actually just a long wall with the office door right in the middle of it.

 What I really want to show you is my new favorite wreath.
Isn't she festive?

When Solutions contacted me to send me a Christmas-y products to review,
I was excited, because I had donated 75% of our Christmas items
to Salvation Army back in June, right before we moved here.

I'd cleared out all the extra stuff that never got used,
or had simply been accumulated after 20+ Christmases.
The 15 boxes were now 5 boxes:
lights, ornaments, a few silver trees, and some heirlooms.
No wreaths.

We wanted simple, silvery, vintage, nostalgic in this 1938 home.
So, I chose this gorgeous silver twig and pinecone wreath to hang on a mirror.
(I added an "H" for our initial.)
It is what I would call antiqued silver-looking, not bright silver.
And we liked it that way.

  • It is battery-operated (which I love because this house has approximately two outlets per room--old house quirk).
  • It has an on/off switch AND a timer switch that stays on and comes for 6 hours every evening based on the time you turn it on the first day.
  • The mini LED lights (which do not look like LED, but are actually a soft white) give off the prettiest sparkle when reflected in the mirror.
  • This wreath is HUGE! It measures 30" in diameter which is perfect because we have high ceilings and need decor with "presence". 
  • The pearl berries and silver pinecones are just right for not Christmas, but all Winter long.
  • It can also go out on our front door (it's safe for outside) or be used as a centerpiece.
  • Their shipping was FAST! It arrived in 2 1/2 days!

I don't think I've ever shown you our hallway, either.
It is 24' long and has 6 doorways off of it.

There's no art here, yet.
But, we think we will call this our Heritage Hall, and put all the reminders
of our heritage of the Lord in it: baptisms, births, reminders of God's faithfulness
 to our family through many generations.

 One of the things that we love about our home is these glass knobs.
Here is the one remaining skeleton key...

I took this picture with my back to the basement door.

This is the view through the dining room.

And the next post will be about simple Christmas in the living room.

And back to the entryway, again.

I smile every time I pass this wreath. 
To get one for yourself, go HERE to Solutions.
Or to their Pinterest board of all their wonderful, small-space, simple Christmas decor.
Their whole site is filled with products to make life easier.

And I'm all about making things easier!

Have you decked your hall(s) yet?


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  1. I love your home Leslie. It's full of creative energy and ideas. Hearting it big time! heather x

  2. You have a beautiful home! I love your hardwood floors, the color of your walls and your new wreath!

  3. Hi,
    Thank you so much for compiling these great articles.

  4. Hi,
    This is an awesome blog. I found this article very helpful. I bookmarked this website.

  5. Leslie, your home is gorgeous. I wish we could downsize, but hubby says we are staying here till they carry us off. I love your holiday decorating and the wood on your dining room table is stunning.


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