November 1938 Better Homes and Garden Magazine

One of my "adopted" extra children found this magazine in an antiques store
and shared it with me TWO years ago.
I asked Mary Ann if I could take pictures of it
because I thought its contents were quite fascinating.
Little did I know, that TWO years later we'd find
and move into our current bungalow --
built in 1938.

This post is full of pictures, and I hope the information in the magazine
will be of some help for those of you who may be looking for some clues
about American life 75 years ago.
And for those of you that are simply curious,
there are some quite entertaining decorating articles, ads, and recipes!

$685 for a Plymouth!


--Can this be winter? --Tabby's left her corner by the fire, blinks at the snow and purrs her approval.

This page made me grateful for my washing machine and iron.

We know this in 2013--slipcovers cover a multitude of sins.

How to argue...

How to Cure Room-atism.

Love these little inside gardens.

After living many many years in newly constructed homes, and now living in our old home, 
I can definitely say, "they don't make 'em like they used to."

 Window dressing ideas aplenty!


Now we have IKEA!

Some flooring is best left in 1938.

Happy color-scheme for your vintage kitchen.

What Grandma used to make at Thanksgiving!

Santa sewed gifts and handmade treasures.

DeSoto... it's a beautiful car!

Corned-Beef Cakes. Nummy.

The Moravian Star stairwell light HERE.

Aluminum paint?
(This page actually has a metallic finish to it!)

Gas cooking is introduced around 1938.

Some recipes from Wesson Oil for salad, doughnuts, waffles, and celery.

The ad above touts a "Hair Mattress".

Men speak out, in a women's magazine.

Pre-historic Pinterest: "Redecorate" Guide Books for each season.

Have any of you ever used one of these washing machines?

You'll see quite a few ads designed to induce guilt.

Do any of you have any Duncan etched glassware?

Six recipes for DelMonte Tuna.

Heinz had a tarragon vinegar.

We have some Syracuse china that we still use!
In my last dining room, half way through the post HERE.

On the right, more guilt.

A ton of ads.

I am actually going to try this Gingerbread recipe!

Heat-energy? Okay.

And that concludes the flipping through a 75-year old magazine!

Did you discover anything interesting?


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  1. What a neat post, thanks for sharing! I love vintage magazines like this.

  2. That WAS interesting :-) so much the same concerns as now. I love gingerbread and i love molasses so let us know how the recipe turns out . Suzi

  3. Heat energy units are calories. The scientific definition of calorie is the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by 1°C.

  4. Oh my goodness! I LOVE this! My husband and I are in the process of selling our 10-year-old home and are looking so forward to remodeling an older home! It’s so reassuring to hear that you prefer living in the older one!

  5. So fun! I was actually wondering if you would try the recipe. Looks yummy! And, I chuckled at "room-atism". Ha!

  6. Loved this post because I do love seeing the today in the past. I have often wished I had held on to a a few items my mom kept from the 50's and early 60's magazines plus a children's story and craft book she used for teaching kindergarten and us. Thanks for the look back. Blessings, Linda

  7. What a fun post!!!!! Believe it or not, I DO have some Duncan etched glassware, as well as an entire set of Duncan Canterbury :^)
    I have several older Canon towels...they do NOT make them as well any longer, and I have a lovely ivory Chatham blanket on the bed in our guest we speak!!
    Thank you for a very entertaining half hour as I puzzled out the printed material and enjoyed the pictures over and over!
    Blessings to you,


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