The Sleeping Porch :: Before & During

One thing that we love about this house is the huge front porch.
Across the front of the house, the porch measures 10' deep by 40' across
and on the left side of the house, the porch wraps around and is screened in,
making a lovely sleeping porch.

I am still adding and subtracting out here.
I'm planning on hanging curtains and a cushion to the bench,
as well as some more plants and pillows.

But, here's what's happened in a few months:

(this is how it was used by the former owners)

(right after we moved in)

In the above picture, notice that the camellia bush is gone.
We will be re-landscaping around the house.

Hubby spent a few hours pressure washing this space and a rug (snagged at a yard sale for $7),
and when it was dry, I painted the riser ledges and the bench Alabaster white 
and the door Halcyon Green (Sherwin Williams paint).

Everything got moved out and put on the front porch.
(It looked like we were having our own yard sale!)
At the end of the porch to the right of the bench is the sleeping porch.



Around the sides is where I will be hanging (after I cut and sew them)
drop cloth curtains to provide privacy and shade.

Happy door.

My bloggy friend, Kristi at The Speckled Dog who lives here in Upstate, SC too
(& who has a phenomenal etsy shoppe by the way, where she sells banners and upcycled pretties),
brought me these awesome nesting tables as a house warming gift.
Thank you, Sugar.

It's a start.

Guess what's happening this weekend?!?!?!

We will be having a wedding on our porch and a reception on the front lawn.
Stay tuned for the pictures and story of that.

I gotta get to work around here sewing and painting and praying.

Please have a beautiful day making your home!


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  1. Nice! I loved my drop cloth curtain, but this year I found table clothes for $5 each at Targets and I love the color they have add to the porch.

    1. Hmmm...maybe I'll go see what Target has going on...thanks for the idea :)

  2. Its very pretty. I would love, love to have a screened porch.. Enjoy. I know the wedding will be beautiful. Blessings!

  3. Leslie--
    I have sleeping porch envy...oh yes.
    Love how it all flows together now. The drop cloth curtains sound wonderful!
    Can't wait to see all of it.

  4. It turned out so inviting. When can I come over for a cup of coffee to sit and chat out there with you?!! LOL!

    I actually thought about making drop cloth curtains for our living room. I've seen so many creative ideas for them. But then, I found some curtains that I fell in love with at Lowe's, so that idea was abandoned for this house.

  5. A wedding! Can't wait to hear the story ;) I'm kinda jealous of your porch. You can be outside and keep the mosquitoes off's a win win.

  6. Who wouldn't want to spend time out there reading and falling asleep for a nice, cozy nap?! Enjoy!

  7. Loving the nice cozy porch! Just awesome to get hold of some sunshine in the Fall (If one is lucky enough)! The cage and green corner tables look fantastic!!!! :)

  8. Everything is looking so lovely! We don't have a front porch on this house (insert sad face) so we added a 12 foot wide by 48 foot long porch on the back of our house (the water side) about 40 foot of that is screened. I love your sleeping porch and I can't wait to see what you have in store for the wedding! I know that it is going to be wonderful! Be sure to take plenty of pictures sweet friend!

  9. Wow...I am amazed to see your porch view. This is so beautiful and I liked the way you have decorated it.

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  11. Much better! :) I hope the wedding and festivities went well,


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