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Welcome to the November Organize It! linky party hosted by the Top Organizing Bloggers! 
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Stay tuned for my next post about the wedding we just had on our porch veranda ;)


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The Sleeping Porch :: Before & During

One thing that we love about this house is the huge front porch.
Across the front of the house, the porch measures 10' deep by 40' across
and on the left side of the house, the porch wraps around and is screened in,
making a lovely sleeping porch.

I am still adding and subtracting out here.
I'm planning on hanging curtains and a cushion to the bench,
as well as some more plants and pillows.

But, here's what's happened in a few months:

(this is how it was used by the former owners)

(right after we moved in)

In the above picture, notice that the camellia bush is gone.
We will be re-landscaping around the house.

Hubby spent a few hours pressure washing this space and a rug (snagged at a yard sale for $7),
and when it was dry, I painted the riser ledges and the bench Alabaster white 
and the door Halcyon Green (Sherwin Williams paint).

Everything got moved out and put on the front porch.
(It looked like we were having our own yard sale!)
At the end of the porch to the right of the bench is the sleeping porch.



Around the sides is where I will be hanging (after I cut and sew them)
drop cloth curtains to provide privacy and shade.

Happy door.

My bloggy friend, Kristi at The Speckled Dog who lives here in Upstate, SC too
(& who has a phenomenal etsy shoppe by the way, where she sells banners and upcycled pretties),
brought me these awesome nesting tables as a house warming gift.
Thank you, Sugar.

It's a start.

Guess what's happening this weekend?!?!?!

We will be having a wedding on our porch and a reception on the front lawn.
Stay tuned for the pictures and story of that.

I gotta get to work around here sewing and painting and praying.

Please have a beautiful day making your home!


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Dear person (who stole my purse),

Dear Person,

I don't know why you thought it acceptable to come up my driveway
in the middle of the night and take something 
out of my car that didn't belong to you.

You took a potentially deadly risk by wandering onto someone else's property uninvited
and intending to commit a crime.

Apparently, you were pretty desperate for cash to have risked 
being targeted by our motion-detection light or confronted
(and maybe shot) by an angry homeowner.

What were you thinking when you tried all the door handles to see if they were unlocked?
Why are you wandering around in the middle of the night planning wrongdoings?
Who did you think you are, committing atrocities against another?
Where did you learn this behavior?
When did you plan to be a criminal?
How do you live with yourself?

I'll bet you don't give a second thought to the pain you cause
not only the victims of your crime, but the neighborhood as a whole.
Your only goal is to smoothly take something that you haven't earned;
your only thoughts are how to get away before being detected.

As my mind replays the past few days, 
from the first discovery that you left my passenger-side car door slightly ajar after your act of piracy,
to the searching of the car and our house from top to bottom,
to the signing of the police report, 
to the calling of the last store I was in the night before so the security personnel could check
all the cameras to make sure I'd gotten into my car with my purse
so I could narrow down the location of it,
to the notifying of my bank (and other institutions) that my information
had been compromised;
it has not even been the inconvenience of your misconduct 
that has been the most troubling to me.

What disturbs me is how difficult I have found it to want to go outside my own home,
for fear you may be still watching our movements with intent to commit more depravity.
What troubles me is that you did this in the yard of my new home and haven.
What demoralized me was that you took with you, a total stranger to me,
some of my most personal information and private belongings.

But even for all YOU chose to do, what is by far the MOST bewildering to me is,
my own reluctance to CHOOSE to forgive you.

Your actions have really challenged my faith.
Your blatant scheme kept me bound by fear and loss.
I completely had forgotten how to "keep calm and carry on".

And as I coped with the choices you made, 
I too, was coping with the choices I was making.
Because of anger toward you, I was acting angry toward others.
Because of distrust toward you, I was acting distrustful of others.
Because of your desperation and fear, I was acting desperate and fearful.

And that's just not like me, my husband, friends, and family reminded me.
Almost hourly.
One of the reminders prompted me to remember who I am.

I am not of this world, I simply live in it.

I am called to change the world, not be changed by it.

I am not to store up treasures: a home, a car, a purse--
here on earth, I am to stockpile heavenly abundance.

Heavenly treasure is living now as if my heart is already in heaven.
My life should declare that I am not actually the legal owner of anything here on earth.
If I hold all my earthly possessions so closely to me that I cannot 
hear the faintest call of God for any part or all of it, 
my heart is still tethered to the earth and its resources.
I came here with nothing and I leave with nothing.

Dear thief, 
did you know that you  have played a part in my need for contentment?
After the hurt that you caused us, I can admit that we now understand more clearly 
that it is not what we have that makes us rich or poor.

Criminal person,
I am so sorry that your life's circumstances and choices
caused you to behave the way you did.
I am praying and hoping that you will soon understand AS I HAVE,
the great love that God has for you.

Loved one,
Maybe you have no one who cares about you or regularly prays for you.

Well, now you do.

I care, and I will be praying for you because I forgive you
because I have been forgiven, too.


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Sharing at Amanda's Serenety Now: Weekend Bloggy Reading :: Link Up!

Our Organized {& Finished} Craftsman Pantry

What an accomplishment!
I can announce that we have one room in the whole house finally finished
(and it's the smallest room: 4' by 4')!
Welcome to our organized Craftsman pantry!

Do you remember the before pictures right after we moved in?
(Wow. I can't believe the chaos in here!)

This wood shelving unit got sold on Craigslist for $25.

 I had some items that were waiting to be used.

This 75 year-old home has settled here and there and some gaps needed to be filled.

This color is called "Home Song" by Clark+Kensington.
(I probably picked this color more for the name than any other reason...wouldn't you have?)
The trim is Alabaster by Sherwin Williams and will be used on all the trim/doors in our home.

All this stuff waited to be returned to their new spots.
Each item got dispersed to its new location according to where it will be used
most frequently. 
Soon, I'll be showing you the zones that I've created in this kitchen.

After a few days of work, here are the AFTERS.

The top three baskets hold extra tissue, paper towels, and party goods.

My daughter, Miss S, designed the chalkboard labels,
and I love her sense of humor when I told her to label the basket that holds chocolate.
(Yes, we have a chocolate stash--do you?)
Top row tags read: SNACKS, mini~hospital, Pasta, MIXES (I make some of my own mixes).
Bottom row tags read: DRIED fruit + nuts, cavities, Tea & Cocoa, VITAMINS.

We don't eat a lot of canned or pre-packaged foods
and most everything I make is from scratch.
The jug to the right below holds maple syrup (it's a fun way to serve it!)

These are the only helpers I actually use, so I donated the rest of them:
coffee bean grinder, crockpot, (from our wedding day) Salad Shooter, rice cooker, and bread maker
(the blender/food processor is next to the fridge on the counter since it's handy there to make smoothies).
We've simplified A LOT!
I also wanted space in front of the appliances to set things as I gather ingredients.

Perhaps our favorite addition to this room is this Allen+Roth Mission light fixture with an Edison bulb 
and cloth-covered wiring. The former light was a bubble-looking piece.
The ceiling is plaster, so hubby had to use a butterfly toggle bolt to hold the hanger.
That made a mess!

I found all these jars at Walmart.
The small ones were $4, medium were $5, and the large were $6.
I decided not to label these because to me, it looks prettier without labels
AND one should know an ingredient by sight if they cook and bake as frequently as I do.

I labeled them for you in Photoshop to give you an idea of what I keep in the jars.

The knobs came from Hobby Lobby. 
What was nice about these was they have a base plate that gets screwed into place on the wall 
and then the knob gets threaded/tightened into the center of the base.
I couldn't use regular drawer hardware here because I couldn't add a nut on the backside 
of the drawer panel to tighten it.

Because this space is so compact, everything needed to be easy to find and reach.
The cork-topped stool I found at an estate sale and almost sold it before our move here.
Since some of the shelving is so high (the walls are 10') we use it every day, so whew, glad I salvaged it!

The 5 Eco-friendly re-useable Trader Joe's bags are handy to grab
on the way out the door, and to return when they've been emptied.
Yes, I wear aprons!

This room was quite fun to plan and design.
My advice, if you want a neat-looking pantry, is to purge everything you don't eat
and/or is expired and get your foods into different containers (baskets, glass canisters)
to help it stay fresh longer and look pretty (a basket is more simple than tiers of packages and jars).

Hope I inspired you to go make yours a pretty pantry!

Soon I will be sharing how to prepare your kitchen for the up-coming Holiday baking season!

Bon Appetit, y'all!


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