College Daughters' Shared Dorm-like Bedroom :: Before & During

It's been two months since we bought this old home.
We are all still settling in.
I swear it's harder to simplify and right size and keep those things
that are beneficial and useful and lovely,
than it is to fill up a house with anything and everything that catches one's fancy.
We all are now more deliberate in our acquiring of things
since the space has been halved (and the closets are wee bitty tiny).
Contentment is being lived and learned here.

Our two college daughters (one's a Senior, one's a Freshman)
both go to the same college and yes, still live in the same home as my hubby and me.
They are planning on moving to Korea in a year and a half to teach English
and finish college there, on the opposite side of the planet.

In our LAST HOME, they each had their own bedroom.
So, considerable downsizing and simplifying had to take place to get them both
into their new 13' by 13' shared bedroom.

This was Senior girl's bedroom in our last house.
(We've now sold everything but the chair, bedding, lamp, dresser, bird art, and vintage radio.)

This was Freshman girl's bedroom in our last house.
(We've now sold everything but her bed, mannequin, chair throw, and the jewelry box on the nightstand.)

We kept the other twin bed and nightstands that were in our basement guest room,
the loveseat from the music room, and an antique table from the basement.

Here's their "new" shared bedroom while they were unpacking.

Two weeks after moving in, the daughters left for South Korea to visit
OUR OTHER DAUGHTER for two weeks.

As a surprise, while they were gone, my mom and I painted the walls 
in the color they chose to cover the pretty mint green.
It's Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige in Cashmere Finish.

And when the paint dried I, with some rearranging and space-planning,
(art and decor are coming... they have found a few things they's like to add)
had created four zones:



(Behind the dresser, to divide the sitting and dressing area, is a screen I found at a flea market.)


(In this picture above, the antique table desk for the mini-office is not in the room yet.
It goes to the right of the beds.)

(They'd like a fuzzy rug between their beds.)


Our daughters are dearest friends and (usually) treat each other with respect, kindness, and love.
It's like they are little girls all over again, sharing their space, things, and dreams.

They will fly away from our nest soon, but for now they are here to hug and cherish.
What a privilege to still be able to see them daily!
Our home is busy with activity, laughter, discussions, and piles of laundry
(they do their own), and I don't mind one bit!


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