The Fireplace Mantel :: Resuscitated


past participle, past tense of re·sus·ci·tate (Verb)

1. Revive from unconsciousness or apparent death.
2. Make something active or vigorous again.

Thank you everyone, for your help and thoughts about our fireplace!
Remember the BEFORE picture?

After a few days of painting the walls,
and 1 1/2 hours of painting the fireplace,
here is the AFTER.

The wall color is Loggia, and the fireplace and trim is Alabaster, both Sherwin Williams.

I got brave after your comments and got out the paintbrush and we love the results.
It's one thing for me to tell others not to fear paint,
but another thing to actually do it for myself.

It was fairly quick and painless.

1 1/2 hours from start to dry.
It's SW's Interior Pro-classic Latex Semi-gloss.

The roller is a thick, fluffy 4" Wooster roller which allowed me to roll into the grout.
No brushing except to cut-in around the hearth and sides/back of the mantel.

The more I painted, the more we loved it.

I decided to simply leave the insides as-is until we can hire the chimney repair folks
to line the chimney, which hopefully will be before winter.

After some shuffling of furniture and tchotchkes, here are more afters.

The love seat and sofa are IKEA's Ektorp.
The rug is IKEA's Morum, 7' by 10'.

Reflection in the "foyer" mirror.
(This wall needs to be finished being painted, too.)

The windows will be getting bamboo Roman shades and/or shutters,
it depends on what I can find at yard sales or estate sales or on sale.
I have ordered picture rail hooks and wire so I can hang art.

My sweet friend, Suzanne, mailed me this wonderful 3-tiered iron basket
as a gift. I use it for cupcakes, mugs, shells, whatever!
(I still need to paint below the window!)

I found the free, inspirational, and fabulous printable chalk art HERE.

What can I paint next? 
Lemme at it!

(Scroll down to see which room is next.)


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Can you guess what this room is going to become?
(It's the first room off the living room/foyer area.)


  1. Wow - FANTASTIC job! It makes me want to paint mine.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Kolein! My hubby sighs in relief and happiness when he enters the room now... :)

  3. Oh my gosh Leslie! It looks so fantastic! Love how the detail looks now. Awesome job! P.S. Great name. :0)

    1. I love your name, too! I couldn't believe the power that paint holds over things! Whew!

  4. I have an oak Victorian fireplace mantel which is beautiful but I have a confession, I wish it was one I didn't like because I think a white fireplace would look so much better in my living room than oak...and my husband will not let me touch it! So I must say I am jealous that yours was in such a condition where a paint job was welcomed! It looks great!

    1. I'm happy and sad, I think ;) that you love/hate your Victorian fireplace :) I have a faux fireplace (it's actually just the mantel off an 1840's fireplace) that I painted white and leaned on the wall in our master bedroom. It's white, too. You can still have a white mantel, somehow...

  5. Holy cow...what a difference!! I said I didn't mind the before, but I was wrong, wrong, wrong! The white looks so amazing and I love the wall color too! The room looks so BEAUTIFUL!!!

  6. Awwww. I just love you! So happy your gift fits right in. And can I just say I LOVE IT!!! It looks amazing and peacefully calm! Ahhhh, I could sit right down.

    1. Hi Suzanne! You know I love you. I think of you whenever I look at or use my baskets! All my friends try to take it, too! If you were closer than Texas, I'd love to see ya!

  7. Very nice job - looks great! Will be excited to see what is next!
    Hugs -

  8. It could not look more beautiful and you saved it. How great is that? All that architectural interest and different textures brought to life by the white. I love it. Super job, Leslie, per usual.

  9. Love the fireplace in white, Leslie! Great job. Actually, you will probably enjoy it much more than you can even imagine. It's soooo wonderful to have a fireplace on the coldest winter days! I LOVE ours. Anyway, you did good! Susan

  10. Wow! way to revive this fireplace. Makes a great focal point now for sure...and it is OUTSTANDING.
    I read the other post...don't think I commented...but I did read the comments and like the idea of a heater insert in there for controlled temperature.
    Love the room.
    I have no idea what the other will be used for...but it will be fantastic. :) Pat

  11. Leslie,
    The fireplace looks so much better! Love it painted white! Your room is just lovely. Great color there too! Beautiful work!

  12. This is such a dramatic and wonderful change. The entire feeling of your space is transformed. I love everything about your new fireplace and space.

  13. Oh my oh my, how things have changed!!! Paint is the most marvelous thing isn't it? Your mantel area now looks sooooo pretty, wow!!

  14. It's wonderful, Leslie! It made all the difference in that lovely room.

  15. Hey friend, it is just LOVELY, the whole room! What a difference, can't wait to see each room as you finish it. Hope you are enjoying all of the decorating and making it into your home. One of my favorite things to do. xoxo

  16. You did it! It looks great and wonderful that hubby was on board too. The new colours look lovely and I am very inspired to check out that rug at IKEA. I really like the windows flanking the fireplace too.

  17. OH.MY.GOODNESS. That literally took my breath away. That is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Kristen from The Road to Domestication

  18. Absolutely beautiful, love. You know I'm an unconditional fan but this is you.

  19. Much better! So much more soothing. Did you use high temperature paint?

  20. Beautiful,Leslie! The transformation is fabulous.

  21. wow that's really wonderful, I am really in love with your art and decoration. Really such a great interior and set ups. Nice Blogs. love it. SAP Calculations

  22. Your designs are just fabulous. I loved the idea implementing flowers and sea elements in your interior. I have a box full of various sea ornaments gathered from different parts of the world and I was thinking to place them in a bowl.

  23. Your designs are just fabulous. I loved the idea implementing flowers and sea elements in your interior. I have a box full of various sea ornaments gathered from different parts of the world and I was thinking to place them in a bowl.

  24. I am always amazed at how a little paint goes a long way. The transformation is stunning. I also love how you've decorated. The subtle beach/summer theme is so comforting. For other custom fireplace mantels check out


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