Our Un-Pinnable Dining Room

If you're looking for a room reveal, you've come to the wrong blog, sister.

This post is about this poor room.
It's having an identity crisis.
It doesn't know if it's a Music Room, Dining Room, or Office.

It hasn't figured out how we use it yet.

Do we eat here? 
Not yet.
But we want to have Sunday dinners (or any day, really)
and we see lots of folks seated around the table.

Do we play music here? 
More than anything else, so far.
When Miss S (our older daughter, classical pianist) plays for us
between classes and working
and when we crank up the new old record player.

Do we work here?
I have set up my laptop on the table and am calling this my future office.
(I also sewed a button on my daughter's khaki pants here today.)

I will be working on selling the pile of things to left of the piano,
things that we brought along with us during the move thinking we may use 
or need them (we don't) on eBay.

I've started covering the blood red walls with
Sherwin Williams Silvermist, and it's a magical color that
looks gray in the morning and evening and blue in the afternoon.
It's quite calming and a perfect color for the room-in-the-middle-of-the-house.
There's a pile under the light switch of other things I'm listing on Craigslist.

We've decided that this room needs to serve all three purposes:
Music Room
Dining Room

Figuring that out has become quite a challenge.

But we're aiming for something like this.

Plus this.

And a little of this.

And if the room is confused now,
it will really be befuddled by the time we're done!

In the meantime, I will continue to work to make this house our home,
to make spaces in it where we can dream and sing and dance,
to create a haven for those who need a respite within its walls
whether friend or foe,
to daily remember that this home is not ours, but belongs to the Lord.

And with those things in mind,
we'll make a million tiny decisions so we can glorify God with our belongings.


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  1. Love the blue gray. I'm sure it will be beautiful when you get done.

    1. Hi Jeannette...
      it's a puzzle, that's for sure... have a beautiful day making your home!

  2. Doesn't paint make such a huge difference?? Looking better already! I know you'll figure it out and make it just perfect. :)

  3. My home has had some confused rooms too Leslie!! I love how you are going to make it functional for many different aspects of life and I know it will be just amazing!

  4. Knowing you, Leslie, that room will be gorgeous before we can blink our eyes. Susan

  5. And we'd love to see the new dining room of yours. Definitely, I am going see your updates, ;)

  6. Oh wow. What a difference the paint color made. The inspiration pictures make an excellent spring board!
    It will be so lovely. I like that your home brings glory to God.

  7. Your new paint color is lovely, such a serene background.


  8. I love the color for this room and the inspiration photos...divine! I can't wait to see what you come up with, it's sure to a hit with the family.


  9. I have always held the opinion that WHITE WHITE WHITE = VERY SPIRITUAL AND NEAT! The white color on the walls has changed the look of the room. Whether it is your 3 purpose room or not, white surely entails it into becoming a beauty!
    I cant wait to see more changes that you do ;)

    Jessica x

  10. It will be lovely when it's finished! I'm not usually a person who gravitates toward gray, but it sounds so peaceful and pretty here.

    By the way, I'm from the Upstate of SC too! I hope we'll see one another at Allume.

    Deb Weaver

  11. Inch by inch, you are transforming this house into your home.
    Enjoy, love.
    PS-The last three pics, the ones you're aiming for, I have almost identical ones saved under my dream house folder. :)

  12. Leslie, you have such a gift for organizing your home and getting LOTS of function out of your spaces! I know your dining room will be a visual and functional treat before you know it. :-) LOVE that paint color!

  13. Transforming a house into a home is quite a challenging task. Nonetheless, all your toils would be worth it when you see your family enjoying every area of your home and not wanting to go anywhere else.

  14. Hi P, stopped by to say hello (not on fb anymore...all things permissible, not all beneficial...for this bunny).
    What you up to? Me want to see more new house goodies. :)
    Love you, LOTS.

  15. Hi Leslie,

    Love the new paint color you chose, any color that does double duty when the light changes...gets an "A" in my book. I don't know if you are like me, but I used to move stuff around several times to get the right location for look, function and flow. Now I found a cute online gadget at BHG.com that does my furniture moving for me....and you can save it, print it and it free.

    If you're interested....


    Can't wait to see the updates on your dining room!

  16. Great Transformation! I think you made the right thing in transforming the room. It's a great work!

  17. The caliber of information that you're offering is merely wonderful.
    Welcome back!

  18. Simply awesome! I like the simplicity of the colors. It makes the house sophisticated yet cool. Red and white are lovely.

  19. I love your third inspiration with the framed chalkboard and the hallway table, really cool. The color you chose to cover the "Blood Red" is really fantastic!

  20. I think it will look fantastic when it's done, I like the inspirations photos.

  21. Love what you are doing to that room! It looks beautiful and gorgeous! Great job!

  22. So....I love it all, but I am trying to copy your sideboard a bit. What material are the letters EAT? Did you paint them yourself or find a great place to buy the set? Thanks!!


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