Our Craftsman Pantry :: Before

After finally finishing the painting of the living room,
I am ready to tackle this kitchen's pantry.

About time too, because we closed on this house a few weeks ago,
and the pantry has pretty much looked like this ever since.

It hasn't inspired me to cook very often.
And I'm thinking that my family is getting tired of PB&Js, cereal, and pizza.
(And eating out is getting expensive.)

It's a nice little space and I am oh, so grateful for it.
It measures 4 feet deep by 4 1/2 feet wide by 9 feet tall.

A green flyswatter isn't an appetizing feature, either, I'm guessing.

Our last pantry had wire shelving, so we were elated that this space has real wood shelving!

Against the wall behind the door, is this wooden storage thing.
The last owner had her canned goods in it, and it seems to be perfect for that.
I may or may not keep it in this spot, I may move it on the wall where the dustpan is
since we're going to be keeping the cleaning products/helpers out in the laundry/mud room.
Then again, I may remove it altogether.

This is behind the door (and extremely hard to photograph).
It's an original window and screen of some sort.
There is framing for the laundry room behind the window.

What did people do in 1938 that they needed a hinged screen and latched window
off the kitchen onto the porch?
Does anyone have a clue?

I've gathered some supplies:
8 baskets (already had these)
 6 IKEA Variera shelf liners ($3.99 a roll)
4 IKEA Variera shelf storage risers ($4.99 each)
Quart of Clark+Kensington paint, color: "Home Song" (free last Saturday at Ace Hardware)
2 four-pack Martha Stewart chalk tags ($3.99 each at Staples)

I'm going in...
and I may emerge in a few days.

As a professional organizer, I've had some experience with a walk-in pantry 
or two. Click HERE to see one of the largest and well-laid out pantries
I've had the pleasure of organizing.

Please have a wonderful day and, as I told my FaceBook peeps recently:

Let's focus today, not on our "have-nots" and wants, 
but rather on our "haves" and present blessings. 
Why not take a moment right now to pause and thank God 
for the place He's given you to live?
Accept your home and be content in it. 
Offer it to the Lord today to do with as He pleases and ask Him 
to send His creativity through your home as you use it 
to serve your family and all those He will send your way.
Don't be ashamed of your things, for in them lie possibilities.
Remember what Jesus was able to do with water (turn into wine) 
and a few fish and a few loaves of bread (fed a tiny city)-- 
He is able to do anything with what you bring to Him in faith.

It's finished and you can see it HERE.


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  1. I cannot wait to see the finished product! I know it will be phenomenal! And yes, you are kind, you are! hehe I just reread your comment and realized what you said on FB.lol You is kind, you is smart and you is important! Don't forget it!

    And oh, was the small screened window a pass through, possibly? A way to hear all the goings on, out on the porch for the one stuck in the kitchen, so they could feel a part of the party? Or possibly a way for a breeze to meander through and keep the pantry fresh? Can't wait to hear what others think.

    1. Thanks, missy!
      Love The Help movie, our Thai exchange student bought it while he was here, watched it innumerable times and then gave it to us.
      A way to hear the goings on---I love that--that would be SO me!
      A breeze, hmmm.
      So glad you came by, Love.
      Your hair is fabulous!

  2. Women would often put baked goods like pies near the window to cool. My guess is that it's either a pie window or just to help the kitchen cool down.

    1. AH. Thank you, Sarah.
      I think a pie right now sounds like a good idea.
      Tummy growling.

  3. Was the laundry room added on? It could have just been a window and the pantry added later - as well as the laundry room? Maybe? But I do like Mrs. C's idea - listening in on all the talking on the porch - yep, I'd do that! LOL! Have a great day - and you just MIGHT inspire me to do something around here!
    Hugs - :-)

  4. Can't wait to see how you organized. I'm in the same boat. I moved into a smaller apartment and have a small pantry. I have to keep bigger things in this too. (cat carrier x 2, shovel, rug shampooer, etc.). Have only shelves on one side, so I put one of my floor-to-ceiling Ikea Billy bookcases in to use. I'm tired (senior) from moving and I'm not at all motivated. Depressed and living in a mess. Will get some ideas from you, to help me :)

  5. My daughter lived in a very old apartment building that had windows like that. We were told that it was how they delivered the ice for the ice box to keep the food cold. It could have also been where the milkman delivered the milk. Those would be my guesses.

  6. Baskets...yay!
    Wooden shelves...yay!
    I know it will all be amazing when you're done with it and I cannot wait.

    1. Hi Chica!!
      I'm about halfway done today...
      It's looking mighty purty...

  7. Hi Leslie,

    I'm a bit of a lurker - but I always enjoy getting your blog posts in my email.

    Love the blurb about the pantry window. That is such a mystery!

    I was thinking what another gal said about a possible window for cooling pies...and then I found this...


    By chance is the window on the north side of the house? If so, maybe it was to keep the pantry - "larder" - cool. Is there any sign of a trap door on the floor leading to the cellar or "buttery"?

    How neat - a real piece of history!


  8. Maybe to pass food out if dinner was being served on the porch?

  9. I wonder if it was a space to access the clothesline - to hang up the wet laundry..maybe?

  10. The house our family lived in until I was 11 had a similar window in the pantry. There was no such thing as central air conditioning back then - so I think it was just put there for ventilation when needed. I can recall our pantry window being open quite often.

  11. What a cool, quirky feature that window is!
    Can't wait to see your finished results. I know it'll be faboo!

  12. I can't wait to see the finished product. My pantry is very similar, minus the window:) Same wood shelves and layout it looks like too!

  13. Really liked the way storage has been done to make the pantry clutter free. Its really gave me an idea to manage the things in mine own pantry as well.

  14. My in-laws had a little window-sized door that opened from their kitchen to the outside, for the milkman to deliver the milk straight into the kitchen!

  15. I agree with the above comment--the pass through was probably for the milk man to deliver the milk. A lot of houses back then had some sort of milk door for that purpose. Now, if only there were a milk man that would deliver, right? :-) I love how your pantry came out and I can't wait to see how your kitchen finishes up. My kitchen feels like it is bursting at the seams and there are probably some things I should get rid of, although I don't know what that would be right now. I don't have a pantry, so I brought in some sturdy wire racks to this part of our kitchen that may have been a back porch in the past. There is room for our laundry, our chest freezer and these two racks and I'm trying to figure out how best to use their storage since they aren't as close to the work area of the kitchen as I would like. I also liked seeing a pantry of someone who cooks from scratch. That is my thing too, so I don't have a lot of cans and boxes. I have ingredients! I have a family of 5 and most of us are home all day every day, so we're producing three meals a day out of our kitchen. So when I look at most kitchen organizing posts, they just don't work for me. I look at the nicely organized refrigerators and wonder where their food is. LOL Anyway, I'm glad to have found you and can't wait to see more. :-)


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