Do You Think This Bathroom is Missing Something?

 Old houses are curious.
This one is no exception.

Do you notice something that is missing?

Look closely.

There is no shower head,
and therefore no shower can be taken here,
which thrills my college daughters immensely. 
(I hope you can hear the sarcasm?)

However, the bath does have lovely art work by one "Muriel",
and I talk about her in this post: Goodbye, Hobby Lobby. Hello, Estate Sales!
to cheer the space.

This tiny room also has sparkly old glass doorknobs.
Oh! And Skeleton key holes (yes! we have the keys!)

There is a sink available and happy hydrangeas for color.

The closet immediately got organized and is now available for use.



This closet contains all the essentials,
an extra comforter, coverlet, and pillowcases.

Bath towels, hand towels, washcloths,
toothbrushes, deodorant, Q-tips, cotton balls, cotton rounds,
face masks, soap galore, air freshener, face wash?
All here.


Extra toilet paper and cleaning supplies?

My daughters are quite set for any hygienic emergency.

They can even see themselves to put their makeup on or brush their teeth.

But for now, they are roughing it on this end of the powder room.

Don't worry, girls, we have plans to add this.

Stay tuned for more old house quirks...


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    It's so pretty!!


    1. Hi Kolein!
      Thank you! I, as you know, love color! But I think I really love this all-white bathroom! It's fresh and clean-feeling. (Notice I didn't say it WAS clean ;)
      Love you, girlie!

  2. GAH! Glass doorknobs and skeleton keys ... I am swooning!!! I was going to suggest the very thing you showed at the end of your post ... we had to do that on a tub at our other house - works great. The closet is amazing - love the glass jars and baskets.

    1. I do feel so blessed!
      Oh, good! I am glad the diverter worked at your house. We've never had one of these things before, so were hoping we are making a good choice...
      thank you!

  3. Looking lovely, my lovely. A beautiful job once again by Leslie the Homemaker.

    1. Hi mom!
      I love when you stop by! I miss you!
      I am getting your guest room ready...

  4. It's so beautiful! Great job on the closet, too!

    Kristen from The Road to Domestication

  5. Love it! It's such a cute bathroom but super weird there's not shower head... :/ I love that big closet in there though, where did you get the baskets on the bottom with the TP in them?


  6. I love this vintagey old bathroom!
    I'd love to soak in that tub... who needs a shower? But I know...a shower is nice, I like the solution you have about to happen!
    The closet is wonderful. It reminds me of my Grandmothers bathroom only they had tile (50's pink) going half way up!
    and I'm so glad you have the key. You should tie a string on it and NAIL IT TO THE BACK OF THE DOOR!
    I got locked in a bathroom with a key hole...and a turn latch...I was 12...I don't know how I did it...but I was visiting a Great Aunt and Uncle in Chicago-- it was embarrassing!!!
    Don't lose the key! Pat

  7. Wow!! What a charming home you are getting to make your own. Looks lovely!!

  8. I did the same thing for a shower head in an old house I rented when I first lived on my own. It worked great for me! And I love how you organized the closet. Those baskets are beautiful!

  9. My old house didn't have a shower head in the hall bath either. My girls were little then, so it didn't really matter. But if we didn't have that now.....oh boy! Can't wait to see more of the house.

  10. It's amazing how well you organized these things. I love those paintings in the first image, really very beautiful. Great tips you have shared for managing bathroom well. I think cabinets and installing shelves helps a lot in bathroom like there will no clutter creates and it is easy to put items in these.

  11. We have a very old home. We bought it 2 summers ago before we got married. It was definitely a fixer-upper but we got a great deal. The #1 issue was no shower. Thankfully my father is a plumber so he installed one! We had 7 weeks from the time we bought it until the wedding and then after our honeymoon we moved in immediately. I love that it's old because, as my dad says, it has "character." Arched doorways, "built-ins" in every room, curved ceilings... we did update it a lot with new counter top in the kitchen, new paint in every room and a new bathroom, but it still has that old house charm.

  12. I think there is a little bit enhancement required in the storage as the the way cabinet have been introduced to the bathroom they don't suit with the Storage theme.

  13. I had not seen this either. Where have I been? :)
    Love all that you've done and can only imagine all the fun still ahead. Glad you're sharing.
    Much love.

  14. Looking good, Leslie! We added the hand-held shower to the original claw foot tub in our old house, and it's a great solution! You've done a super job pulling things together so far. I love your little breakfast nook, too, although I totally understand why you'd like to move the corner cabinets and add a bench. That will look great! For now, I hope you're enjoying getting your new nest in order. I'm so thankful you found it!

  15. The shower handle is going to be a great addition. I'm wondering if you will have to protect the window somehow, maybe make sure the caulking doesn't have gaps to prevent future water/mold issues? Hard to tell from the photos, just thinking. You have a real talent organizing your closets/storage. I remember you saying that buying white makes things so much easier and this really shows how it looks prettier too. Have a great week, my friend.

    1. My husband and I moved into an old house recently which has a window in the shower on the first floor. However, the previous owner left us all the window dressings. Including the shower curtain that she had used as a regular curtain over that window.

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