Butler's Pantry turned Breakfast Room

Okay, so I lied.
I'm sorry.

I told you that the first room
that I'd be sharing would be our master bedroom.
It's not.

The first room will actually be
the bitty room between our dining room and kitchen.
We haven't named it yet.
(Can you help us give it a name?)

If you are new here, I'll let you know
that we just moved into our "new" home last weekend.
It was built in 1938 and is a Craftsman home in our city's downtown.
and right-sized our lives to 1800 sq. ft. 
(which I realize is still a large home to some of you).

I just measured this room and it is 7 feet wide by 11 feet long.
It has three built-in hutches and a window
and it is walk-through, which makes me believe it used to be a butler's pantry
that would have originally been used for the storage of non-food items.

Our kitchen has a small pantry,
so we're certainly glad to have this extra room,
albeit tiny, to use for eating our family meals.

Here it is.

When we first moved in.

This morning.

Our last home had two kitchens (yeah I know, poor me)
and I had more dishes than one person ought to legally own.

I purged once we were here, 
and made two boxes of dishes that will go into the yard sale pile.
I still have more dishes than one person ought to legally own.

These hutches are very lovely and very handy;
however, we'd like to move them (if possible)
to either side of the window in the dining room/office/music room
and make a booth area here instead.

Half of our china is Pfaltzgraff Heritage White 
and the other half is Independence Ironstone Japan.

The red and white transferware is Syracuse China Roxbury pattern.

I polished the silver and usually do this once a year.

Every single piece of china, ironstone, silver, or glass 
is from a yard sale or Goodwill (or Dollar Tree.)
No kidding.

These hydrangeas are from one of three bushes in our yard!

We just bought the Pier 1 table and chairs 
(all five pieces were $80!) yesterday off of Craigslist.

It's perfect (for now).

This hutch when we first moved in.


Our wine glasses do not match for several reasons.
First, some people like dainty stemware and some people like a sturdier glass.
Second, it's easier to tell whose glass is whose if they are different.
Third, these came from the Dollar Tree and are replaceable if broken.

To the right of the hutch is the hallway and the master bedroom.
There is a door in the basement that was taken from this doorway.
We are thinking of putting it back on its hinges for some privacy.
Of course, we could simply close our bedroom door.

This space needs help.

Whoever sits in this chair will get chilly feet.

It's fun getting to know the new home,
what fits, what doesn't.
The creaks and clunks are new.
The smells and textures are interesting.

Living in an old house should prove to be interesting.

Do you live in an old or new house?
What do you love most about it?


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  1. Love how you have organized it so well. And, I love the table and chairs....you have given me an idea to paint my chairs white. Looking forward to more photo's of your fantastic "new" home.

    1. Hi!
      I was thrilled to find the set together for so cheaply!
      White goes with most everything, I think!

  2. Congratulations! You made it into your new home God is Good all the time. We live is our new old home that we built 21 yrs. ago.

  3. Our little cottage - 832 sq. ft. when we bought it- was built in 1928. It was obviously used solely as the family beach house of an inland family because there is almost no storage. They probably didn't cook much when they were escaping the inland heat. It was built before washer/dryer units and dishwashers and the need for plugs for so many appliances.

    We have since added a studio for my husband (oil painter) and kept the add-on in the Tudor style. We would not go back to a larger house very quickly. I can barely keep up with the house and garden (an extra room 9 months of the year).

    I LOVE your little room. I agree with you about removing the two corner cabinets if possible, but it looks so cheerful.

    We are daily learning how to live in a small space and it has been nearly 16 years, but the location is worth it.

  4. I love your little nook, so perfect with that new table and chairs. What a bargain at $80.00! Looking forward to seeing how you pull this place together and give it your special touches.

  5. You're amazing! I love it and can't wait to see other rooms in the house as you get settled in. :)


  6. Really beautiful! I love how bright and airy it is!

  7. I can not wait to see all the cuteness you accomplish in this house! The breakfast room is so bright for such a little space. Cheery little place to eat.

  8. Leslie, I just love your new home! I wouldn't change a thing in this room. It is lovely!! Those hydrangeas are just beautiful! Love this house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. oh I love the character in an old home.
    I think your home is gorgeous just like it is... I know you probably can't wait to tweak it and give it some personal touches... but as I scroll through your pictures, I'm seeing the chipping painted trim {love} the old hardware {big love} the worn look of the wood {another love}
    and I've read your blog off and on for years now...but I must go and read your "debt free' link. I don't think I've ever learned this about you!

    What do I love about my home... my babies grew up here and all the chips and dings are familiar to me...and I love the pencil marks on the kitchen door (still there from when we measured on birthdays to see how everyone was growing)!!!

    can't wait to see more- Pat

  10. It's beautiful Leslie! I love all the unique dishes and glasses. And I love that you even staged this room, despite the fact that I'm sure you're still getting other rooms unpacked. Having one little beautiful space in the midst of the rest will be something you can look at, sit in, walk through, and SMILE at :) I look forward to seeing the rest of your house!

  11. You have to do a booth ~ that area with the window is perfect! My house is new and doesn't have much character yet. Love your dishes!!!!

  12. what a beautiful and welcoming room. I loved all your dishes and glasses and especially loved your reason for buying your wine glasses the way you do. i'm new to your site and now cannot wait to see what else I discover. xox

  13. That room is so bright and cheery! What a lovely place to start the day with a meal. Can't wait to see the rest!
    We live in a newer home (8 years) and it's nice not to have to fix things, but it definitely lacks the charm and character of older homes. I'm hoping we will find an old farm house that has been renovated a bit when we move!
    Continued blessings...

  14. That is the cutest little eatery. I love the design of neutrals and then the hydrangea giving a little color. I really like the white furniture against the tan walls, it looks so clean to me. I used a similar color but it was a clay paint which gave the walls a little texture. I love the color so much that I have to contain myself not to paint the whole house the same color.

  15. I love it! I don't comment as often but I have been following this move of yours and am looking forward to seeing the whole bungalow. So fun!

  16. OMG! The idea is so amazing! I just loved it and can't wait to see other rooms in the house as you get settled in.
    Kenneth bordewick

  17. This is simple, best, dashing and creative with simplicity ideas...

  18. This is very unique and lovable and heart touching.

  19. Oh I can so relate to the downsizing. We left a little over 3200 sf and wound up with l859. I still feel like I am squeezing the juice back in the grapefruit. It was a shock to me that most of the sofas from my previous home didn't fit here, they looked huge in these smaller rooms and just dwarfed everything. So learning to buy small has been my biggest lesson. Your dining area is fabulous. I love it. So bright and cheerful and thank God for those wonderful hutches. Hugs, Marty

  20. I'm catching up after a bit of a family vacation. Loving your new home and the hardwood, oh my! So pretty. Love the white painted Craftsman cabinets too. I spy the red and white transferware! I had to chuckle at Marty's comment about squeezing the juice back into the grapefruit! You are a master organizer and in time I know you will make it all fit and organized.

  21. I miss my old house that I grew up in (It was 100 years old before I turned 10!) but the house I live in now was built in the 70s and an addition built in '84. There are plenty of problems in this lovely house, but at least most of the house has hardwood floors under the carpet!

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