HELP! Can this Fireplace be Saved?

I'm so happy we've finally gotten out from under all the boxes!
Now we can start making this old house our home.
And the first room we will be working in is the living room.
And the first thing in the living room we will be giving a makeover is this fireplace.
I am grateful Lord, for this amazing home but You also know
that I need projects to 1) keep me busy, 2) use my creativity, and 3) keep me busy.
So, I accept the challenge!

To remove or reduce the presence of the fireplace in this room is my goal.

It is a mammoth eyesore in the middle of a sea of hardwood floors.
It is a granite quarry in the middle of our slipcovered seating sanctuary.
It dwarfs the furnishings and claims all the attention (like a child throwing a temper tantrum
in the middle of Target because it's naptime and they were told to sit down in the cart kind of attention).
It is not welcoming and not welcome here.

Even the former owner told us he loved all the things about this house except 
this hideous, strangely designed, ill-fitted, off-scale thing.

These pictures actually make it seem tolerable.
And beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but...
can you see the scale of it next to the chair?

We had a chimney sweep and repairman come by last week to see 
if he would want to take this montsterpiece out of our house and keep the pieces
to rework them in say, a mansion or much larger home.
His assessment of this piece was that it is a granite overlay over the original surround, 
and most definitely NOT craftsman style.
It may have been created sometime in the 80's and is actually very well-made. 
His work order said that we can remove it ourselves with a 4-pound hammer and a chisel.
(He wanted nothing to do with it!)

We've begun some changes...
the blue walls are being painted over in Sherwin Williams Loggia SW7506.

The trim is Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW7008.

Last week, my recently-graduated-with-an-Interior-Design-degree-from-a-prestigious-university
friend Robin also came by and told me that she thought the painted tiles looked like caveman drawings.
I don't think I'd laughed so hard in a long time.
I dunno if cave art is what the artist/stone mason/funder of the design 
had in mind when it was crafted.

Maybe Robin was trying to be as nice as possible (you were, weren't you?),
but it steeled my resolve to keep this focal point from being called names.
Sticks and stones and all that. (Which it is, actually).
Poor thing.

I recently priced 4 pound hammers, chisels, and looked at my schedule.
We don't really have the time now to re-do, re-work, or re-face this surround
so what did I do?

I surfed Pinterest, of course, and did "research" on "painted fireplace stone".

I found lots of Pinspiration, and I'd like to ask you all:
 "What would you do? Take it out and see what's behind it or simply paint it, for now?"

Here are the ideas I found.
(I could not find the source for a single picture, sorry!)

Something I love to say and to remember is,

"I love turning ugly, unloved, and unwanted things
into beautiful and useful treasures 
because this is what Jesus' love has done to me."

I also wrote about my friend Anita's amazing fireplace makeover HERE.

Do you think our fireplace can be saved?
(Or should we peek behind it?)


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My Own Staged Home :: Paint Colors

This post is slow in coming.
I'm sorry.

You all have been asking me for the colors I used to stage in our home
(see My Own Staged Home Tour HERE),
and since a few of the colors I actually mixed myself,
I had to consult my Sherwin Williams paint fans to get you the exact matches,
and my interior design/staging/organizing office info was still packed
(our "new" home HERE) as of a few days ago.

Thank you for your patience!

This will be a nice, simple post.

So, we'll work our way through the house.
All paint colors are Sherwin Williams which (for those of you that don't know yet),
is what SW (with the color mixing code following it) means.

P.S. Don't rely on your monitor to show you the true colors on the swatch.
They may look a bit "off", but the hues on the paper swatches are the true colors I used.







(The black wall is flat black paint used as chalkboard. 
Read about it and the cabinet paint color HERE.)





HERE are all the posts about the process of 
the staging of our home, if you're interested.

Thank you for stopping by!
I pray this post will be of some help to those of you trying to pick
a whole-house staging (or not), current paint colors palette.

Homemakers, let's be purposeful in our calling.
Energetic, hopeful, and eager to serve our Lord each day!

If you are new around here, WELCOME!


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First thing in the morning, she dresses for work,
    rolls up her sleeves, eager to get started.
She senses the worth of her work,
    is in no hurry to call it quits for the day.
She’s skilled in the crafts of home and hearth,
    diligent in homemaking.

Proverbs 31:17-19

I'm hanging out with Kim at Savvy Southern Style for her Wow us Wednesday Party!
I also love being at Richella's home for her Grace at Home gathering

Do You Think This Bathroom is Missing Something?

 Old houses are curious.
This one is no exception.

Do you notice something that is missing?

Look closely.

There is no shower head,
and therefore no shower can be taken here,
which thrills my college daughters immensely. 
(I hope you can hear the sarcasm?)

However, the bath does have lovely art work by one "Muriel",
and I talk about her in this post: Goodbye, Hobby Lobby. Hello, Estate Sales!
to cheer the space.

This tiny room also has sparkly old glass doorknobs.
Oh! And Skeleton key holes (yes! we have the keys!)

There is a sink available and happy hydrangeas for color.

The closet immediately got organized and is now available for use.



This closet contains all the essentials,
an extra comforter, coverlet, and pillowcases.

Bath towels, hand towels, washcloths,
toothbrushes, deodorant, Q-tips, cotton balls, cotton rounds,
face masks, soap galore, air freshener, face wash?
All here.


Extra toilet paper and cleaning supplies?

My daughters are quite set for any hygienic emergency.

They can even see themselves to put their makeup on or brush their teeth.

But for now, they are roughing it on this end of the powder room.

Don't worry, girls, we have plans to add this.

Stay tuned for more old house quirks...


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