Update on Our Move :: My Own Staged Home Tour

We listed our house last week for sale.
It SOLD in 8 days!
For $3,000 over asking price.

The power of a great Realtor and staging made it happen!
It was the first time I'd ever staged my own home
(I've staged many, many houses-- belonging to other people)
since becoming a stager 13 years ago.
We are moving on to our home downtown.

Back in October, when I wrote the
31 Days to a Staged Home series which is now a book
(click on the book to be taken to Amazon to get a copy for yourself!)

I knew that my own advice would be ultimately put to the test
when we would be ready to move.

We close this Friday!
So these past few months have been spent
purging, painting, praying, caulking, scheduling inspectors, repair contractors, appraisers,
sweating, listing furnishings on Craigslist (half our house!), praying,
scheduling movers, enlisting help from friends, etc...

This week will be a flurry of activity and I'm seriously thinking
about taking the whole month of July off...may I?

In the meantime,
with my own home,
I will share with you my real-life answer
to a question that I received on Day 31:: Questions & Answers
when I wrote the staging series last October called:

Click on image or HERE to go to the start of the series.

The very first question I got was:

Q: Can you stage your house even if you are not planning to sell? 
Is it possible to live in a staged house?

My Answer?
A: If by staged you mean clean, maintained, simplified, kept in like-new condition, and up-to-date, then -  yes, I absolutely think that we can and should at least try to maintain our homes, be content with what we have been given, and avoid trying to constantly acquire more before tending to what we already have. It is not only possible to live in a staged house, it is ideal. Why should we wait to have a simplified, beautiful home, only to sell it to someone else? Let’s treat ourselves and our homes to the best that our spaces have to offer us!

I have personally discovered the bliss of living
in a home that is safe and sound, organized and pretty!

Let me give you a whole staged house tour.
Welcome to our home (well, at least until Friday)!

Main Floor.

Going upstairs to the Second Floor.

Going downstairs into the Basement.

 You don't have to have a For Sale sign in your yard to
make your nest pretty for your family.
In fact, I pray you won't wait till you need to list your house to bless each room.

The first room that we are setting up when we move
into our "new home" HERE, is the office.
This is so I can finish up the 31 Days to A Staged Home eBook.

Which I did, with a lot of help from my hubby and daughter, Sarah (the editor).
And here it is!

Click the book to be taken to Amazon to get a copy for yourself!

Thank you to those of you that have left me a comment here
or on my FaceBook wall HERE, wishing me a safe and blessed move!
I can feel your love and prayers!

They mean the world to me!

On to our next adventure...thank you, Lord!

What adventures do you have this summer?


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