How to Install Groutable Vinyl Tile

We have lived with carpet in our bathroom for 12 years.
TWELVE long years.
Here's how that happened:
Mark lived with carpeting in the bathrooms of the homes he grew up in.
I lived with carpeting in the dining rooms of the homes I grew up in.

When we built this home, I wanted hardwood in the dining room, which I got.
In exchange, and as part of the bargain, he got carpeting in the master bath.

It was not a thrilling trade off for me, but it was for him for a few years.
Then one day he decided that tile would look so much nicer,
and I knew it would help sell our home much better
since we have been staging this house to sell.

(We actually listed a few days ago!
Now that I have time to blog again, as everything is done,
I will begin to show you the work 
that we did to get our house ready-to-list.)

Back to the master bathroom floor...

At Lowe's, we found groutable vinyl tile:

My hubby lined up the threshold trim 
between the carpet in our bedroom and the carpet in our bathroom,
and then cut along the edge for a straight line.

He removed the carpet while I took pictures (what a great helper I am!).

Tacking strips are painful on one's feet; don't ask me how I know this.

Because our subfloor is plywood, the tiles would not be able to stick.
I actually did join in to roll on Henry "Bond Enhancer" Self-Stick Tile Primer.

Yep. It looked like milk, only it was runny, like water.

When it was dry, maybe two hours later,
Mr. Man found the center of the room,
and the first tile was placed.

He did this for awhile and I helped again by taking pictures.
I also let him borrow my rolling pin. I'm such a nice wife.

The staple remover was used to get the staples
that held down the other pieces of vinyl tile
that were in the toilet room and near the shower.

And it's finished!
But it's not grouted yet.

Ideally, it is supposed to be spread with a trowel,
and we tried that at first, but that just made a big mess.
So Miss S (college girl) decided to use her fingers instead.
It worked very well!
(She had no fingerprint on her finger when she was finished, but the floor looked great!)

She very quickly wiped up the excess with a rag before it dried. 
I kept her supplied with rinsed clean rags.

So, for comparison, this is BEFORE the grout.

This is AFTER the grout.

More befores and afters:

(Here the quarter-round molding isn't down yet.)

(Here we were working on changing out the brass fixtures for chrome.)

Here is the room completely finished for the MLS listing:

We have lived with this flooring for about four months now, and it is wonderful!
It is warm, cleans up well, and isn't slippery.
The room cost about $150 to re-do the floor.
Not too shabby!

Stay tuned for more pictures of the bathroom.

Blessing and peace to you as you make your home!


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House Hunting Tour Cancelled! {We've Found Our "New" Home}

Hello, everyone!
It has been so quiet over here at my blog, hasn't it?

It's because so much has been going on!

We finally found our Craftsman bungalow downtown!

We made an offer on it an hour after viewing it.
And unbelievably, the sellers liked it, counter offered, 
and we counter offered and they accepted it!

After the initial shock wore off and the contingency was signed,
the inspector was called and we've found a Realtor to list our house
on the 17th of this month.

So now we are in the midst of what my husband termed "Flash Staging"
(which will be a bonus chapter in my eBook HERE, which is on hold for now. SORRY!)
since we only have TWO weeks until our current house receives an MLS#.

Once the photographer comes to get web photos of our NOW house
I will share them with you.

In the meantime, here's our soon-to-be "new" 
1920's Craftsman Bungalow in an Historical District.
(These photos were taken as we toured it during our showing, 
so the furnishings belong to the current owner--we are not living here yet.)


The dogwood was blooming just in time for us to fall in love
with this location, lot, and old home.

I've always dreamed of a picket fence, and I am still in awe of God's provision
and foresight to grace us with one!

 This neighborhood is filled with lovely old homes.
We've been house-hunting in this neighborhood for awhile.

This addition on the back of the house is the
(from left to right)
laundry/mud room, master bedroom closet, and master bedroom bathroom.

Back to the front porch.

Mint julep and cucumber sandwiches, anyone?

The left front of the porch has this sleeping porch.
We will be putting our office in the room off this space.

Love the wreath!
C'mon in!

There are typically no foyers in Craftsman homes, 
so the post I wrote on creating a foyer will come in especially handy for me here.

This room is especially large and bright!

We will be making changes as time goes on, God willing.

To the left of the front door as you come in the house is going
to be our office space.

It's a bright and beautiful location!
All three bedrooms are each 13' by 13'.

The biggest room is the dining room which measures 17' by 12', I believe.
Our piano may go where the buffet is.
And the corner built-ins in the breakfast room on either side
of the windows in here.

You can see the original plaster walls' texture in this picture.

Across the hall from the dining room is this second bedroom.
Our daughters will be sharing this room, and they are excited about it!
They haven't shared a room since they were very little girls.
(They desire a trip to IKEA for "nesting" materials.)

Looking back toward the front door down the center hallway.

Between the dining room and kitchen is a breakfast nook.
It's 7' wide by 12' long.

Here are the built-ins I'd like to move (if possible?) to the dining room.
We'd like to add a booth nook here.

Kind like this:

The kitchen is bright and a good size.
Any thoughts for this space, y'all?

A pantry!

A laundry room that's not in the basement, yippee!

This space will probably be the friends and family entrance.

At the end of the hallway on the left, is the master bedroom.

To the left, the bathroom (of course) 
and to the right, the walk-in closet.

The tile is in blues and greens.
The counter is green-blue.

I love this space.

Between our daughters' room and the master bedroom is this nice bathroom
with the original iron (not clawfoot, but that's okay!) tub.

We are thrilled to have a linen closet, that's for sure!

At the opposite end of the hallway is the basement.

New wiring and plumbing sold us on this home, too.

My hubby and the Realtor checking things out.

So, God has graciously gifted us with a new nest!
It's a dream come true for us.

As I have been preparing our current house, I have been praying
for the new owners and trust that our home will be a safe haven
for those who move into it.

Our search for a home to right size in is over,
and while we were grateful for the search,
we are especially grateful that we are so blessed
to have found a place to live and dream in and bless others with.

God, you are so good to me.


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 Thank you! Everything in me says “Thank you!”
    Angels listen as I sing my thanks.
I kneel in worship facing your holy temple
    and say it again: “Thank you!”
Thank you for your love,
    thank you for your faithfulness;
Most holy is your name,
    most holy is your Word.
~Psalm 138: 1-3

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