My Pantry Organized (You May Not Be Surprised)

Here is my kitchen pantry; I hope that it's an inspiration
to lovely homemakers around the world and across our nation.

Look below, at this neat and tidy shelf.
It's very easy to make such order yourself!

Simply grab from your store a basket or eight.
It's storage like this that will surely elate!

Let's look at these jars, in metal and glass.
For rice and beans, they are quite first class.

(I mean,
if you were a bean, 
wouldn't you want to be kept in something
so clean?)

Do you think that we don't have a lot?
That in our pantry's naught?

Well, we have a counter and have a fridge.
There's food there, too, if only a smidge.

We keep the basic staples because we cook real food.
We like it fresh and wholesome, broiled, boiled, and stewed...

Our coolers are always kept stacked on the floor
So we can grab them quickly and head out the door.

This is the basket where we keep our waters.
(It used to be full, but I have thirsty daughters...)

In here is where bags are simply stowed.
This little tip keeps neat our abode.

Pasta, pasta, and pasta galore!
Can't you see that it we adore?

Pasta is nutritious and very cheap.
I feed it to people and they don't even say a peep...

Thank you for reading, you're really a sport!
We hope it wasn't too long. We tried to keep it short.

Now you've seen the pantry where we keep our food!
Congratulations! Here's where we conclude.


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  1. Lol, you are so funny! Love the rhyming my friend and your pantry is lovely and organized!

  2. You are wonderful! And poetic too! PANTRY is nearing the top of my Organizing In January list! hahaha! It's number 3 and we're almost there!! ( what if it's February.)


    1. Kolein,
      It's not February yet, is it? Didn't the groundhog predict 6 more weeks of January!?
      Love you, too!

  3. Gave me my first smile for the day. For your services I wish I could pay. Maybe one day soon to my house you will come. I have pasta and would with you share some. You have done a wonderful job.

    1. Sarah and I wondered if some one would write a comment in rhyme!
      You get an A+ for your poem!

  4. Beautiful! I need to work on mine.

  5. Looks fabulous. I need to do mine. Hugs, Marty

  6. Neat and tidy is the best way.
    You sure do know how to make my day.

    Now it's off to clean and make things neat.
    Thanks for the pictures, you sure are sweet.

  7. Your pantry looks great! My pantry is in great need of reorganizing. But like everything else in my home these is on hold.

  8. Voila to the poet! Love the work of your hands!

  9. You crack me up! I need to get working on my pantry, but first, I need the pretty baskets!


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