I'm Getting a Makeover

...of the blog kind!

Bear with my site for a a bit as it is tweaked
and organized by Kristin of Simply Klassic Design.

 She has been an angel to work with! 
She's creative, friendly, quick, and I am stinkin' excited for you to see 
the new, better design and arrangement that she's created for you and me! 
Blessings on you, Kristin! You are an inspiration and a hard worker!

When it is finished, it will be organized and easier for you to navigate!

I want you to feel right at home!
Speaking of home, my next post is entitled:
This is NOT my house.

Any guesses as to what the topic is?

P.S. Something a little bit different is going on over at my 
If you aren't already one of the family there, 
you might want to check out what's been happening there.
It's happening there before it happens here.
(And those are the only clues I'm giving you.)

And this clue, too: 


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  1. Hi Leslie, I recently found your blog...and have probably gone back through the archives and read every post...but I don't think I ever became a member...but I did tonight, and just wanted to let you know that I love your blog!

    1. Hi Sharon!
      Oh! You are so sweet for letting me know!
      I pray I can always be an encouragement and blessing to you!
      Stop by anytime!
      Love, me


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