Hello, Lord.
We need to talk.
Something has been bothering me for quite some time now.
I need to air some grievances and address the injustices 
that my circumstance has caused me.

This is hard for me to talk to You about because I love to think 
that I impress people with my supreme homemaking abilities.

Okay, here goes.

It's about this house.

Others think that I always have the house immaculate and exquisitely decorated, 
the floors scrubbed, everything vacuumed and in its place. 
I don't quite know where they got that notion?
Perhaps because most pictures I take are staged?

But You and I know, that in reality,
I have piles of dirty laundry, waiting to be washed and dried.
Baskets of clean linens waiting to be ironed.
Socks waiting to be paired.
Hangers waiting to be utilized.
Someone's always staining something, which then becomes my chore.
My dilemma.
They just toss it in the pile, and I'm supposed to take it from there.
Exemption for them, affliction for me.

And since you're listening,
I also thought I'd mention something else.
I hate cleaning the bathroom, Lord.
It's gross. 
Why does my family's poop have to stink?
Why must their body waste leave me with a toilet to scrub? 
A shower to scour?
A sink to wipe?
Toothpaste splatters on the mirror to scrape off?
Hair in the corner, behind the door?
Just yuck.

Have you seen what's happening here, God?
It's unbelievable!
What about all this stuff on the counter, Lord?
What is wrong with the drawers?
Are the drawers broken?
Are their hands broken?
Can't they see the clutter and disarray?
How is anything useful when it is scattered amongst all the other paraphernalia?
Why can't they just put things where they belong?
How come they treat their things like this?

See this dust, God?
What a nuisance.
Couldn't you have just not invented it?
No matter how many times I wipe it away, it always comes back.
It just settles there, taunting me, waiting for the feather duster.
So, I dust it. 
So, what does it get me?
As soon as the feather duster is out of sight,
the particles make an even more voluminous comeback, 
only to start the cycle of
mockery once again!

Not fair.

And another thing!
These children you gave me 
never make their beds when they know that it pleases me,
nor do they come the first time I call, 
nor have their dishes land squarely in the dishwasher 
when they are through eating 
Selective hearing I've heard it called.
Honestly, where did they learn this behavior?

Since You're interested, let me ask You something else.
Why does everyone walk by the dishwasher when it needs to be emptied?
One would think they'd take the hint when I open the door!
Instead, they shuffle by, on their way to another destination that
is somehow more important at that moment.
Like the coffee maker for some caffeine, the sink for a glass of water,
or the fridge to find a bite to eat, as if that's more important than serving ME!

My life would be so much easier if I didn't have all these obstacles.

You surely know that I could get so much more out of life!

My days, 
my months, 
my years 
would go much more smoothly  if I weren't constantly interrupted by 

So, Lord, I now ask you...would it be too much 

if I even occasionally 
got a little bit of cooperation,
a smidgen of appreciation,
a whisper of praise?

A speck of love?

A fraction of gratitude?

Well, would it?

What's that?
Did you say something?

How often do I say thanks?
To You?

But haven't you seen the messes?

You've seen MY mess?

Are You blind to the turmoil this dirt causes me?

You came to clean MY dirt?
My heart?
My sin-laden soul is now spotless?

I have let my pride keep me from thanksgiving and praise to You?

Lord, I agree that I have a fading memory,
and I love to neatly forget Your mercy.
I conveniently fold and stow away Your grace.
I scrub out the remainders of Your salvation.

You don't care about the condition of my house, 
as much as You care about the condition of my heart.

Dirty dishes or dirty mind?
Cluttered counters or improper motives?
Messy martyr or sympathetic servant?

God, remind me of how wonderful You are and restore the joy of my thanksgiving!

Make me grateful, I pray.



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  1. Looks like ingratitude is on your heart... again today. Me, too.

    And covetousness, which I'll be "talking" to God about in a post soon. Surely the Lord shakes His Head about me on lots of my days, too. *yikes*

    ~Kelley... Thank you.

    1. Oh, Kelley!
      I love His grace which overwhelms me and brings me to tears nearly every day. There is plenty for all of us.
      I love ya, girl!

  2. I just absolutely love this post. :) Thank you.

    1. I am happy to have been able to share my heart here with you. :)

  3. Wonderful post! Thank you so much for sharing with us. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

    1. Bobbi Jo,
      I am blessed to know that I can encourage you to be a thankful homemaker!

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Mrs. Brown!
      Thank you for your encouragement!
      I need it!

  5. I think you wrote this just for me today. Thank you! hugs and love to you friend.

    1. Hi Ange!
      I wrote it for me, too!
      Let's be thankful and embrace our God-given and highly favored roles!
      I love you, too, you know!

  6. Wow, that was so powerful it moved me to tears. Thank you SO much for that. I needed it.

    1. Oh, Roxanne,
      I am so so honored to have shared God's heart with you.
      Be at peace with your home and family and love to be right where you are!

  7. Wonderful truth filled writing. Good job it was refreshing.

  8. {sheepish grin}
    Am I on candid camera?
    Get out of my head! ....this one was a stinger. Pat

    1. LOL! Pat, you always make me laugh.
      Yeah, isn't my toilet nasty?!?!?
      I love ya!

  9. Glad I'm not the only one. My fiance hired us a weekly housekeeper whose starting the day before thanksgiving.

  10. Oh I love this. Thank you so much for posting. I've had similar thoughtss.

  11. Wow, this was great! It is so easy to get depressed, when we have so much to be grateful for.

    Thank you for your thoughts and your inspiration.


  12. Oh the many times...I've prayed just this way.

    Thankful for the grace and blessings He lavishly gives to me.

  13. Oh, how I needed this . . . blessings to you!

  14. I really needed to read this. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you!!

    1. I pray you were refreshed and encouraged and ready to go gratefully make your home :)

  15. so needed to be reminded !!! Thank you Leslie....... Goooood Word ( and may I say... a little funny too...)

    1. Terri,
      It was meant to be tongue-in-cheek...so yes, you can laugh at me.
      I know I always do.

  16. You iron? Do your family members put dirty dishes in the dishwasher when the "clean" indicator light glows green? Unfair. Wonder where they learned the attitudes they display. Isn't it humbling? How easy it is to overlook our own lack of gratitude to the One who can't be seen who gave all for us. Thanks for another well-written reminder.

    1. I love your "name": craftythriftydecoratingwifemom!!
      Janet is a nice name, too :)
      I am so grateful to Him for everything I have never deserved in the first place!

  17. Oh, what a beautiful post! I've been feeling this way about the dishes lately. The need to wash dishes never ends. There's always dirty dishes in the sink. Instead of complaining about the dishes, I need to be grateful for them...and the family that uses them. Thank you for the reminder sweet friend! Big (((hugs))) to you!

  18. A much needed post to remind all of us that you see the same things we see in our homes over and over again. You are not superwoman after all. And it makes us all grateful to see the other side of the coin, and realize that we are all human. And we are all grateful to have what we have and wouldn't change it for anything. Well, maybe we'd like just a smidgen of your talent!

  19. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you. One question. May I please reuse this for a ladies' devotion at our church? I will make certain you are given the credit.
    Kelly Gibson

  20. I have no idea why the previous comment was logged in as Anonymous. Maybe it's the secret way I feel about myself most days? Hahahahaha.


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