31 Days to a Staged Home :: Day 7, The Small Stuff

Welcome back!
If it's your first time here,
and you'd like to start at the beginning of this series, entitled 31 Days to a Staged Home, click HERE.

Today we are going to be talking about The Small Stuff,
which, as it turns out, isn't such small stuff, after all.

Today's post could also be entitled "The Devil Is in the Details".
Here I'll be giving you hints and help to bring
a sense of harmony, continuity, and assurance to potential buyers
through the minor elements of your house.

The things on this list are whole-house assignments that you'll need to rectify and remedy.

Dark and dated.

Bright and beautiful!

The list consist of whole house changes to update for selling.
Although it may seem as if the devil was in all of these details,
remember that all of these devilish details will eventually turn into a deal called
"Let's sign the closing papers!"

Over the next few weeks,
we go room-by-room and into even more detail about each of the elements mentioned above.

Tomorrow, the topic is A Staging Area.
What IS a staging area?
Come back, find out, and I'll show you mine.

And now it's here, all the information from all 31 days of the series, in one book.
Just click on the book below to be taken to Amazon to get a copy for yourself or to share.

Happy Staging! Happy Selling!


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  1. All very sound advice! We bought just a little over a year ago, & I couldn't believe how some of the houses looked. I can look beyond some things, but when you feel the need to use hand sanitizer immediately after going through a house, then it's probably way too dirty!

  2. Fantastic tips. Many of them I knew and practice but looking at the air vents and thresholds was new for me! And those doorknobs you posted....drool!

  3. Thank you for taking the time to offer these tips for free. They are very helpful and very much appreciated!


  4. Rachel Draker-RangelOctober 7, 2012 at 10:57 PM

    SO many good tips! We recently toured a home that had the worst linoleum I've ever seen. Although the rest of the house was nice- I could not understand why they would not replace that area- especially since it was such a small entryway. I wish every seller read your blog!

  5. Oh my gosh - what an amazing series of posts you are putting together! I have been over and over the ones you've written so far and have taken notes ... not to mention the dozens of other pages I've linked to on your blog. I have had a blast! :) Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together and share your information (for FREE!) -- what a tremendous blessing this will be to our family (and countless others, as well). I do have a couple of questions so I'm going to put them under the topics mentioned so it might make it easier on Day 31 as you are addressing them. I wondered about kitchen/bathroom counters that aren't necessarily outdated (color, etc.) and could be spruced up with bleach and probably not have to be replaced ... what are your thoughts on painting them the faux granite that I'm seeing in several places (including your friend, Becky's, farmhouse?? Thanks so much~ elaine (sorry - don't know how to not be Anonymous)

  6. Thank you for all of of this advice! I've been reading lately that interior doors should be painted black give the home a higher end look, what's your opinion on that?


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  8. am so frustrated...can't see the lists everyone is talking about...went on facebook page too and am I missing something obvious. Had daughter look as well...she can't find the above mentioned lists. Please help.....thanks!!!

  9. Hello! I'm looking for that ebook/PDF with all the information conveniently compiled, but I can't seem to find it! Is there something I'm missing?


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