31 Days to a Staged Home :: Day 29, Nitpicky Details

Today, I am going to give you extra, but important, information
that will help you to sell your home that much more quickly.

Here we go!
  • Never list your house before it's ready. If you were getting married, would you walk down the aisle with your perfected hair, make-up, bouquet, and shoes--but wear a sweatsuit? Neither should you list your home until it's completed. Not only will your showings be (happily) fewer, your home will be an asset that any realtor would be glad to show to their clients.
  • Find a good realtor. My own opinion on "For Sale by Owner"? Unless you have a lot of time, experience (with legal matters--or maybe you are or were a realtor), and the patience to show, market, and wait for a buyer, don't do it. Realtors are professionals, trained to market and to sell a house. When home-sellers ask me who I recommend for a realtor, I immediately refer them to Dave Ramsey's site and his list of ELPs (Endorsed Local Providers). No one has ever been disappointed by going this route.

The next topic, and the one that you've been staging for:

You have one more day to ask me any staging questions!
I will answer them all on the 31st, Q & A Day.

And here it is, on Amazon!
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