31 Days to a Staged Home :: Day 27, Attics & Basements

Welcome to Day 27!
If this is your first time to this series, I recommend that you start at Day 1, HERE.

Not everyone's house will have an attic or an unfinished basement,
but if yours does, it's considered a plus to buyers so you must take advantage of it.
If you have a finished basement, I discussed this space
People typically use them for storage areas, but yours 
should not be shown with your stored stuff inside them.

These spaces are fairly simple to stage once they have been cleared out.

Tomorrow we're moving into the Hallway & Stairway.

Only three more days to ask me staging questions!
Ask me in the comments below, 
and I will answer them on Day 31 :: Q & A.

So here it is!
Click the book to go to Amazon for your own copy.

Happy Staging! Happy Selling! Happy Moving!

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