31 Days to a Staged Home :: Day 24, Other Bathrooms

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Here are some simple ways to stage the other bathrooms in your house to sell:

  • The smaller bathrooms need to feel spacious: this means that less is more, so keep it really simple
  • If the bath is clean, de-cluttered, and updated, and painted, all that's needed here is a new shower curtain (white is best) and liner, a bath rug, a set of white towels (two each: bath, hand, and washcloths), a new soap pump, greenery, and a tall lidded basket (under the sink to hide toiletries)

Tomorrow's post covers
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P.S. Don't forget that Day 31 is Q & A day.
If there's anything you'd like to know, just ask me in the comments,
and I will compile them and address them on the 31st.
I've gotten some fantastic questions already!
Thank you! 

And now you can!
This series has been compiled into a book on Amazon.
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Happy Staging! Happy Selling!


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