31 Days to a Staged Home :: Day 18, The Living Room

Hello to you! and welcome to Day 18!
I recommend starting at Day 1, if it's your first time here.
Each post will guide you to the next topic in the series
so that you won't miss any of the information!

Ah, the living room!
The place where we gather 
to visit, chat, watch TV, laugh, entertain, and if we're lucky, maybe catch a nap.

This is what a potential buyer should be able to imagine doing in your house, too.

If you have decluttered, cleaned, and painted
then this room should be ready and the only pieces remaining to stage this room are...

The next room we're moving to is The Dining Room.

Q & A Day is the 31st, so ask away in the comments below.
I've counted the questions I've received already and
it looks like I'll be answering about 50 of them, so far.

Thank you so much for reading!

And now it's here, all the information from all 31 days of the series, in one book.
Just click on the book below to be taken to Amazon to get a copy for yourself or to share.

Happy Staging! Happy Selling!

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  1. I really like your blog site. Not only does it gives good tips and creative writing style but you also produces wonderful images. Pictures really helps in creating a good article. Keep it up!

  2. I was surprised to see the trim work and mantle in some of the pictures painted a bright red. I don't dislike it, as I was planning on painting our mantle black to coordinate with some of the other things in our den until I began reading this series. So, I was thinking all trim work needed to be the neutral white. Thoughts?? ~elaine

  3. Hi Leslie,
    I've been an email subscriber for some time but I wanted to pop over to the blog today to let you know I'm really enjoying your 31 day series. I'm not looking to sell my home anytime soon (we actually just built a home earlier this year) but I really find all your advice so intriguing and there is so much I am learning! A lot of the home maintenance you suggested earlier in the month should probably be on any homeowner's regular checklist regardless. Anyways, just wanted to stop by and say "great job!"

  4. Hi Leslie! Our living room is very awkward. I put up with it now because I know it isn't a forever home, but I am really confused on how to stage it when the time comes (in the next two years). It was built in 2002 and is one of those cookie-cutter-open-floor-plan homes. What makes things awkward is that there are no corners. It simply opens to the eat-in kitchen, and then two small hallways to bedrooms. So essentially it's one wide hallway, but it's the living room. What would you suggest?

  5. My living room has three walls and a bay window. The front door opens into the front room and then the pathway goes to the dining kitchen. No tv or fireplace in the front room. How to stage the furniture?!?

  6. These tips are amazing. I have been looking around for suggestions on how to make the best of my living room area and I found just what I need here. I agree that balance is an essential aspect of organization and I find these tips fitting for my desired setup. Great post!


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