31 Days to a Staged Home :: Day 13, Flooring

Welcome back once again!
To understand all that has happened and to get a sense of the order of staging a home,
I highly recommend you start at Day 1 :: The Plan.

The topic of flooring is a pretty straight-forward one:
The flooring in your house needs to be in move-in condition.

If your flooring is current, clean, and in excellent condition, you don't need this post!

For those of you concerned about the condition of your house's flooring,
let me remind you of what I mentioned yesterday 
of what a buyer wants to feel when they enter your property:

This post discusses and gives examples of staging items:
Linoleum and Vinyl
Hardwood Floors

I have tried to address the majority of concerns that I usually face in houses.
However, if I have not addressed YOURS,  leave me a note in the comments below,
and I will do my best to help you!

Tomorrow, on Day14, Lighting, we'll discuss overhead and ambient lighting.
Have a beautiful day!

Also, don't forget that
Q & A Day on the 31st.
I have gotten some wonderfully challenging questions already!
Keep 'em comin'!

And now it's here, all the information from all 31 days of the series, in one book.
Just click on the book below to be taken to Amazon to get a copy for yourself or to share.

Happy Staging! Happy Selling!


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  1. my son is renovating a two family house for rental purpose. Thinking about cork floors to cut down on noise transference. Should the whole two family apt. be done in the same flooring choice. Any specific brand of flooring to go with would be helpful. Will pass the color choices on to him as well. He needs to keep cost down but make it appealing to entice a good rentor. this is such a great blog, thanks for all the info.

  2. What's your opinion on having hardwood floors refinished in order to sell? The color is good, it's just they are showing wear in heavy traffic areas.

  3. Just curious what you think about using gray as a neutral for wall colors? (We're using Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter.)

  4. I have been referring to your great series for a while now, but it seems that some of the content is missing now. for example I wanted to reread day 13 about flooring and it seems to have been deleted. If this is because you are creating an e-book, I hope it goes quickly so I can buy it and have it to refer to!

  5. I too am not seeing the content referred to in your posts. It says what the post is about but there are no links to go to. Help! :-)

  6. This blog Is very informative , I am really pleased to post my comment on this blog . It helped me with ocean of knowledge so I really believe this site will do much better in the future.

  7. Very interesting many thanks, I presume your readers would likely want more reviews along these lines continue the great effort.

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  8. I'm wishing for the real information. I'm wondering why the lists and real information is missing. I've hunted for the new book (ebook) that was to be available in April 2013, but can't seem to locate it.


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