31 Days to a Staged Home :: Day 11, Paint Colors

Hello, homemakers!
I'm so happy that you're here!
I highly recommend, if this is your first time to this series, to start at Day #1: HERE.

It's amazing what a difference a coat of paint will make!
I prefer to go simple with the whole house.
There's no need to make complicated color judgments throughout a house.
Keep it simple.
There are only a handful of colors that I've used time and time again,
as I know that they make good and lasting impressions on buyers.
Bear this in mind: you are appealing to a broad demographic,
so you'll be dealing with situations where your color preferences are as not relevant.

There will be exceptions to a few of these painting principles I share,
so if what if you read below doesn't fit your situation,
let me know in the comments below and I will
give you my best advice about it, okay?

Topics Discussed in this post, and colors and products to use:

House Siding (if not vinyl and needing to be painted)
Porch, Deck, and Fence
Garage Walls and Floor
Front Door
Interior Walls

A house that has these neutral shades photographs better for online photos.
In person, the house looks larger
a buyer gets the sense that the house is cleaner and well-cared for,
and the buyer can better picture themselves in your home
because there are no personal taste preference reminders of the previous owners.

Tomorrow, the topic is 
We'll discuss what furnishings and accessories you'll need to
make your house a showplace.

Remember, Day 31 is Q & A Day,
so if you have any questions, please ask them below in the comments.
You all have already asked me about 30 fantastic questions!
Keep them coming!

And now it's here, all the information from all 31 days of the series, in one book.
Just click on the book below to be taken to Amazon to get a copy for yourself or to share.

Happy Staging! Happy Selling!

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  1. Yes, we are in the process of neutralizing all the rooms with paint! It so much nicer to live with as well! Thank you!!! Again!


    1. Hi Kolein!
      I love living with neutral walls, too!
      So calming and relaxing, right?
      XOXOXO to you, too!

  2. We are trying to decide what color to paint the shutters and the posts on the front porch. The house is a cream/light yellow color vinyl siding and the roof is brown. The shutters are currently brown like the roof and the posts on the front porch are currently the color of the house. I think black or grey would fight against the other colors. Do you have a suggestion?

    1. Hi Patty,
      In this case, go with a very deep brown, almost black.
      Colors like Sherwin Williams Enduring Bronze SW7055 or Best Bronze SW6160.
      Thanks for the question!
      I hope that helps.
      I think I shall add the link to color collections in this post for homes with brown or other-colored roofs.
      Blessings and have fun!

  3. I love this post- actually the whole series! We are buying a house that we need to take your advice on. Since the sellers didn't it probably cost them quite a bit of money. Anyway, I am surprised you are suggesting black shutters? It is a red brick with white shutters that need painted badly- should we go with black?

    1. Hi Kelli!
      Black is stunning on red brick. But, am I to understand that you are buying a house that you are reselling, or is this your "new" home and you want help with your shutter color?
      Either way, yes, if staging, I would do black shutters on red brick.
      Black gives the home an elegant feel rather than a cottage-y feel.
      Thank you for your question!

  4. I am loving all of these posts, I get excited to read the new one each day! But today I was a little confused. In the post, the wall colors (the SW paint chips) are more gray, but the pictures show neutral tan colors. You even say to paint them tan or cream. So why the difference in paint chips? Thank you :)

    1. I think it was my computer screen. I looked at the blog again on a different computer and the paint chips look more beige/tan now.

    2. Whew, Lauren, because the chips looked different to me! :)

  5. Loving these posts like everyone else! When we were selling our last house I neutralized the paint colors (a nice tan color like what you suggest). Fortunately I LOVE to paint!!! We moved without painting our kitchen though(deep red above chair rail and dark chocolate color under chair rail). Finally my husband decided that we should neutralize that room too. We painted the kitchen on a Friday. We got a contract the next day! Crazy part though was that the person who bought our house liked the kitchen with the dark red and dark chocolate walls like they had seen on the internet pictures!!!! Oh well. We thought we were appealing to more buyers. House sold. No more house payment, utility bills, taxes, lawn care in another state. At our new house I did go with more neutral colors to begin with after I saw how calming the neutrals were in my "for sale" house.

  6. This has been a great series so far, and for us very timely. Thanks!

    Can you briefly discuss kitchen cabinet colors for an old (50's style) kitchen when replacement is not an option?

  7. It seems like gray is more popular than tan these days, but you recommend tan for the walls. Do you not recommend gray?

  8. I have a clary sage color in my large family room downstairs. To me, it looks neutral. We only painted it 3 years ago, so I'm wondering if I should tackle this to make tan? It took a whole 5 gallons to paint the first time, so again, I'm sure it will take another 5 gallons. Whew, with all this organizing and painting now, I guess I need to clone myself!

  9. I just clicked on your series today, and I am loving it. But I am feeling like such a slacker! (We aren't trying ti sell a house, just live in it.) You are amazing.

  10. Two questions:
    I've noticed someone else also asked about gray being an acceptable "neutral" color ... we have just repainted most of the house in several shades of light gray in the past two years and I wondered if I would need to plan to re-paint? Your pictures speak 1000 words on the value of a neutral color -- just hoping we don't have to re-paint.
    Also, I'm trying to coordinate what to do first - paint or flooring? If I paint first (before re-carpeting) then I don't have to worry so much about spills, etc. But, how banged up does the trim work get with a carpet installation (we've never lived somewhere where it had to be done so this is a first for us). Thanks~ elaine

  11. Is there a reason that you picked a ceiling color that is different than the trim?

  12. Hi Leslie, I hope you see this comment/question so long after you did the original post. We have a white (vinyl siding) classic cape cod, and I love the idea of painting the trim in the gray shade you suggested above, but I have in my head that I'd like the front door to be yellow. What shade would you recommend? ALSO, there is a wooden storm/screen door (very large window, you still see most of the front door) in place as well. Should that be painted in the gray or yellow?


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