31 Days to a Staged Home :: Day 21, The Bonus Room

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When you read or hear the words "bonus room", 
what comes to mind?
Do you think of a loft, sun room, home theater, 
sewing or craft space, guest room, or play room?
Or do you think of a catch-all space, a resting spot for cast-off furniture, 
a place to store the iron and ironing board or Christmas decoration storage?

I've found that "Bonus Room" is a puzzling term 
describing a room that eludes description.

An extra room is a wonderful selling point in a house,
but the space must be clearly defined as a useable space
or buyers will have a difficult time envisioning themselves using the space.
And they don't want to envision their stuff mingled with yours
if you don't transform that catch-all space.

How do you decide how to use the space?
You will need to know who the typical buyer for your neighborhood is.
Which age group or demographic has been moving to your street
for the past few years?
You can also get this information from your Realtor.

Keep this information in mind when deciding how you want to present this space 
and trying to creatively use the furnishings that you already have.

Tomorrow, I will be discussing the all-important 

Remember, Day 31 is Q & A Day, so if you have any questions, 
please ask them below in the comments.
Y'all have already asked me about 70 fantastic questions!
Keep them coming!

And now it's here, all the information from all 31 days of the series, in one book.
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Happy Staging! Happy Selling!

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  1. Such great tips Leslie and those before and after photos are awesome! We have a "bonus room" and because of our stage of life it is used as a play/game room but we also put a sleeper chair in there which folds out into a twin size bed for extra guests. It really gives the room more functionality. I'm really enjoying your series even though my house isn't on the market! :-)

  2. What do you do if your bonus room is actually a bedroom? Should you convert it back to a bedroom when staging?


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