Finished: The Staging of Our Home (Master Bedroom Closet)

We are preparing our house for sale this year so we can right size next summer-ish.
Starting with the farthest room away from the front door, we are working our way
down and around the house, through each room to the foyer and out the front door.

A few weeks ago, I showed you our Master Bedroom closet HERE.

Here are some pictures that show the progression of this space up until now.

(When we first moved in, I used this closet to hold some of my staging props. Bad idea!)

I got a grip, and moved the staging stuff out to the basement, 
and delegated this space for clothes, shoes, and accessories only.


I asked y'all what you thought about attempting to do my simple version of this.

By using an antique jeweler's bench and a mirror, maybe I could make the
closet prettier. A basic builder's closet isn't very pretty, but since the closet is so large
(6 feet wide by 12 feet long), it was not cost-effective to upgrade the closet.
As a home stager, I know that the return on investment when selling this house 
in our neighborhood isn't really worth it.

You gals had lots of ideas.
And two of them that stuck out to me were to move these shoe racks 
to the back of the closet, and KISS (Keep it Simple Sister) by
"never minding" the addition of the dresser and mirror.
And after I gave it some thought, I decided that putting an antique mirror/dresser
in the closet with cheap wire shelving

So, I finished painting the closet Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue HC-144
(which looks different in this closet with no windows than the paint swatch online),
moved a few things around, covered some boxes from Aldi with fabric, 
bought more cherry hangers, purged some more and declared,
"It is finished!"

(The terribly blurry picture makes the AFTER much more impactful, right?)




Hidden in the boxes above the clothing are extra bitty things and extra shoes, too.

If any of you are wondering if we do indeed typically colorize
and order our clothes by type, the answer is, "yes".
We like it like this, and getting dressed is easier when you can find
what you need.
We also love the floor clear.
(If you're staging your closet, your closet floors should be bare, also.)

The door below goes into our Master Bathroom and around to the Master Bedroom
which will also both be painted Palladian Blue. 
The antique chair is the only remaining chair from
my great-grandmother's dining room suite.

The gorgeous totes and the basket on the shoes shelf are gifts from Thailand.
Hyojin from Ansan, South Korea, and Khomchan from Bangkok, Thailand.
Khomchan's parents mailed us these totes and several handbags.
They are excellent quality, by the way. Buy Thai when you can!

The dotted and Pierre Cardin scarves are gifts from Hyojin.
I miss those kids, sigh. I think of them every time I walk in here and smile.

Until we list this home to sell,
I am so blessed to not only have a home, but to have clothing.
And not only am I blessed to have clothing, I am blessed to have
a big closet to put them in!

Custom closet cabinetry is wonderful, but not a necessity.
A chandelier, instead of a boob light in the closet is a luxury, not an essential.
I  am quite content with this simple makeover,
blue walls, wire shelving, and 10 pairs of shoes.

I have a home and that's reason enough to be satisfied.

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  1. It looks amazing Leslie! I like the simplicity of it and how much bigger it looks by having empty spaces between shoes and hangers. I'm going to be keeping all your staging tricks in mind as we'll probably be moving in about 1 1/2 years. Enjoy your beautiful closet!

    1. Hi Hilda!
      I love having less. I have more time for other things than moving stuff around.
      As an organizer, yourself, you know this is true!
      I am so grateful for you! You are so encouraging!
      Love, me

    2. Right back at you Leslie! Oh, and I forgot to say that if I was looking at buying your house, this closet would totally sell me on it :)

  2. Your closet looks amazing. I love the color you chose. The baskets up on top look great too.

  3. Looks great!!! Love the blue, the fabric covered boxes and the matching hangers. Looking neat and organized girl, thanks for sharing!

  4. Looks so inviting and you did a wonderful job, (as usual) so proud of you for finishing it.

  5. Beautiful job! Love every little thing about it :)

  6. really beautiful job. I love how airy it feels. I would be so impressed with this space.

  7. Wow, very nice indeed. I just found your blog and am happy to see it's current with the staging ideas. We hope to put our home, wait, house on the market soon as well. I've just started with in the last couple weeks by just organizing what I have, then reducing as I go. I hope to follow along with you, gleening any and all tips from a true stager since we don't have one locally for me to get help from. I am reading everywhere plus looking on UTube for ideas. So, long story short, thank you for sharing.

  8. Great inspiration. What if you painted the door black? Just sayin.

  9. Hi Leslie! I think the closet makeover looks GREAT. You are a wonderful organizer. Guess what? I'm still selling on eBay! That was thanks to your inspiration! Great job! Susan

  10. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! You are such an amazing organizer!!!! Love the color and those totes just set it off!!! Congrats!!!! ONWARD.... right?? LOL... can't wait to see the next "staging make over" !!! :) Have a blessed day !!

  11. Perfect transformation Leslie! I love the boxes, the totes, everything. The paint color makes it so nice also!

    If you still wanted a mirror in there, you could put one above the chair, you know, for a quick look, to see which blouse you are in the mood for that day??? Just a thought.

    Hugs to you!

  12. Beautiful! It looks absolutely beautiful! I think you were wise to forego the antique chest, although that would have looked pretty. . . instead, you have a different kind of beauty. And it's great!

    That quotation from Luke? Wow. Just wow.

  13. Looks great. I'm curious if you used a specific type of fabric for the boxes and how you adhered it. I'm getting ready to cover some paper boxes but haven't decided on fabric or how to adhere it.

  14. So jealous of your closet space! Pretty sure your closet is bigger than my sons bedroom! :(


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