In Progress :: The Staging of Our Home (Master Bedroom Closet)

I have been totally MIA lately.
I've missed y'all!!

Between school/college starting and getting my daughters ready 
and all the stuff that accompanies it
(I know some of you can shout an "Amen!" to that),
and de-cluttering and organizing and updating during the staging of this house,
I've been a busy girl.
But, I decided it's time to get back to regular posting,
now that I am back on some sort of regular school-imposed schedule.

Today, I want to share with you what's been going on in our Master Closet.

Here's what we started with a few weeks ago.

Someone needs to purge!
There are a few things I want to do in here, and would love your help or ideas, too.
The towels on the shelf went under the sinks in the bathroom.
The sweaters and extras in the plastic bins are going in fabric or rattan baskets.

The shoes will go in fabric boxes, too.
I am making these myself after I gather a few supplies from Aldi, of all places.
That tall white cabinet that currently houses my hubby's underclothing and sleepwear,
is going out of the closet, too. It's served its time.
The rest of the clothing will get cherry hangers, too.
(The funky round thing on the floor above is the new light fixture,
only it's upside down.)  

I have some thoughts about making this space, which measures
6 feet wide by 12 feet long,
into a Dressing Area, instead of a closet.
So, I have started to paint this room Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue, 
and will continue the color through the bathroom and our bedroom
so the whole area feels like a Master Bedroom Suite.
As a home stager, I usually have homeowners do this, too.

Yep. I literally have 10 pairs of shoes.
(And one pair of white slippers.)
I don't need or wear any more than that.
Mark has more shoes than I do.
There's a switch for ya!

I emptied the closet.
(The bedroom and bathroom haven't gotten any Palladian paint yet.)
Then I took a break and surfed Pinterest and spied this.

And I adored it.

I stirred the paint and started cutting in when I had a thought of doing a little something.
(The new brushed nickel light is now on the ceiling. Thank you, Mark!)
I have never done this before, but want to remove the shelving at the back of the closet
and put a dresser/mirror there instead.

I'd like to move the shelf that I removed over on this side of the closet
(to the right of the ladder) to make a lower shelf for shorts/skirts.

This is the mirror I'm thinking about using.
I have many other mirrors if this one looks weird in the closet.

And this is the $5 slipper chair (which is getting a makeover) I want to put in the dressing area, too.

And so I could get an idea of the scale of the dresser
(it's actually a late 1700's jeweler's bench, an antique from my mother-in-love),
I scooted it in here.
The top two drawers already hold my jewelry and accessories,
and the top large drawer already holds my underclothing.
Remember, Mark is already used to getting ready in here 
and needs a place to put his foldables, too.

However, I am thinking that these shoe shelves are just too much.
When you first come into the room, they are right in your way
and I'd like to remove them or move them to the opposite side of the closet
and have them instead of the lower shorts/skirts shelf.

What do you think?

Do you like the idea of the dresser here?
What should I do with all those shelves?

Thank you, kindly, for all your help!
I am not touching a thing until I hear what the consensus is!

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  1. I like the idea of a dresser in the closet but it looks a little crowded in there. Looks like the clothes try to hang in front of the dresser...might seem like a larger closet without it.

  2. 1. Your closet is stinking HUGE! Our is only an 1/8 of that size!

    2. I like the idea of a dresser in there. It's large enough (the closet, that is), that you can get away with it.

    3. I have no idea what do with the shelving. Maybe move it to another side...?

    4. I have also been super busy and my blog and projects have been on HALT, which I hate.

    5. 10 pairs of shoes is plenty! But where are the sexy "girls just wanna have fun" pumps???? ;-) Every woman needs at least one pair!


    Thrift Diving

    1. Thank you, Serena!!
      As I was painting, I was thinking my closet in my next home needs to be 1/8 its current size. Goodness!
      Once you haven't blogged for a while, it sure is hard to get back in the groove of it!
      I need a new pair of sexy mama shoes---yes! I think I will get a pair and treat myself when this project is done!

  3. So, are you moving the shelf above the dresser and are you putting a mirror there? If not, I would raise that shelf and maybe try hanging your skirts there or put the racks there if you need more places for purses and such. Would definitely move the shoe shelves to the other side.

    I love your chair. Do you already have the fabric for it? If so, please post soon.

    1. Hi!
      The shelf above the dresser will be going out.
      I was actually going to dye the fabric on the chair--or fabric paint it, because I love the tufting.
      The cushion needs to be replaced on the seat, though, but it is a sweet, sturdy chair.
      I will be back with afters in a few days :)

  4. Our master closet is my next large project I hope to get started in 3 weeks. We will see.

    I, too, would like a chest in mine. I haven't measured mine yet, however, I believe the widths are the same.

    I think, after you hang a mirror above it and have some earring stands and other cute things, I think it might be wonderful....just my opinion :)

  5. Hi Leslie-
    I love the dresser in the 'dressing room':)
    But like Stacey mentioned...the clothes tend to block the view and crowd the dresser.
    ...I guess you need to have your clothes in the dressing room? Anyway... your inspiration photo has 'built ins' along side the dresser. I noticed you have a built in in your previous pictures...maybe something like that?

    I also think you have a great space next to the door-- (where your step ladder is leaning) ...that would be great for a floor to ceiling shelving...improvised or otherwise for shoes, seeing how you don't have that many. I don't have many shoes either. I'm just not fussy about shoes.
    The slipper chair and mirror... all sound lovely.

    Can't wait to see how it turns out. Oh, and I like the color too. ~Pat

  6. I love the dresser in the closet. Think it would be pretty when done. On that note, I do not like the color. To dark for a closet with no window. And im not lovin the boob light fixture. Sorry. But what do I know. Im not a designer.

    1. You know what? The color does look really dark in the closet, but it really isn't--I think it's just because it's shown on the currently white walls. I agree with you: I am not loving the fixture, either. I have a chandy from Ikea I am using instead. The boob fixture is a great improvement over what WAS there, though
      Thank you for your ideas! I appreciate them! :)

  7. Oh, my. I LOVE that dresser in the closet. However, for staging, I'm not sure. Perhaps potential buyers would like to see more built-ins that they know would become theirs when they buy the house.

    Honestly, Leslie, your "before" pics look SO MUCH BETTER than my closet. Purge? Are you kidding?? Looks like you've already purged! Of course, I know you purge as you go. I need to be like you!!

  8. A dresser in the closet would totally work in here. I'd try some of the things you mentioned before you rip out the shelves. See if some boxes help it out visually.

  9. I think it will look fine with the shelves above dresser removed. Perhaps you can put some shelving (boxed type) on each side of the mirror for more storage like the sample picture above.

  10. The dresser might fit if you put pants hanging on either side. They take up so much less depth space...I think 17" compared to 21" for items with sleeves. If the dresser now fits with pants on either side, then I might take out the shelf and put a mirror above. That would be the first thing a person would see when walking in the closet and the mirror would reflect light. I like the shelf with your husbands items in it. It breaks up the closet and gives it a built in look. If you could find some baskets or fabric covered boxes to hide his things, it would look great. I use several baskets in my closet and find they look good and are functional. You can see my closet here and here

  11. I love the blue! You need to finish painting though!

    BTW, I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. I never miss any of your posts! I don't always pop in, but I read them on my Goggle Reader. Love your blog!

  12. Hi Leslie. I love your little dresser, but the rear wall it stands against, IMHO, is crying out for the biggest (possibly wall-to-wall) mirror you can afford! It will definitely open up the space and give it the illusion of more light! Perhaps your dresser could find a home against the lefthand wall as you enter the closet? Your chair could occupy a corner, angled position against the wall mirror - giving you enough room to see yourself head-to-toe. I'm not loving the shell mirror as it's a 'clash of cultures' with the more classic chair - sort of, beach vs boudoir! And maybe another ceiling light to really lighten things up? Or perhaps uplights against the wall to add some interest to the room? Just my thoughts on the endless possibilities this room lends itself to! Hx :)

  13. Hi there!
    New to your blog. I have a suggestion. While your closet is spacious,
    I would not put the dresser or mirror in there. I agree with you about
    the position of the shoe racks. Not a good spot. Instead I would move
    Them to where the dresser is and place a bench there so as to have
    a place to put on your shoes; if space allows.
    Where shoe racks previously were you can place the shirt and skirt

  14. What a great problem to have! I love the idea of turning your closet into a dressing room! I also like your idea of putting the dresser in there as seen from your Pinspiration.

    Here are my thoughts {since you asked}:
    - Keep the dresser in there, but move it to the left side of the closet where there seems to be more room and flank it on either side with open shelving {similar to your pin} or closed wardrobes. I tend to lean on the side of wardrobes to reduce eye clutter.
    - With the smallest wall {directly across from the closet door, where the dresser now sits}, put a vanity using the mirror and chair you showed in this post.
    - Definitely move the shoe shelving and put them in the back corners, using the side walls on one or both sides of the closet facing the center.
    - Perhaps utilize the wall that the closet door opens up to and put a bench. Maybe even use some of the shoe shelves and move them up to house boxes of accessories.
    - Overall, my thought is to pack the bulk of the clothing on the left side, place a vanity on the small wall, and make the right side the "dressing" area keeping the floor space mostly open and utilizing high shelving.

    Hope this gave you some food for thought.

    ~ Ferly
    Gifts We Use {to grow, love and serve}

  15. It looks like it might be too narrow to keep the dresser there, but if you do keep it there, maybe you could put those shelves over it. Whoever is taller could use it with decorative bins for sweaters, off-season clothing, scarves, handbags, stuff like that.
    I'd love to see you put up a closet system with two-tiered shelving, dividing up the spaces into tall and short hanging stuff. We have installed them in each of our three clothes closets and it triples the space.
    Whatever you decide, I hope you love it!!!

  16. I thought the before was amazing, so I can't wait to see the after. Welcome back, I've missed you :)

  17. Cannot wiat to see the end result!


  18. where are all of your clothes? I need to pare down!

  19. Leslie,

    I love the dresser with above mirror in the back. The hanging shelves do make it seem crowded but as I've noticed some other comments to have said, I think built ins would be great! I don't know what your budget looks like but maybe built ins all around with cutouts for hanging shelves for what clothes you do have. I also love your idea for the fabric containers for your shoes! Are you going to put pictures of the pair on the container? The color is pretty as well!

  20. I thought the before looked pretty okay too... or I was jealous of how organized it looked, but I'm sure the after will look AMAZING and I can't wait to see it. Love the blue color and the idea of a chair in the dressing area.. sounds luxurious and like getting dressed will be a fun adventure!

    Also wanted to let you know that I made a little list of some of my most favorite blogs for inspiring organizing ideas and pictures and tips and I included YOU on the list! It's meant to be a compliment and I added your button with a link to your blog - you can see it all here. Thanks for providing me with lots of inspiration! : )

    -Mel the Crafty Scientist


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