In Progress :: The Staging of Our Home (Master Bedroom Closet)

I have been totally MIA lately.
I've missed y'all!!

Between school/college starting and getting my daughters ready 
and all the stuff that accompanies it
(I know some of you can shout an "Amen!" to that),
and de-cluttering and organizing and updating during the staging of this house,
I've been a busy girl.
But, I decided it's time to get back to regular posting,
now that I am back on some sort of regular school-imposed schedule.

Today, I want to share with you what's been going on in our Master Closet.

Here's what we started with a few weeks ago.

Someone needs to purge!
There are a few things I want to do in here, and would love your help or ideas, too.
The towels on the shelf went under the sinks in the bathroom.
The sweaters and extras in the plastic bins are going in fabric or rattan baskets.

The shoes will go in fabric boxes, too.
I am making these myself after I gather a few supplies from Aldi, of all places.
That tall white cabinet that currently houses my hubby's underclothing and sleepwear,
is going out of the closet, too. It's served its time.
The rest of the clothing will get cherry hangers, too.
(The funky round thing on the floor above is the new light fixture,
only it's upside down.)  

I have some thoughts about making this space, which measures
6 feet wide by 12 feet long,
into a Dressing Area, instead of a closet.
So, I have started to paint this room Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue, 
and will continue the color through the bathroom and our bedroom
so the whole area feels like a Master Bedroom Suite.
As a home stager, I usually have homeowners do this, too.

Yep. I literally have 10 pairs of shoes.
(And one pair of white slippers.)
I don't need or wear any more than that.
Mark has more shoes than I do.
There's a switch for ya!

I emptied the closet.
(The bedroom and bathroom haven't gotten any Palladian paint yet.)
Then I took a break and surfed Pinterest and spied this.

And I adored it.

I stirred the paint and started cutting in when I had a thought of doing a little something.
(The new brushed nickel light is now on the ceiling. Thank you, Mark!)
I have never done this before, but want to remove the shelving at the back of the closet
and put a dresser/mirror there instead.

I'd like to move the shelf that I removed over on this side of the closet
(to the right of the ladder) to make a lower shelf for shorts/skirts.

This is the mirror I'm thinking about using.
I have many other mirrors if this one looks weird in the closet.

And this is the $5 slipper chair (which is getting a makeover) I want to put in the dressing area, too.

And so I could get an idea of the scale of the dresser
(it's actually a late 1700's jeweler's bench, an antique from my mother-in-love),
I scooted it in here.
The top two drawers already hold my jewelry and accessories,
and the top large drawer already holds my underclothing.
Remember, Mark is already used to getting ready in here 
and needs a place to put his foldables, too.

However, I am thinking that these shoe shelves are just too much.
When you first come into the room, they are right in your way
and I'd like to remove them or move them to the opposite side of the closet
and have them instead of the lower shorts/skirts shelf.

What do you think?

Do you like the idea of the dresser here?
What should I do with all those shelves?

Thank you, kindly, for all your help!
I am not touching a thing until I hear what the consensus is!

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House Hunting Tour :: 1923 Craftsman Bungalow

Last weekend, my hubby and I, with the help of our Realtor, Gina,
toured a beautifully restored almost-hundred-year-old house.

The home we saw had been a tad modified. Upgraded.
For instance, the living room was wall-divided and a third bedroom was created, 
the back (master bedroom) was bumped into the kitchen 
to make space for the master bathroom, 
three more fireplaces had been added (for a total of four), many more windows, 
and a lovely deck overlooks the wee yard off the master bedroom and laundry room.
It is 1,565 square feet, FOUR fireplaces and a clawfoot tub.

We have been going through our home
room by room de-cluttering, paring down, painting, repairing, updating

God-willing, we would like to move closer to our downtown
and move into a Craftsman Cottage like this one, or an Arts and Crafts Bungalow
next year.

So, let me show around!

This is the living room off to the right when you come in the front door.

A period light fixture hangs over the center of the room.

I forgot to ask if this fireplace worked (or if any of the four worked)
but it still a gorgeous focal point, even without lit logs. 
But, I know I'd want fire come December/January.
The outlet and cable connector above the ledge is very handy, isn't it?

(This picture was taken off the MLS listing, and is a tad blurry.)
The first bedroom to the left of and off the living room.
This would make a perfect office.
Can you spot the small storage cubby to the right of the fireplace?

The tiny closet.
it is about 2' deep by 5' wide.

This had a brand-new glass tile surround (I saw some at Home Depot).

Be still my heart.

View from the dining room toward the front door/living room.
The three-sided fireplace = YUM.

The house restorers took great pride in retaining or adding
Arts and Crafts details like this chandelier
and the picture railing/molding (the molding 12" below the ceiling on the walls.)
I want to hang my pictures with wire like in the olden days!

The doorway on the left below opens to the hallway (left off the hallway is bedroom #2,
then a bathroom, and past that, the master bedroom).
The doorway to the right goes into the kitchen.

Bedroom #2. Another small (by today's standards) 4' X 2' closet is across from the fireplace.
The first bedroom's fireplace backs up to this one.

And here's the kitchen.
(Barely) notice the door to the left of the refrigerator?
It leads to the laundry room.

New granite counters (I would change it to poured concrete or dark butcherblock, however),
maple cabinets (which I would probably paint a slight cream color), 
a tin tile backsplash, schoolhouse-style lighting, and stainless steel appliances
were installed and give modern helpers to this antique space.

I liked the deep double-basin sink and spigot.

Off the kitchen, as promised, here's the laundry room.
Bead board walls and ceiling in crisp white.
What you can't see is the wall of windows opposite the washer hook-up.
Oh, yeah.
I think I'd love doing the laundry here!

The hall has this first bathroom.
And this bathroom is so charming and it reminds me of a Bed and Breakfast bathroom.
In Charleston.

This tile pattern in black and white is my absolute favorite.
It was nice, once again, see the original touches.
This claw foot tub is original to the house.
Hello, relaxation. Sigh.

Opposite the toilet is the original medicine cabinet.

At the end of the hallway on the left side of the house is the master bedroom.
The natural lighting in here is glorious!
The French door leads to the deck.

The tall master closet was about 5' X 5', and had shelving to the right, as well.
But what I adored was the window, and that one could add more shelving to suit their needs.

Across from all the windows in the master bedroom is this bathroom.
It is long and narrow, but adequate and pretty.
The picture molding, wainscoting, stand-in shower (which is fine for us --
we currently have a garden tub in our master bathroom which has probably been used
once for each of the 12 years we've been here and is not necessary)
give this room SO much character!
If I want a soak in the tub, I'll take one in the clawfooted one! 
The flooring is 12"X12" marble tiles. Nice!

More of the same glass tile also used on a few of the fireplaces.
I found the link for it.
(Say that 3 times quickly!)

The hallway outside the first bath housed the pull-down ladder up to the attic.
This new aluminum ladder had been installed, which was a nice surprise
compared to some of the wobbly, old, unsafe, and scary attic access ladders we've met
during our house hunting escapades.
The attic was large and tall enough that a loft or bonus room could be added later
if you could figure out where to install a stairwell to get up to it.

This is the back of the house.
The left door leads into the laundry room,
the right door into the master bedroom.
The window belongs to the master closet.

The darling and easy-to-maintain back yard.

Mark and I really, really liked this house.
The price is even right: $209,900.
However, it is right on Main Street, and traffic could be heard and seen,
and we'd like more privacy.
We told Gina, our Realtor, that if it could be picked up and moved 
further back into its Historic Neighborhood we'd have loved to 
make an offer on it!
We know we need to get our house ready to list just in case we find the "One".

In the meantime, we will continue to plug away here in our current house.
Mark recently re-tiled our formerly carpeted master bathroom.
I've painted and readied our music, dining, and half bathroom.
We've repaired our moody HVAC and gotten a new roof.
And purged. I have done a TON of that.

I'll show you some more of what we're up to.
Stay tuned!

I have made a board on Pinterest of the many ideas I might like to use
in our Future Craftsman Bungalow if you'd like to see HERE.

Do you love antique homes, too?


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