Summer's Half-Over, Half-Done Projects

This is a reality post for me.
I just happen to be sharing it with you, too.

I'm letting you in and around our house to see the good, bad, and the ugly:
projects that I have started, made progress on, had to stop because of some reason or another,
then another project got started and I got distracted by another project
which got delayed because of some problem or another,
then another project got started.

All of which leaves me with many half-done (notice I didn't call them half-UNdone) projects
that I'd sure like to finish before the summer is over.
(This is so I can start a whole new collection of half-done projects for the Fall.)

Have you ever heard the Lewis Carroll quote:
"The hurrier I go, the behinder I get"?

That's me.

Wanna see?
(I have not altered these photos in any way. This is the raw truth, people.)

Half-Done Project #1:

Miss A's Bedroom

Since Hyojin, our exchange student from South Korea, who shared this room with Miss A
all last year, has now gone back to Korea, this room needs some rearranging and redesign,
to bring it back to a single-person occupied space.
Hyojin's used-to-be bed got sold on Craiglist. 

Miss A turns 18 in a few weeks and she'd like this space done for her Birthday.
I'll be working on this space, pronto!

The only piece of furniture in the pictures that will probably remain is the bed.
She is a dancer, and would like to have a mirrored wall so she can practice
and work on her Senior Project which will be a Flash Mob of Hip Hoppers.

She also needs a vanity/primp area.
She currently sits on the floor by the window (her primping stuff is in a basket)
because of the natural light there.

Half-Done Project #2:

Basement Guest Room

Khomchan, our Thai exchange student lived here last year in this now-vacant room
just off our basement cafe'. 
These pictures were taken just after he left, before I sadly put his leftover stuff in the donation bins.
He left his "welcome to our home" sign.
(His nickname is Poon.)
You can read all about our year with our exchange students HERE, if you like.

He also left a mega-sized red Christmas stocking on his bed.
I'd like to turn this side of the room into an office-y area using the IKEA Expedit shelving
and a table or desk I already have somewhere in the house that I haven't decided on yet.

Just so you know, (and you don't think me an inconsiderate Host Mom)
this room did have more decor, like pictures, sheets, blankets, pillows, and pillow cases.
I'd already taken them out before I thought to take these pictures.

This is the opposite side of the room.
Poon also managed to pull the bamboo blind down his last day here.
(I forgive you, Poon.)
See the chairs? Huge mirror behind the dresser? 
Stool that it's leaning on?
Hook thing laying on the floor under the window?
I have plans for all of them. Whew!

This poor room was an office-turned-girl's-bedroom-turned-boy's-bedroom in the course of 6 months.
So, it's had no real personality for a while.
I am now using my Pinterest Board called Guest Spaces for inspiration in this room.

This will be the sleeping side.
I got some nightstands (Half-done Project #3) on my Birthday at an auction!
The duvet-covered armchair? (Half-done Project #4) Is going to the living room.
The closet is a walk-in and used to be my eBay Selling closet.

Half-Done Project #3:

Pair of Auction Nightstands

Miss A is working giving these Art Deco (complete with bakelite handles)
nightstands a face lift. They were my $30 Birthday present back on June 15th.
Primer, Paint, and new handles should fix what ailed them.

Half-Done Project #4:

Laura Ashley turned Wild Thang Chair with Ottoman

I've been chronicling the slipcover progress on this chair on my FB page.

Half-Done Project #5:

Raised Garden Beds Outside Cafe'
(I am really embarrassed about this!)
But here goes...

Our extra-enthusiastic-lawn-care-service-guy-who-generously-seeded-our-yard-
left us with extra-enthusiastic, hardy grass to try and get out of the raised garden beds.
We had left the beds fallow this year.
But, the grass decided to make a home here instead.

using a spray bottle (or 3) of it, I attacked the grass on July 4th.
We wanted to be able to make a Fall garden, so we hope the soil will be fine by then.
Some of the grass is already dying.
Then we will pull it out, and add more soil, and wait.
I'll let you know if the grass killer works.

Half-Done Project #6:

TV Armoire To Computer Armoire

I got bored last week (waiting for all the half-dones to finish themselves)
and decided to make a few "quick" changes in the living room
because of some new lamps I found at Hobby Lobby for 80% off.
And because I'd sold the two red arm chairs that used to be here.
(The zebra slip-covered chair will replace them.)
Don't ask me why the 1/2 bath rug is in the middle of the room.

The Hobby Lobby lamps (only one is 1/2 pictured lower left above) started this big mess!
The lamps also caused a "What are you doing now?" look in my husband's eyes 
when he came home and found out that I wanted to take this jumbled computer mess I'd made:

and "simply" store it in this:

I found the drawer slides and baskets and cork board and fabric,
I just haven't had the time, which is why this made the half-done list.

And last, but not least, on my list is:

Half-Done Project #7:

Caca Green Velvet Chair to Charcoal Vanity Chair

I just couldn't pass up this sturdy, shapely, $5 chair at Goodwill.
She needs a bit o' seat stuffin', and a new coat of paint on her gams,
I'd like to turn her fabric a charcoal black.
And if it doesn't work?
I've not spent much, and I'm fine with that.

Well, now that I've made a huge long post about all the things I need/want
to finish in about 5 weeks,
I need a nap.

What's on YOUR Summer agenda?
Have you completed anything?
Or are your more of a projects half-done kinda gal, like me?


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  1. Good to see I'm not the only one! I need to find some motivation to finish my projects.

  2. oh man! That's about what my projects look like. Rooms in various stages of "done-ness"... It's a little hard to get things done with small children running around lol!

  3. What, half done!?! How is that possible? I feel like it's barely started. I think this means I need to drastically shorten my summer to do list and focus on swimming and peach-cobbler-making, my two must-do's for summer:)


  4. Now that looks more like my house! And all my half done or listed projects

  5. Who can complete projects in this heat? At least that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.
    Thanks for sharing that you're human, like the rest of us! ;0)

  6. Love the keepin' it real posts!

    I've made your Vanilla Crepe Cake TWICE!


  7. Activity is good for your body. Hope you're napping in there somewhere, girl.

    Hmm. That's a good idea. After reading all the exciting plans, I'm ready for a nap.


  8. Seriously, I think you're talking about me with these half finished projects! I almost become afraid that I've got "DIY ADHD" or something! HAHA I have a million projects started, and can never finish one all the way through. Oh well.....I think it's what makes crafting and DIY sooooo interesting, huH?


    Thrift Diving

  9. The house itself proves that it is designed by best architects of the world. Even though the house is not widely big, you made the designs just wonderful.

  10. I'm new to your blog, but so enjoying it. It's a good reality check. It's hard to believe the summer is half over. I too need to assess where I'm at on that never ending list of projects.

    - The Tablescaper


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