Spring Easter Tree Ornament Tags Giveaway

I love blogging.

Maybe, it's because I have an outlet to share my home
(which prompts me to finish all my projects).

Maybe, it's because I love to write
(and it takes up less room than 50 journals laying around).

Maybe, it's because one of my favorite gadgets is my Canon camera
(okay, I love my Kitchenaid mixer that I waited for for 20 years).

Or maybe, the best and main reason I love to blog
is because of the wonderful friends I've met along the way.

Like my friend, Marcia.

Who is having a giveaway at her place,

She's fashioned some cute tags in honor of my love of Springtime and birds.
And she wants to give them away.


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  1. I'm visiting from Marcia's! It's so nice to see your beautiful blog! I'm looking around! Hope you'll visit me soon, too! ♥

  2. Hi Leslie, I'm visiting from Marcia's blog. I love your tree and I think Marci's tags would look wonderful hung on a tree of Easter baskets. I'm one of your new followers. I'm going to read you post below this one good bye hobby lobby hello estate sales. I scrolled through the photos and now I want to go back and read what you did to that space. Joyous Wishes, Linda

  3. I'm happy that you love to blog because I love reading your posts! The Spring tree is wonderful!!

  4. Im visiting from Marcia's as well.Saying hello and hope you visit me sometime soon too!

  5. You are too cute.
    Stopped by to let you know Blue Skies are on their way...and they packed some guava paste with them too. ;)
    Love ya!

  6. I am happy that you love to blog too, because I love to read your posts!!! xoxo Happy Spring!!


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