What's on My Fridge?

After my Gram
(who has mild dementia and turned 90 last April)
went into a full-time care facility this Fall,
my mom gave me a box of her special things.

In the box was her Bible,
and in the Bible were slips of paper
dispersed throughout the pages.

On those slips of paper were the hand-written names and concerns
of those she was praying for.
Some of the names I recognized:
me, my sister, my father, uncles, and cousins.
Others must have been people she knew that needed prayer.

However, in the front of the Bible was this piece of paper.

Her prayer will always stay on my fridge as a reminder
of her heritage of faith passed down to me.

Thanks, mom, for giving me a box of her things.
Thanks, Gram, for choosing Christ.
Thanks, God, for these women I can look up to.



  1. Oh that is so amazing!! How wonderful that you have that, especially in her handwritten form!

    1. I was surprised and so happy to have a reminder of her commitment, Suzanne! :)

    2. Hi, Leslie...stumbled upon your site via Pinterest somehow (bunny trail, lol) ... have you seen how people have handwritten recipes transferred onto tea towels? This would be a great idea for your grandmother's note as well. :) ... DD

  2. how lovely. What a legacy she has passed on!

  3. That is so sweet Leslie. What a nice note to find and proudly display, so cutely too.

  4. That's so beautiful. What a treasure!

  5. Perfectly beautiful! What a wonderful legacy. You made me tear up!

  6. That is very special to have and so beautiful.

  7. I know how very special that is Leslie. You are fortunate to have it. A couple of months ago, I was asked to give the eulogy for my uncle's funeral. I knew I had my grandmother's bible somewhere and I wanted to read from it, so I went on a mad hunt for it (still in a box somewhere). I finally found it as I was leaving for the funeral. I was thumbing through her notes and found one I had completely forgotten about. It was a note she had written to her children in case she didn't survive a heart surgery back in 1977. She said what she wanted for her children in their lives - it was short but to the point. I was able to read that at his funeral, and more importantly, point out the fact that my uncle did "find Jesus in his life early enough that he could enjoy and appreciate it." I will forever treasure that note.

  8. I meant to say, as I was reading the note you found, I felt since it was a salvation prayer, your grandmother may have kept it handy to help bring others to Christ. You know, to have them read it as a prayer when they were ready. Anyone can love Christ, but it takes someone special to actually bring others to Him. Your grandmother must've been a prayer warrior. :)

  9. what a wonderful heritage!! She must be some "Grandmother"... I had one just like that..... full of the word of God and so preciouse to alllll of us.... seems like she always had a smile on her face....!!

  10. What a blessing! Also what peace for you and your family to know her eternal address. Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. How beautiful is that?? I probably would have framed it to protect it.
    Praying for peace, acceptance and faith for your family.

  12. What a WONDERFUL legacy! I know you treasure that note.

    My grandmother passed away in March 1999. My mother (her daughter) had become very ill in July 1998. I got one of my grandmother's Bibles after her death, and in it I found a snippet of a church bulletin. On the bulletin was space to write things for which worshippers were thankful. On that my grandmother had written: "That my daughter is ALIVE."

    Thank God, my grandmother crossed over the Jordan in March 1999; my mother followed her in November 1999. I was so grateful that Grandma didn't have to watch her only daughter die. And I know they're having a wonderful time in heaven! It'll be so good to see them again.

  13. Oh Leslie. I think we toss the word "priceless" around too easily these days. THIS is deserving of the word. What you have is a priceless treasure.

  14. I can only envy you for having this priceless possession! May you cherish it as long as you live and be blessed by the heritage your grandmother left you!!! Thanks for posting!!

  15. That is amazing, What a treasure!

  16. Love your sweet memories of your Grandmother
    Plan to copy your ideas on your refrig. Thanks for the help.

  17. What a beautiful thing to have handwritten by your Grandmother. I have no doubt that God has it pinned to His frig too!

  18. Did you know that you can take your note to a printer and they can make a poster that you can frame and hang on your wall? Just a thought.

  19. Very Nice Laminate it. <3


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