What Happened While I was Doing the Laundry

Today is laundry day (and perhaps, tomorrow is too).
The laundry room's once-adequate three-bin sorter has now overflowed into the hallway.

A daunting task was taunting me.
How long would this take me?
Are all of these things TRULY dirty?
Why do they have so many clothes?

In the past year, our family has doubled.
Where there were three of us (my hubby, Mark, my daughter, Miss A, and me)
sitting, playing, and sleeping, there are now six.
Our other daughter, Miss S, has come home from the University; 
(exchange students) a daughter from Korea, Miss Lovely and a son from Thailand, Alex,  
now call this house their home.

Naturally, the clothes (clean and dirty) have increased.
As has the water bill, the trips with my CR-V, 
the consumption of animal crackers and tortilla chips with salsa, 
the homework sessions, the use of toilet paper and dishwasher detergent,
the tripping over the shoes and backpacks.

But, this morning, this laundry day, as I surveyed the laundry area and turned the clicking dial 
and popped out the knob on my super-capacity washer, here's what happened. 

I contemplated my burden through new eyes.
And I chose to delight in the surplus.
Here's what happened.

Disheveled, yet sorted piles of darks, lights, whites, and reds patiently wait their turns to be bathed.
Empty hangers dangle in delight as they anticipate their turns for service.
The washing machine hums a happy song as the socks slosh around with the shirts.
The buttons on my hubby's favorite shirt rhythymically tap the inside of the dryer drum
as it whirls its way dry.

I concluded, that along with the excess labor came excess love, joy, hugs, and laughter.

This clothing, these towels, napkins, and pillowcases 
are tokens of time spent sharing our lives with one another.

Maintaining these necessary belongings is part of my valuable commission and calling.

So, now, as I listen for the buzzer to sound and mark one more load complete,
I notice that the rain pelting the window has never sounded more melodious,
the fabric softener has never smelled sweeter, the spare sock basket has never looked more content,
the lint leftovers have never been more luxuriously fluffy, 
the capacity of enjoying what I've been given has never been more super,
and I, as a homemaker, have never been more aware of my worth.


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  1. Okay, I am now inspired to do my measly laundry for one. Have put it off for almost two weeks. Me, the one who used to wash clothes daily....when we had a house with 5 children and two adults. Now I have taken to washing the dishes removed from all the cupboards and donated to Goodwill today. So, it is now on to the laundry with a loving heart. Thank you, my daughter, for this encouraging blog.

  2. I love your perspective and I'm right there with ya. :) God bless.

  3. Inspiring Leslie!!! Thanks so much for your wonderful perspective because you changed mine today! :) Now I am going to try and use this perspective on my nasty kitchen! lol

  4. Leslie you have a beautiful way of doing your laundry!!

  5. You have a very fortunate family, extended members included, maybe especially. They are part of this wonderful woman's family by choice, pure and simple. You remind me of a woman I have had the great fortune to have in my life for decades who's taken sick foster kids and turned their lives around, college students needing lodging over summer, etc. There are far too few like you and Jane who can change our world. Thanks for the reminder on attitude.

  6. Awww...sweet friend...isn't it a blessing to know our calling & walk in it? I'm so glad you guys are doing well. Big (((hugs)))!!!

  7. Wow, Leslie, that's a LOT of laundry. I think I'd start having everyone do their own. Hope you had a good day and got a lot of it done. Susan

  8. what a wonderful perspective on what always seems like such a mundane chore...thank you for encouraging me to change my heart towards such a needed task.
    i will not just look for but see the love in laundry

  9. What a sweet post! You have opened my eyes to the joy that laundry can be... and I didn't think that was possible. :)

  10. Are you sure you haven't been sniffing too much fabric softener?? LOL. I detest this laundry for our family of 5!! Most days the laundry room looks like a bomb went off in there. Hahaha. You can slice it any which was you want, but I-despise-launddrrrryyyyy! :)

  11. Love how you worded that...refreshing to hear and to be reminded that it's a privilege & a blessing to take care of our families no matter the task.

  12. It's amazing what happens when we get a new perspective, isn't it? Great reminder, Leslie -- and thank you!

    BTW, I'm now following on LinkyFollowers. I hope you'll put your sweet face on my sidebar, too!

  13. Just beautiful Leslie - it's all in the attitude isn't it ?!?!?! May we continue to celebrate our worth as home-makers in the little (and big) things with a joyful heart. God bless, Kamya *Australia :)

  14. <3
    love you
    miss you
    your blog
    our phone chats
    our goofy sense of humor
    our common passion for laughter
    and grace
    I think of you often, P.
    I pray for you
    and for me. ;)
    I'm always reminded of grace when I think of you.


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