Real Life Spaces :: My Friend Char's Home {Part 2}

This is Part 2 of my sweet friend, Char's adorably elegant home.
{Part 1} is HERE.

Char, her hubby, and two doggie children live in Fountain Inn, SC.
Now, Ft. Inn is very small. Like, barely non-existent on the overall map of Greenville, SC,
which is the city/county in which she and I live.

Oddly enough, one of my reader friends, Pendy [Hi, Pendy!!]
from a place for us, has actually been here!
Small world!

So, let's get on with the look-see into Char's home.

She tells me this table is a Pottery barn piece, which surprised me because she does
a lot of DIY painted furnishings and such.

Oh, well, I'll just pretend she created this piece herself.

At the top of her stairs.

Around the corner.
(Sorry this is out of focus. Sigh.)
To fill out her gallery, she framed some beautiful fabric, which is below the mirror.

I {heart} this.
A reading nook. (The foyer to the right below.)

I would sit here with my netbook pinning stuff on Pinterest for days!
In the wee chest?
I would put my Bible would in the top drawer.
My Cottage Living mag stash would be in the middle drawer.
My chocolate stash would be in the bottom drawer.

Down the hallway we come to a guest room.
I love the way she mixes greens and grey blues.
The grey in here is called Tornado Watch by Valspar: Lowe's.
See some of the painted furniture she creates?
The chair is a deck chair with a slipcover!

This space make me wanna brush my hair all day.
While gazing into the hand mirror.
Eating chocolate from trips to the wee chest.



The iron birdie thing on the table holds monogrammed tissue packets.

The next room down the hall is her workout room.
Get down and give me 20 push-ups!
Okay. 5 push-ups are better than none.

Simple, yet sufficient. And the magazine library is a motivator for me.

Oh, yeah! Hand me the Country Living and shut the door on your way out.

Another room off the upstairs landing is her decor storage room.
She had just been switching out the Christmas/Winter accessories before I got there.
So, everything is not on the shelves yet.
Overlook that.

Wouldn't you love to be her neighbor and be able to "swap" stuff?

So would I.

I must admit that this bedroom is actually my favorite room.
Because of the browns, blues, blacks, and the butterfly prints.

The paint color in here is Prairie Rock, from Lowe's.

Snuggle in.


Another project on Char's to-do list?
Designing her master bathroom.
Please say you'll let us see it when you're finished, Char?

Char and I hope that her home has inspired you to enjoy your homemaking!

Making your home a loving and ready respite for those
friends, family members, and strangers that need a rest 
from the cares of this world,
is a tribute to our God who is making a home for us,
a someday, eternal respite from the cares of this world!

It is the most beautiful and blessed occupation we can have.


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  1. She has a very lovely home! And AMEN to your closing comment, I love that reminder!

  2. What a charming home!!! So much to love...and she has all of my best-loved colors throughout....thanks for the tour. :)

  3. Beautiful home and beautifully written post!!!

  4. So pretty!!! :) Those green ruffle pillows are beautiful!

  5. I love your blog, and I'm a new Linky follower. Stop by and follow too so we can stay connected. Lori

  6. Oh my goodness, everything is even more gorgeous in Part 2. I love that reading nook too. Fight ya' for it. ;)

  7. Your favorite room is mine too! Love the colors! She has a beautiful well-organized place. I think I would never want to leave!


  8. I have to say that my daughter Carly, and I were lucky enough to stay a few days with Char ( one of my best High School buddies!) Her and Terry's home lives just as cozy and inviting as it looks!! We slept great in the quest rooms - lounged on the sofa in the family room - with Char practically waiting on us the entire time. Char's kind and gentle spirit was really" divinely designed" for Southern Living! Thank you Friend!! I miss you already! xo

  9. I love it all! Don't be showing my Guest Room! Everyone is going to want to come and stay in it!! LOL And that fabric we bought for the 2nd Guest Room turned out fantastic in the pillows!!! Love you, Mari


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