Real Life Spaces :: My Friend Char's Home {Part 1}

I have a delightfully fun and especially kind friend named Char.
She has a beautiful home that she's graciously allowed me to share with you.

She has one of those homes that you love peeking into the windows of 
at night while you're on a neighborhood walk!
Do you do that, too?
Please say you at least steal a glance into your neighbors homes at night
if the blinds or curtains are open!

This post today, Part 1, is her downstairs.
Part 2 (including her decor storage room!) will be the next post.

Welcome to Fountain Inn, SC, y'all!
Set a spell.

Take a load off.

C'mon in!

Enter As Strangers ~ Leave As Friends
(and she means it...)

Hi, Char!
(These are her children with her.)

Come through her beautiful dining room.

I love the non-traditional centerpiece on her table!

Her Craigslist hutch holds her antique silver teapot collection.

Mint julep, anyone?

Char's mom is on this table.

See the box below?
After her mom's passing, she keeps her ashes near her picture.
I found this idea delightfully different!

Today, a brunch is set for us.

Chocolate Pecan Biscotti and Almond Kuchen.

Fresh fruit and cream.

Her breakfast room hutch.

I have this same exact fork and spoon set in my basement cafe'!
We both bought ours at different times at different Goodwills!

Other vignettes.

My next post will feature Char's upstairs.
She has a decor storage room and a workout room!
Stay tuned.

Thank you, Char.
Being with you is simply lovely.


The paint colors in her home are:
Downstairs color is called Applesauce Cake - Lowes Valspar. 
Dining room color is called Cinnamon Stick from Home Depot.

Part 2 of her home is HERE.


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  1. Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. Not only your friend (such a friendly, welcoming smile) but her home.

    I cannot believe I am saying this, I'll have to go back and re-read it to believe it's really me, but yes, I like orange. Want orange. Need orange.

    There isn't a single photo shown here that doesn't just sing.


  2. What a beautiful home, and lady. I feel like I just enjoyed brunch.

  3. Lovely down to every detail!!! xoxo

  4. Thanks for the peek Leslie...of course I am a peeker:) WHat a lovely warm and inviting home. SO tastefully decorated too.

  5. What a warm home...truly looks like you could sit and stay a spell. Thanks for sharing your friend with us, Leslie :)

  6. Char has a lovely home, Leslie! Thank you both for sharing it with us. I love that black hutch in her kitchen. What a great piece! Kudos to Char for keeping her Mom on that sideboard ~ I've made my intentions clear that I want to be cremated when I pass.

  7. Very pretty and welcoming. :) I love the colors, the decorative choices and the puppies.

  8. Char looks like the kind of girl who would be YOUR friend--kind, generous, loving, neat, organized. . . birds of a feather, you know? I want to come to brunch at Char's! Heck, I'll bring the food!! :)

  9. Such a nice home. I want a craigslist hutch like that! :)

  10. I really love the orange spice color in the dining room. The whole house is beautiful but comfortable and warm at the same time! Char and I have very similar taste right down to our doggy children.

    1. I'll tell Char she has a twin!
      The orange is even more awesome in person!

  11. I might be one of the few readers of your blog who has been to Fountain Inn - ha! I have family in the area. Char's home is lovely...

  12. What a lovely home! It really does feel so warm and welcoming which I'm sure is a reflection of its owner! :-)

  13. I enjoyed every photo and every comment. Char's home is absolutely beautiful. So many beautiful things with so much grace and good taste and no clutter!! A truly spotless home full of the love she irradiates and shares.
    Gema Ruiz

  14. I chose you for the Versatile Blogger Award because I enjoy your blog so much :) Congratulations! See details on my Feb. 10 post if you'd like to accept :)

  15. what a pretty
    and welcoming home

    i love the warm colors
    and textures throughout

    now following you
    via GFC and Linky Followers

    hope you'll take a moment
    to visit me too!


  16. Simply lovely...I second that.
    And why yes, I'd love some mint julep, thank you.
    Decor and liquor...kind of rhymes doesn't it? ;)

  17. I want a bite of that Almond Kuchen! Looks like it would just melt in your mouth!

  18. What a beautiful home! It looks elegant with all the beautiful color on the walls (she has the space for it). Love the clock on the front porch. I've had my eye on a clock like that at Hobby Lobby. Just need to find a place for it. Thanks for opening your home to us Char!



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