Our Dining Room Makeover

It all started with this sign that my friend Gina, at
The Shabby Creek Cottage, gave me last July when I answered her 

She'd had it hanging above her settee in her sitting room, but she'd changed her decor,
and the sign was just waiting for me in the corner of her living room.
Thank you, Gina!
It only took me 7 months to finish the dining room where it is now.

Here is our dining room right after I finished painting it red.

I love red.
But, these rooms have been red for 8 years.

I also love ironstone, silver, and cloches.
But, I needed to simplify.

So, I did.

These next two pictures were taken at Thanksgiving last year,
and are the last pictures I have of the room before re-painting a few weeks ago.

And, here it is today.
(I always take too many pictures. I hope you don't get bored.)

I still love red, so I kept the Syracuse China (Roxbury pattern).
A gift from my friend, Ann.
Do you see a tad bit of red at the top right of the picture below?
Well, our Music Room is still red, and still has the red check curtains.
This room is next on the agenda.

There are four of these vintage botanical prints here.
One for each Month's birthday represented in our family.
June, July, September, and October.

I sewed this runner from burlap and cotton gauze.

I still like cloches.
And birds, nests, and eggs.
Hurry up, Spring.

I found this gazebo in someone's trash pile.
No joke. I've no shame in unearthing things from a curb's pile.
It was attached to a pole which I removed.

On the way back from our Christmas trip to Pennsylvania in December,
we HAD TO stop at Ikea in Charlotte, NC on the way back south
to our home here in Greenville, SC.
We bought four panels of white linen curtains.

The throw I found at Ross!

Thank you, Marcia, for my Gift from the Sea book.

The previous color?
Lady Bug by Sherwin Williams

The new color?
Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore

We are enjoying our fresh, bright space.
My hilarious hubby said we need to place a sign in each room with the verb
explaining the main use of each room.

Such as:
EAT for the dining room.
REST for the bed rooms.
PARK for the garage.
SURF for the office (above the desk).
MOP for the kitchen.
And so on.

So, whether you eat or whether you drink,
or whatever you do,
do it all
to the glory of God.

1 Corinthians 10:31

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Each of us bloggers is featuring a different room,
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  1. BORED, you say??? YOu silly, silly, girl. One can never have too many pictures. It looks like a great place to sit and have coffee with you...need to plan my trip!!:D

    much love!

  2. I LOVE your makeover!! My faves are: paint color, burlap banner w/ white runner over it, nests in cloches, window treatments, botanical prints (your link doesn't work and I'm very curious to see more of them?? :), drop cloth table cloth... it all is just lovely. Great job!!! xoxo

    1. Thank you!
      No wonder it took me 7 months, huh?
      I need to email you again about some more questions about you-know-what and now the link yo mean...
      Love ya, girlie!

  3. The room is beautiful! I have red in our large den and I am itching to paint it a soft blue also. I like your husband's idea, but I don't think it will be a good idea for the bathrooms. I don't think "POOP" would be very appealing. :) I guess you could put "READ" in the bathroom. :)

    1. LOL!
      Suzie, the bathroom sign idea is hilarious. :D
      "READ" it is.
      I think I need to talk about the paint that I used to cover the red. Valspar with primer. ONE COAT, girl!
      Maybe that's my next post...
      Don't be afraid to paint over the red.

  4. The room looks amazing! I love how your botanical prints look beautiful against both the red and blue backgrounds. I adore the ruffled table cloth. I may have to do something similar to our dining table. I don't like it *at all* because it's not my style; however, there's no getting rid of it because it belonged to my husband's mother. Maybe I can paint the table and chairs? Hmm...

    I'm off to peruse more pics to get inspiration for a few things that need sprucing up around here! Oh, how I love looking at all of your lovely transformations!

    1. Aw...Becky, you're so sweet :) Thank you.
      I bought this Duncan Phyfe table at a yard sale for $75, because the top of it looked terrible. I haven't refinished it yet. So, it got a slipcover.
      I think I am not brave enough yet to attempt to refinish it, either. Sigh.
      But the legs of the table are pretty!
      I hope you are always encouraged by visiting here!

  5. I love the color! I am obsessed with turquoise! Remember the Rainwashed color in my bedroom that you loved? It reminds me of that. I have decided that I am going to paint my dining room turquoise, as well. It's so fresh and pretty!

    1. YES!
      Love your bedroom color!
      DO it.
      Paint the dining room!
      Blue is fresh, pretty, and still goes with everything!

  6. Love the new look! You did a great job.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  7. It looks GREAT, Leslie! Gina is so sweet. Her sign looks wonderful in your new space--very bold, girl! Good job, good job, good job. :)

    But I thought Wythe Blue was a Benjamin Moore color. Maybe it's been too long since I looked at a fandeck!!

    1. I was unsure if the sign would go with my decor at first, but now it's my favorite wall decor!
      I know Wythe Blue is a BM color...I mis-typed it---doh!
      Six people in the house will do that to ya!
      Thank you for correcting me!

  8. Wow Leslie you did a fabulous job! I love the new color!Gina's sign looks great in there too!

  9. I really like it!!!!! It is totally simplified and yet soo beautiful!!! I really like the style you have going on in the room!! So pretty y'all did a great job!!!!

  10. Bravo!!!! beautiful and so totally unexpected!

  11. OMGoodness what a transformation! It's absolutely beautiful.

  12. Stunningly gorgeous Leslie! Aren't you just in love with the blue? I am so happy with my blue dining room. I love the EAT sign, it's just perfect in there and I have the exact same curtains! Every detail is perfection. :)


  13. I like the dining room too. It looks so calm and serene. I think blue is the color that triggers the brain NOT TO EAT... So I think it's a good idea to have the sign there, just in case!
    I like how you may have gone drastically away from the red...it still has YOU written all over it!

    thanks for all those lovely pictures, Pat

  14. You know I love both looks, P., but I must admit this is so fresh and simple. I love it and I love how the post ties in with our friendship theme. Thank you for linking up.

  15. After so much work, it looks beautiful. You always do such a terrific job in decorating.

  16. It looks terrific! I, too, had red walls for years, and then found the nerve to go pale green....and I love it! Your place looks fresh and simple and lovely!

  17. It looks beautiful! I love the new colors!

  18. We must be kindred spirits! I too, love red and I, too have painted my dining room Wythe Blue! I then moved on to paint my living room a few shades lighter and my foyer a shade darker! I love that color and think it looks fantastic with red! Your dining room looks so inviting and I love that throw!

    Stop by and see how Wythe looks in my house:
    http://toileinthefamily.blogspot.com/2011/02/livin-on-blues-power.html and

  19. Loving this! We are getting ready to revamp our master bedroom in a similar style and I'm loving those curtains. You are one talented lady!

  20. Beautiful! Love the new color, so calming and inviting. The EAT sign is fabulous and so are the vintage botanical prints! Great space!

  21. oooh, ahhhh...LOVE the new color!

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  22. WOW! What a difference! I love the red (it is my favorite color) but the change in the room makes it so light and airy...LOVE IT! Gina was a sweet friend to gift you the sign and I love your husbands idea too!
    Thanks for joining in our party :)

  23. Love the new color! Looks fabulous!

  24. It looks calming and inviting. Love what you have done!

  25. When I saw the new look I thought Aaaahhhh. ~ This is absolutely wonderful. Very soothing, light and comfortable. I love it.


  26. Wow! That's a huge change...they're both adorable, but I do think this new look is very refreshing! :) How do you get your plates to hang on the wall? Are you using plate hangers that grab along the edges or something else?

    I wanted to let you know that I'm hosting a month-long Giveaway Jubilee beginning March 1st. I know you've hosted giveaways before and thought you might be interested. You can participate as a giver, a (hopefully) winner, or both! Just click on the button at the top right of my sidebar that says "Giveaway Jubilee" for more info.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend,

  27. the walls are beautiful...... and I love the idea behind the vintage prints!!!!

  28. Your dining room is lovely, Leslie! I enjoyed a chuckle over hubby's comment, especially the surf one.

  29. Wow, your dining room is so gorgeous, Leslie! I love the new color. Did you make your tablecloth? It looks custom & so lovely. I am now following via the Linky Followers.

  30. Wow!! LOVE your dining room!
    I started a new link party just for rustic and shabby chic projects and decor and would love to have you share this - http://rustic-crafts.com/?p=5569

  31. Wow! What an amazing transformation! I love the new color....everything looks so light and beautiful! I just adore your settee with the peated skirt...very pretty! Have a great weekend!

    PS. I am now following you on Google and Linky....hope you will follow me back :o)

  32. I love it, and you know how much I loved the red! It looks like a different room. Are you sure you are going to want to move??

  33. I love the transformation! I love the color red too but I'm ready to lighten and brighten my space. I have to keep my red couches for awhile so have no idea what color to paint the living room. I love the color that you picked. It looks absolutely beautiful!


  34. Oh, I love this! I loved the red, it's vibrant and exciting and alive. But I love the blue, it's so calming and peaceful, and mixed with the white it's just gorgeous. I also love your accessories and the fact that you have a piano in your living room. :0)

    Thank you for your sweet words about loving my blog. I love yours too and have been faithfully reading you in my Google Reader for awhile now. I'm just not as faithful about commenting, lol!

    I love what your hubby said about placing signs, lol! I also love the 1 Corinthians 10:31 quote at the bottom. I love that verse and it always reminds me that I am living my life for Him, not for myself. Thanks for the reminder!

  35. Wow, your dining room is so gorgeous, Leslie! I love the new color. Did you make your tablecloth? It looks custom & so lovely. I am now following via the Linky Followers.

  36. This dining room is so unbelievably cute, I love it! Your themes have definitely given me some inspiration for my own projects.Just hope the end result will be half as good!

  37. I LOVE the change! It's gorgeous!!! I'm really leaning to a color similar to that or maybe white for our dining room. It's a rusty red right now, and it would really help brighten it if I were to repaint. This gives me inspiration!

  38. Leslie, The change is fabulous! I love the new paint color and the pretty pleated tablecover. Your settee is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your transformed dining room at my party. Hugs, Sherry

  39. I just found your blog - this is beautiful! Off to see what else you are doing :-)

  40. Some homes say "red" for the formal dnrm. Your home says "blue". It is much more inviting, relaxing , and it says " please come and sit and dine a while with us". I was wondering what a mirror of any size would look like grouped with the lg. eat sign? Great job

  41. I saw your dining room featured over at At The Picket Fence and had to stop by. My dining room/living room are currently painted a dark burgundy color and have been that way for over ten years. I have been wanting to paint the walls Wythe Blue. I am pinning your dining room and I am going to work on convincing my husband. I am so over the dark color. Your room looks GORGEOUS! Following you on LF now (I was already a follower on google friends, but just in case).

  42. WOW!! Fabulous makeover, love every inch, wonderful job!

  43. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL Leslie!! I love it all!

  44. So happy to have found your blog via Laura at Org Junkie. Looking so forward to being a regular reader. Love your new dining room look! Looks similar in color to your blog. :-)

  45. This is awesome. We rent a house that has brick red above the chair rail and mustard below. It is Ok except that the kitchen/dining area is on the west side of the house so in the summer for the majority of the day the blinds have to be closed. And it makes the room seem so dark and oppressive. I LOVE The blue and white to soften everything and lighten and cool the room. Repainting the kitchen in on my list for this summer and that color just went on it.

  46. Nice job on your dining room, it's beautiful. I do like it better in blue as well - gorgeous! I have this linked to my dining rooms post too today, well done!

  47. Oh, thank you so much for sharing this Dining Room Makeover! I'm discovering you today through the Remodelaholic, and I'm thrilled to find you! I've started working on my Dining Room, but am a bit stuck and needed some inspiration. You gave it to me! Thanks. I so love the blue color you chose. What is the white color you have under it?

  48. Where or where did you get such a complete and extensive collection of Syracuse Roxbury reds? I've seen orange and green as well, but it is the red I so love. My collection is rather bare and building and would love to find a source that isn't $18 a plate. Plz email any helpful info at beejay0063@aol.com

  49. Whenever I see a sign that says eat I get hungry.

  50. Leslie, your dining room is gorgeous! It is such a cozy and inviting space :). Wythe Blue was the perfect color choice. I'd love to feature this on my paint color blog. You wouldn't have to do a thing, just let me know if you're interested!

  51. Exciting, I am really very lucky to find this article. Do you have any one else in this topic ? I sent to my friend, let them together to enjoy this style of writing. Thank you for sharing

  52. Leslie, I love your choice of window coverings! Where did you purchase your awesome curtain rods/holders? I think they would work SO well in my LR and DR. I have just found your blog through Pinterest and I am so excited to read about your newest "Home" adventures. God bless you and your inspiration to others!!


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