Be Mine Banner

This banner is super simple to make and tells your sweetie that you love him
and want him all for yourself.

Select 12 papers that coordinate.

Print 2" letters on vellum paper. This is Martha Stewart paper. 
Trace 3" circles and cut, or use a circle cutter if you are blessed enough to have one.

Decide which papers will be the letter background color,
and decide which papers will be heart-shaped. 
I chose mainly solid paper for the letter background color
so the letters could be read better.

Trace the circles and hearts and cut. These are Creative Memories templates.

Lay the words/shapes out before deciding to adhere them, to make sure you like the way it looks. 
Then, use clear double-sided tape to adhere the stack of three pieces together. 
Use a hole punch to make holes in the top right and left corners of the hearts.

Satin ribbon hangs most nicely.
This is 6 feet of it.

I am my lover's and my lover is mine. 
Song of Solomon 6:3


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  1. That looks just divine! xx

  2. I love your banner! And I'm guessing your sweetie is very glad to have the reminder that you still want him for your own even after all these years. We long-term relationship folks do well to keep things fresh, don't we? :)

    By the way, does ANYONE have a large circle punch? I've wondered if there is such a thing.


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