Out with the Old, In with the New

You have been handed a new book.
Its pages are blank.
Its spine is stiff and the paper smells fresh.

You crack open the ledger and thumb through the crisp pages.
All empty.
Not a single line of prose.
Not a single jotting of a memory.
Not a single letter, sign or symbol.

Every space available.
Every room a vacancy.
Every chapter void.

What will you do with this diary?
Is your memoir a mystery, comedy, or tragedy?

What would the title read?
The chapters?

Will you do with this diary the same as you did with last year's?

Will you write within its pages the same verses, the same resolves, the same worries?

What if, instead of being bound within the binding of yesterday,
you could scribble new dreams?
What if your journal, instead of failure, recorded fruition?
Instead of regret, rejoicing?
Instead of fear, faith?

But, despite your own determination,
your quest for perfection is unattainable.
Your hunt for holiness, useless.

However, the hero in our story defends our honor.
The villain who would hinder and sabotage our deliverance is bested and crushed!
Our worthless virtue becomes exquisite beauty.

Since God reconciled us through Jesus,
we all get a fresh start with new mercies and new grace.
Every single day.
Every single page.
Every single line.

As you pick up your pen to write in your new year's book, 
within the narrative will you record the truth, when confronted with lies?
Will you testify to hope when driven to despair?
Will you submit to His authority as the Author and Publisher of your faith?

 If you belong to Christ, you are a new creation. 
The old things have gone; everything is made new!

What a note-worthy novel yours will be!


  1. New mercies each day...sigh...so light.
    New season, new blog for me. One Heart at Home is now In Stillness and Simplicity. This is what I hope to write across the pages of my new journal, where I long for my heart to linger more this year.
    I love this, P.
    Hugs, T.

  2. Isn't it wonderful to have new mercies every single morning, so we don't have to feel like failures, because we can start again every day!!! Thank you Jesus!!! His grace is sufficient!! Happy New Year Leslie!!!

  3. Hello Dear Leslie...I am ready to begin writing that new chapter on the fresh new page of life!

    Thank you for all your posts and your friendship throughout the year.

    On to 2012! May it be wonderful for you and all your family, too! Susan

  4. Leslie,

    What a wonderful post to return to! Your words always uplift me. My wish is that we all live HIS purpose.


  5. This was lovely, Leslie! It's so true. We think of the new year as a fresh beginning...and it is...but His mercies are new and fresh every morning. EVERY MORNING! I'm so thankful! Blessings & Happy New Year!

  6. That was beautiful Leslie. I needed to read that and thank you. You have a beautiful heart. Have a blessed and holy and happy New Year.

  7. that was lovely...thank you for reminding me

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  9. What wonderful thoughts. We are so tempted to listener to the deceiver instead of to the Truth. Thanks for the word picture...it is just what I needed!


  10. YES! Living out Colossians 3!! Thank you for this reminder, so eloquently written and illustrated--just like your life. Love you!

  11. See that last comment? Yes, that was from me. But I was accidentally logged into my son's Google account. So it is I, Richella, who loves you, not LegoLee329. Although he would love you too if he knew you. I'm sure of it. :)

  12. Leslie,
    This was such an uplifting read. It made me think of the scripture that reads "a word fitly spoken is like a balm to the soul..." This may not be verbatim, but I posted it on facebook with your website address at the bottom. It was too good to leave just on pinterest.
    Thank you.

  13. We are all given a gift each and every day and are generally to self absorbed to notice it. Thanks for this reminder.


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