Home Staging -- Tips for Transforming a Vacant Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom is one of the spaces in your house on which buyers cast a keen and discerning eye.
They need to know if this room is big enough, bright enough, quiet enough, and cozy enough.

In a vacant home, this room NEEDS to be staged.

Without cozy, you may get no contract.

See what I mean?
This room, as shown online, before I staged it, could translate into any another room in the home.
Is this a dining room? Living room? Office?
The before pictures are the actual ones that were in the MLS listing.

Don't let house hunters wonder what a room's purpose is.

If you have no bed (because you are now using it in your new place,
or you can't fit it into or even LIFT it into your car), do what I do:
Make a base (boxspring size to fit the mattress) of these.
(About 8-10 boxes.)

And add one of these to it:

You don't need fancy bed linens either, to get a layered look.
In fact, this bed's layers consist of a fitted sheet, throw, two pillows with shams,
3 throw pillows and 3 curtain panels!
The red "comforter" you see is actually a curtain.
The flat layered sheets are also curtain panels.

This room doesn't have a fancy dresser/bureau set.
But, it does have a sitting area.

The two arm chairs from the dining room and a foyer table makes a spot to relax.

Some of my "props" are lamps, rugs, vases, greenery, throws.
Props are home decor items (furniture and accessories) that stagers use 
to help a house feel like a home.

The fruit, florals, and food on the bed tray are faux, fake, and phony.

I got them at Hobby Lobby.
I also added some tea bags to the teapot.

If possible, while showing, leave the blinds/shutters/curtains open to let the light in.
Don't do this, however, if there is a view into the neighbor's bathroom.*grin*

This is the Master Closet off this bedroom before.
I'm sorry about the dark pictures taken late afternoon.

Organized and simplified after.
I always leave a few empty hangers in closets to suggest that there is plenty of room for more clothing.

After staging this room and the rest of the house attached to this room,
this house got 4 offers in 34 days!
(It had previously been on the market for 6 months!)

Other ideas for staging a vacant Master Bedroom:

  • You don't NEED night stands. Those round wooden tables with the 3 screw-in legs and a round tablecloth are perfect for a bedside table, too. 
  • Add a large mirror and try to place it across from a window. This suggests spaciousness.
  • Add simple large silk plants.
  • Always, always, always make sure there are alternative lighting sources besides the light on the ceiling or ceiling fan. Keep them on for showings.
  • Always add a chair of some sort to the room, preferably near a window.
  • A bed tray with a magazine, a few mugs, and cloth napkins are a must.
  • An open book with a pair of spectacles on a night table is a nice touch, too.

Any more ideas or thoughts?


The Humble Paint Chip

Ah, the simple paint chip.
Small, unassuming, yet colorful.
Who knew it could be so versatile?
Who knew it could be used for something other than selecting a wall color?

These thin, disposable cards are now inspiring new creations.
And as a paint lover myself, I couldn't be more thrilled!

After a thorough-ish search around Google-land and Pinterest,
I have a new respect for this oft-taped-to-the-wall,
tossed-in-a-drawer decorating and re-decorating staple.

Aren't these some neat ideas?

Utensil/napkin holder.

EEEEK! Earrings!

My cheapskate heart loves this one.
This is a knock-off of Ballard Designs' Warmth Abstract Print.
Ballard's price? $279.00!
Paint chip price? Under $10.00!

Sugar Cookies?

"Have a drink, darling."
"Have a darling drink."

Baby Announcement.

And decorations for a celebration.

Up-the-attic-stairs wall.

Color-of-the-day dry-erase calendar.

Slide paint chip squares under a table's protective glass.

Wall Collage.
Simple. Interesting. Colorful.
(Use poster putty to hold chips in place.)

Let 'em know you've relocated with these adorable address cards.

Present your gift.
Add paint chips to your gift wrapping stockpile.

Place cards for a shower, or a housewarming dinner, or oh, just about ANY celebration!

Do you have an ugly, old, flat clock?
It's time to refresh it!

This is simply lovely.
Garland for the tree.
If I get started now, I may have a strand finished just in time for Christmas!

Choose your gradient colors from a paint chip card, buy samples of each color,
and paint those drawers!

How fun are these?

And finally, one of my favorite games: a scavenger hunt.
Find items during your hunt that match the colorways on the swatches!

So, next time, when you open your drawer, 
the one in which you've stuffed all your paint chip samples, 
remember that those humble paint chips can be a source of free decor inspiration.
What's in your drawer?


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Definition: cheerfully consenting; inclined or ready.

Making resolutions for myself to 
get more organized,
work out at the YMCA 5 times a week, 
attempt to spend more wisely, 
treat my family with more kindness,
craft every craft that catches my fancy on Pinterest,
volunteer more,
sew more,
recycle everything,
host more baby showers or Bible studies,
pay more attention to my neighbors in the cul-de-sac,
only makes me tired.

Then, I don't want to do any of it.
I get tired out, bummed out, stressed out.
Then, I want a TIME OUT.
Then, I ask myself, "is this what homemaking is really all about?"

What if, instead of ME telling myself what I am going to do,
what if, instead of being frustrated by what I think I MUST do,
what if, instead of feeling inconvenienced by what I think are "interruptions",
what if, instead of experiencing exhaustion from my own deadlines,
what if, instead of existing to finish my TO DO list,
I were simply willing.

Willing to want to.
Cheerfully ready.
Inclined when time gives me the opportunity.
Freely consenting to be available.

As I make my home, what if I saw my life as an opportunity?
Not complicated "Leslie willing", but rather simply "God willing".


Home Decor Basics to LOOK for while Thrifting

Hi, Everyone!
As a decorator/home stager, I often get asked what kinds of things to look for 
when shopping for home accessories at thrift stores, 
items that will contribute to a charming home instead of adding more junque
I search for items that are classic, versatile, plentiful, and useful in just about every room.
I like having a warm, interesting, and cozy home. 
But, paying the retail or original price for ANYTHING is against my religion. 
So, Goodwill and Salvation Army come to my rescue almost every time!
Here are some ideas for what to look for that will breathe new life into your home 
and have you singing thrift stores’ praises.
Ceramic Pitchers 
Not only are they perfect for storing utensils in the kitchen, 
they make beautiful bouquet holders on a nightstand. 
On open shelving, they make a simple decorative element.

Old Books
They add charm, warmth and interest. 
Oh! And You can learn something from them, too!

They make great hidden storage, make me appear organized when I’m actually messy. 
What’s not to love?

Soft chenille, an old quilt, a crocheted heirloom. 
They beckon us to come join them, curled up with a book, the laptop, or the cat.
Sentimental Pieces
Someone else’s unwanted furnishings can become your heirlooms.

I believe each room ought to have a clock in it. Yes, even a small one can go in the bathroom.
(I found this large 2' in diameter one for the kitchen for $4!)

I don’t think a home can ever have too much indirect lighting. 
Buy lamps for their shape and spray paint them.

(This lamp is in THIS room.)
White Dishes
Ironstone and china.They are classic. 
They can be dressed up or casual. They go with any table setting.

Side Chairs
You can never have too much seating, can you? 
Well, maybe you can, but it shouldn’t stop you if you find a sturdy, beautiful chair.
(This is a Hickory Chair. Retail $485.00. I paid $5.00 and gave it a makeover.)

Silver goes anywhere and it adds some bling to any space.
(A Fall front door wreath I created from a round silver tray.)

Remove the art, if it’s not your taste. 
Paint the frame and make something fun and useful! Or add cork.

If you can find these, grab them! Mirrors, rugs, and linens. 
These are basics that add layers to our homes.
Sometimes it feels like the decorating process is never over. 
You may suddenly find inspiration or feel the urge for a change, but it may not be in the budget. 
Fortunately, there are thrift stores to help us out.
What do you look for when you are out thrifting that’s not in this list? 
What do you collect?


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